Where to Find Tobi-Kadachi Scale+: A Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to our beginner’s guide on where to find Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ in the hit video game, Monster Hunter World. Tobi-Kadachi Scales+ are a crucial crafting material that players often struggle to locate, but fear not! In this article, we will explore various hunting strategies, locations, and methods that will help even the most inexperienced players gather this elusive resource.

Understanding The Importance Of Tobi-Kadachi Scale+

Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ is a crucial resource in Monster Hunter World. This subheading discusses the significance of Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ and why it is sought after by hunters.

Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ is used to craft high-level armor and weapons, which can significantly enhance a hunter’s performance. The scale’s unique properties provide valuable defense and elemental bonuses, making it a desirable material for players looking to progress in the game.

Moreover, Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ is a key material in several essential weapon upgrades. Whether you are a fan of dual blades, longswords, or bows, Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ is often a necessary component for unlocking new abilities and increasing weapon effectiveness.

Understanding the importance of Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ encourages players to actively seek out this resource. With its numerous applications and benefits, acquiring Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ becomes an essential objective for hunters aiming to maximize their potential and conquer more challenging hunts. By comprehending its significance, players can prioritize their efforts and focus on obtaining this valuable material for their future successes in Monster Hunter World.

Researching The Habitats Of Tobi-Kadachi

Tobi-Kadachi, a fearsome creature in Monster Hunter World, is known for its lightning-fast attacks and the valuable Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ it drops. To effectively find Tobi-Kadachi Scale+, it is essential to understand its habitats.

Tobi-Kadachi typically resides in the Ancient Forest, an expansive and lush environment teeming with various monsters. This creature prefers living in high, tree-covered areas within the forest, such as the treetop nests and tree trunks. These locations not only provide safety but also allow the Tobi-Kadachi to swiftly glide through the branches to ambush its prey.

To increase your chances of finding Tobi-Kadachi, it is recommended to explore the Ancient Forest during expeditions or assigned quests. Keep an eye out for its distinctive electrifying fur and sharp claws, as they can help you pinpoint its location. Additionally, Tobi-Kadachi is predominantly active during the daytime, so plan your hunts accordingly.

When tracking Tobi-Kadachi, pay attention to its droppings, scratches on trees, and footprints as they serve as clues to its whereabouts. Utilize your Scoutflies to highlight these tracks, leading you closer to the creature. With patience and astute observation, you will eventually track down Tobi-Kadachi and obtain the coveted Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

Exploring Different Hunting Grounds For Tobi-Kadachi Scale+

Exploring different hunting grounds is essential when searching for Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. These scales can be obtained by hunting the Tobi-Kadachi itself or by looting its body after a successful hunt. To increase your chances of finding the Tobi-Kadachi and acquiring its scales, it is crucial to know its preferred habitats.

Tobi-Kadachi can typically be found in areas with lush vegetation, such as the Ancient Forest or the Wildspire Waste. These areas offer ample opportunities to encounter and hunt the creature. It is advisable to thoroughly explore these regions, paying close attention to areas with dense foliage and large trees, as Tobi-Kadachi often seeks refuge in these locations.

In addition to the known habitats, Tobi-Kadachi may also appear in other areas on occasion. It is vital to keep track of any information or clues provided by fellow hunters or through the in-game research to uncover these additional hunting grounds. Remember to check your Hunter’s Notes and speak with the Field Team Leader for valuable information on the most recent Tobi-Kadachi sightings.

By exploring various hunting grounds, you will significantly increase your chances of encountering the Tobi-Kadachi and obtaining its valuable Scale+ for crafting powerful equipment.

Mastering Special Quests For Increased Chances Of Acquiring Tobi-Kadachi Scale+

In Monster Hunter World, special quests offer a unique opportunity to obtain rare materials like the Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. These quests often have specific requirements or conditions that must be met in order to unlock them. By successfully completing these quests, players can significantly increase their chances of acquiring Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

To master special quests and maximize the chances of obtaining Tobi-Kadachi Scale+, it is essential to understand the quest’s objectives and any additional requirements. These quests may involve slaying a certain number of Tobi-Kadachis, capturing them, or breaking specific body parts. Study the information provided and plan your approach accordingly.

It is also beneficial to gather a team of skilled hunters to tackle these special quests together. With coordinated efforts, you can complete the quests more efficiently and increase your chances of obtaining the desired scales.

Keep in mind that successfully completing special quests not only rewards you with Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ but also provides valuable experience and resources. By continuously challenging yourself with these quests, you can become a more skilled hunter and unlock further opportunities to acquire rare materials.

Utilizing Investigations And Expeditions To Find Tobi-Kadachi Scale+

Investigations and expeditions are essential tools for finding Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. These activities offer a chance to explore different regions and gather valuable resources in Monster Hunter World. To effectively utilize investigations and expeditions, follow these strategies:

1. Unlock Tobi-Kadachi investigations: Participate in quests and expeditions that involve fighting Tobi-Kadachi. Completing these missions will increase your chances of unlocking investigations specifically targeting this monster.

2. Optimize your resource collection: While on expeditions, remember to gather as many resources as possible. These can include footprints, trace evidence, and other monster parts. This will contribute to unlocking more investigations related to Tobi-Kadachi.

3. Prioritize high-reward investigations: Look for investigations with increased rewards, such as gold and silver tiers. These investigations offer better chances of obtaining Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ as rewards for completing objectives.

4. Focus on investigations with additional monster tracks: Some investigations may include multiple monster tracks, which can lead to the discovery of new investigations or expeditions. These often provide excellent opportunities to acquire Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

By utilizing investigations and expeditions effectively and focusing on Tobi-Kadachi-related quests, you will greatly improve your chances of finding Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ for successful crafting and progression in Monster Hunter World.

Leveraging Monster Hunter World’s Online Community For Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ Locations

In Monster Hunter World, finding rare materials like the Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. Luckily, the game’s online community can be a valuable resource for locating and obtaining this elusive item.

The first step is to join online forums or communities dedicated to Monster Hunter World. These platforms allow players to exchange information, tips, and even organize hunting parties. By participating in these discussions, you can learn from more experienced hunters who have already obtained the Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

Additionally, many online communities host events or share specific quests geared towards farming rare materials. These special quests often have increased drop rates for the desired item, making it easier to obtain the Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. Keep an eye out for these events and make sure to participate to maximize your chances.

Another useful feature of the online community is the sharing of expeditions and investigations. Players can post their own expeditions, allowing others to join and hunt specific monsters. By joining these expeditions, you can increase your chances of encountering and collecting Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

Remember, being an active member of the Monster Hunter World online community is key to leverage the collective knowledge and experience of fellow players. By making connections, participating in events, and joining expeditions, you’ll have a better chance of efficiently obtaining Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ and progressing in the game.

Perfecting Crafting Techniques Using Tobi-Kadachi Scale+

When it comes to hunting monsters in Monster Hunter World, acquiring materials is essential for upgrading gear and crafting powerful equipment. The Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ is a valuable material that can be used in various crafting recipes. In this section, we will discuss some techniques to perfect your crafting using Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

To begin, it is important to unlock the appropriate crafting recipes that require Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. This can be done by progressing through the game’s story and completing specific quests. Once the recipes are unlocked, ensure that you have enough Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ in your inventory.

One efficient technique is to focus on hunting Tobi-Kadachi exclusively to increase your chances of acquiring more Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. This can be achieved by searching for investigations or expeditions that specifically target Tobi-Kadachi. These quests provide a higher drop rate for Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

Furthermore, be sure to use the Monster Hunter World online community to your advantage. Join forums or online groups where experienced players share their knowledge and tips. They might provide insights into farming routes or specific strategies for efficiently hunting Tobi-Kadachi and obtaining Tobi-Kadachi Scale+.

By perfecting your crafting techniques using Tobi-Kadachi Scale+, you can maximize your chances of acquiring this valuable material and create powerful gear to aid you in your monster hunting endeavors.

Tips And Tricks For Efficiently Farming Tobi-Kadachi Scale+

When it comes to efficiently farming Tobi-Kadachi Scale+, there are a few key tips and tricks that can help streamline your efforts. First and foremost, it’s important to focus on investigations and expeditions. These activities offer a higher chance of obtaining rare materials such as Tobi-Kadachi Scale+, so prioritize them over regular hunts.

Additionally, consider mastering special quests. These quests often provide increased chances of acquiring Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. They may also have additional rewards or higher drop rates, making them a worthwhile investment of your time.

Another useful strategy is to leverage Monster Hunter World’s online community. Joining hunting parties or engaging in discussions about Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ locations can provide valuable insights and tips from experienced players. This can significantly improve your farming efficiency.

Perfecting your crafting techniques is also important. Experiment with different armor sets, weapon upgrades, and crafting recipes that require Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. This way, you can maximize the benefits of your farming efforts.

Lastly, remain patient and persistent. Rare materials like Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ may not drop every time, but with perseverance, you’ll eventually amass the desired quantity. Good luck in your Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ farming endeavors!


1. Where can I find Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ in Monster Hunter: World?

Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ can be obtained by hunting and carving Tobi-Kadachi, an electrically-charged wyvern. These scales can also be found as rewards for completing quests or investigations featuring Tobi-Kadachi. Explore the Ancient Forest and keep an eye out for this nimble monster to collect its valuable scales.

2. Are there any specific strategies for obtaining Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ efficiently?

To increase your chances of obtaining Tobi-Kadachi Scale+, it is recommended to break its parts during the hunt. Focus your attacks on its tail, wings, or head to increase the chances of receiving scale rewards. Additionally, utilizing capturing strategies instead of slaying Tobi-Kadachi may also yield more rewards, including the Scale+.

3. Can I farm Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ through investigations?

Absolutely! Investigations that involve hunting Tobi-Kadachi have a higher chance of rewarding players with Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. These investigations can be obtained from the Resource Center or by analyzing tracks and traces of Tobi-Kadachi in the field. By continuously undertaking these investigations, you can efficiently farm Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ for your crafting needs.


In conclusion, for beginners looking to obtain Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ in Monster Hunter World, there are several reliable sources for acquiring this valuable material. By focusing on hunting Tobi-Kadachi specifically, exploring the Ancient Forest, and undertaking investigations and optional quests, players are sure to amass a sufficient amount of Tobi-Kadachi Scale+. With these tips, beginners can confidently embark on their search for this sought-after material and progress further in the game.

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