What Mic Does Corpse Use? Unveiling the Audio Secret Behind Corpse’s Enigmatic Voice

Corpse Husband, the enigmatic and mysterious online persona that has taken the internet by storm, has captivated millions with his deep and haunting voice. But behind that captivating voice lies a well-kept secret – what microphone does Corpse use? In this article, we will delve into the world of audio equipment to uncover the microphone that adds to the allure and intrigue of Corpse’s unique vocals.

The Mystery Behind Corpse’s Enigmatic Vocal Style

Corpse is known for his enigmatic vocal style that has captivated fans around the world. His unique voice, filled with deep and haunting tones, leaves listeners intrigued and curious about the secret behind his captivating sound.

One aspect of Corpse’s enigmatic vocal style lies in the way he uses his voice to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere. He masterfully blends elements of rap, spoken word, and melodic singing to craft his signature sound. Corpse’s deep voice adds an element of depth and intensity to his music, drawing listeners into his haunting world.

Another intriguing aspect is the control and manipulation of his voice. Corpse toys with tempo, pitch, and modulation to create an eerie and haunting effect. His ability to seamlessly transition between different vocal styles adds layers of complexity to his music.

The mystery behind Corpse’s enigmatic vocal style is not solely attributed to any specific equipment or microphone choice. Rather, it is a result of his unique talent and creative approach to crafting his sound. Corpse’s vocal style remains an enigma, an artistic expression that continues to mesmerize audiences and set him apart in the music industry.

h2 subheading: Unraveling Corpse’s Unique Audio Setup: A Closer Look


Corpse Husband’s iconic and enigmatic voice has captivated millions of listeners around the world. But what lies behind the curtain of his audio setup? In this subheading, we delve deep into Corpse’s unique audio setup to uncover the secret behind his mesmerizing vocals.

To achieve his distinct vocal style, Corpse employs a meticulous blend of hardware and software. At the heart of his setup is a high-quality microphone that captures every nuance of his deep, raspy voice. While the exact model remains undisclosed, speculation suggests that Corpse favors dynamic microphones known for their excellent low-frequency response and ability to handle high sound pressure levels.

However, the microphone alone does not define Corpse’s audio setup. He employs various audio processing techniques to enhance his vocals, including EQ (equalization), compression, and reverb. These tools allow him to sculpt his voice to perfection, amplifying its deep, eerie qualities and creating his signature sound.

In addition to the microphone and audio processing, Corpse’s setup also includes a professional audio interface, which serves as a crucial link between his microphone and computer. This device ensures optimal signal quality and low latency performance during recording sessions.

By unraveling the intricacies of Corpse’s unique audio setup, we gain valuable insights into the craftsmanship behind his captivating vocal aesthetic. It’s a combination of careful hardware selection, skillful audio processing, and a deep understanding of storytelling that has propelled Corpse to the forefront of online audio content creation.

Inside Corpse’s Sound Studio: Exploring The Audio Gear

In this section, we take a deep dive into Corpse’s sound studio and explore the audio gear that contributes to his enigmatic vocal style. Corpse is known for his unique and captivating voice, and his studio setup plays a crucial role in achieving that aesthetic.

Starting with the microphone, Corpse prefers to use the Shure SM7B. This dynamic microphone is renowned for its ability to capture rich, warm, and intimate vocals. It is also known for its excellent off-axis rejection, which helps eliminate unwanted background noise and ensures maximum clarity.

In addition to the microphone, Corpse uses a range of other audio gear to enhance his vocals. This includes a high-quality audio interface, which serves as the crucial link between his microphone and computer. Corpse also employs various plugins and effects, such as equalizers, compressors, and reverb, to further shape and refine his vocal sound.

The sound studio itself is designed to provide optimal sound isolation and acoustics. With a well-treated room, Corpse can eliminate echoes and unwanted reflections, ensuring a clean and controlled recording environment.

By investing in top-notch audio gear and meticulous studio setup, Corpse creates a space where his enigmatic vocal style can truly flourish. The combination of the Shure SM7B microphone and carefully curated audio equipment helps him achieve his distinct and captivating sound.

How Corpse Crafts His Captivating Vocal Aesthetic

Corpse, the enigmatic voice of the internet, has captivated millions with his haunting and unique vocal style. But how does he craft such captivating vocals? In this section, we delve into Corpse’s techniques and secrets behind his vocal aesthetic.

One of the key elements in Corpse’s captivating vocal aesthetic is his deliberate control over his voice’s tone and texture. Corpse employs a wide range of techniques to achieve this, such as vocal fry, raspiness, and lowering his voice to create a deep, chilling effect. Through intentional manipulation of his vocal cords, he creates an intriguing and mysterious persona that keeps his audience hooked.

Another aspect that contributes to Corpse’s vocal aesthetic is his impeccable timing and delivery. He skillfully utilizes pauses, whispers, and emphasis to bring out the intensity in his voice, enhancing the overall enigmatic atmosphere of his content. This level of control over his voice, combined with his unique lyrical style, elevates his storytelling and creates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

Corpse’s captivating vocal aesthetic is also enhanced by his effective use of audio effects. By applying subtle reverb and pitch correction, he adds depth and richness to his vocals, elevating them to another level. These effects help create a haunting and ethereal soundscape that perfectly complements his enigmatic persona.

In conclusion, Corpse’s captivating vocal aesthetic is a result of his deliberate control over his voice, impeccable timing and delivery, and the skillful use of audio effects. These elements, combined with his unique lyrical style, create an unforgettable and truly mesmerizing audio experience.

The Role Of Microphones In Shaping Corpse’s Signature Sound:

In the world of music, the microphone plays a crucial role in defining an artist’s sound. When it comes to Corpse, his enigmatic vocals wouldn’t be the same without the right microphone. Corpse uses a range of high-quality microphones to achieve his signature sound that captivates millions of listeners.

One microphone that Corpse is known to favor is the Shure SM7B. Renowned for its ability to capture warm and rich vocals, the SM7B allows Corpse to deliver his hauntingly deep voice with clarity and precision. Its dynamic range and built-in pop filter make it an excellent choice for Corpse’s aggressive vocal style.

Another microphone that has been spotted in Corpse’s setup is the Audio-Technica AT2020. This condenser microphone offers a smooth frequency response, ensuring every nuance of Corpse’s voice is captured. Its affordability makes it an attractive option for those looking to emulate Corpse’s sound.

Additionally, Corpse has been seen using the Electro-Voice RE20, a microphone that excels in capturing a deep, broadcast-quality voice. With its unique Variable-D design, it minimizes proximity effect, giving Corpse more control over his vocal dynamics.

The selection of microphones used by Corpse enhances his already unique vocal aesthetic, making it instantly recognizable. Whether it’s the SM7B, AT2020, or RE20, Corpse’s microphone choices play a vital role in shaping his haunting and distinctive sound.

6. Demystifying The Mic Choices Of Corpse: Which Models Does He Prefer?

Corpse, the enigmatic voice behind the captivating music, has sparked curiosity about the microphones he uses to achieve his distinct sound. While Corpse has been secretive about his audio setup, some information has been gathered through interviews and observations.

One microphone that Corpse has been known to use is the Shure SM7B. This dynamic microphone is renowned for its versatility and is favored by many professional broadcasters and musicians alike. Its ability to capture rich and warm tones, while also minimizing background noise, makes it a suitable choice for Corpse’s vocals.

Another microphone that Corpse has been spotted using is the Audio-Technica AT2020. This condenser microphone offers exceptional clarity and detail, allowing for a more nuanced vocal performance. Its affordability and popularity among content creators make it a reliable option for achieving a Corpse-like aesthetic.

It is worth noting, however, that Corpse’s microphone choices may vary depending on the specific requirements of each recording or performance. The microphone he selects for streams or live shows could differ from the one used in a studio setting.

Corpse’s microphone choices ultimately contribute to his signature sound – a balance between deep, haunting vocals and clear enunciation. While these microphone models might offer guidance for those seeking to emulate Corpse’s vocals, it’s essential to experiment and find the equipment that best suits your own voice and style.

Tips And Tricks: Achieving The Corpse-Like Vocals With Your Own Mic Setup

Many fans of Corpse are captivated not only by his enigmatic voice but also by the unique vocal aesthetic he creates. While having the exact same voice as Corpse is impossible, there are techniques and tricks you can utilize to achieve a similar sound with your own mic setup.

1. Experiment with positioning: Corpse often gets close to his microphone, emphasizing the low frequencies and creating a deep, resonant tone. Try positioning your microphone closer to your mouth to capture similar rawness and intimacy.

2. Use audio effects: Corpse employs audio effects like distortion, reverb, and pitch correction to enhance his vocals. Experiment with these effects to add a mysterious and haunting quality to your voice.

3. Control your dynamics: Corpse’s vocals are often low and gravelly. Try experimenting with different vocal techniques to control your dynamics and create a similar raspy and emotive sound.

4. Find the right microphone: While Corpse’s exact microphone remains a well-guarded secret, you can explore microphones known for their warmth and richness, such as dynamic microphones or ribbon microphones.

Remember, the aim is not to copy Corpse’s voice exactly but rather to draw inspiration and create your own unique sound. Experimentation and finding your personal style are key in achieving a Corpse-like vocal aesthetic with your own mic setup.


Q: What mic does Corpse use for recording?

A: Corpse uses the Shure SM7B microphone for recording his enigmatic voice.

Q: Why does Corpse choose the Shure SM7B?

A: Corpse chooses the Shure SM7B for its superior sound quality, versatility, and ability to capture his unique vocal style effectively.

Q: Are there any particular settings or modifications Corpse uses with his Shure SM7B?

A: Corpse utilizes a Cloudlifter CL-1 preamp and a GoXLR audio mixer to enhance the sound output of his Shure SM7B microphone.

Q: Can I achieve a similar vocal tone as Corpse with the same microphone?

A: While using the same microphone can contribute to a similar audio quality, it’s important to remember that Corpse’s vocal tone is unique to his voice. Experimentation with settings, vocal techniques, and personal style will play a significant role in achieving a similar sound.


In conclusion, Corpse’s enigmatic voice is a result of his careful selection and use of a high-quality microphone. While the exact model remains a mystery, the audio quality achieved by Corpse enhances the intrigue and uniqueness of his persona. Whether recording his haunting narrations or interacting with his audience, the secret behind Corpse’s captivating voice undoubtedly contributes to his growing popularity in the online community.

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