What Kjarr Weapons to Keep: A Guide to the Must-Have Arsenal

In Monster Hunter World, having the right arsenal of weapons is essential for taking down ferocious beasts and achieving victory. Among the many weapon options, Kjarr weapons stand out for their unique and powerful abilities. However, with a wide range of choices available, it can be overwhelming to decide which Kjarr weapons are worth keeping. This guide aims to provide clarity and highlight the must-have Kjarr weapons that every seasoned hunter should add to their arsenal, ensuring success in their hunts.

Understanding The Kjarr Weapon Series And Its Benefits

The Kjarr weapon series in Monster Hunter World is a highly sought-after collection of weapons known for their unique designs and powerful elemental capabilities. These weapons are crafted using rare materials obtained from fighting Arch-Tempered monsters and Kulve Taroth, making them a worthy addition to any hunter’s arsenal.

One of the main benefits of Kjarr weapons is their innate critical element or critical status skill. This means that these weapons have built-in elemental or status damage that is significantly boosted when landing critical hits. This makes them ideal for hunters who prefer a more elemental-focused playstyle.

Additionally, Kjarr weapons have high base affinity, allowing for more chances to land critical hits. This, combined with their critical element or status skill, can result in massive damage output against monsters weak to their respective elements.

Furthermore, Kjarr weapons offer a wide variety of elemental options for each weapon type, providing hunters with more versatility when facing different monster types. Whether you are up against a fire-breathing Rathalos or an ice-cold Legiana, the Kjarr weapon series has got you covered.

Understanding the unique benefits of the Kjarr weapon series is crucial for any hunter looking to optimize their arsenal and maximize their effectiveness against different monsters.

Top Kjarr Weapons In Each Weapon Category

The Kjarr weapons in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne are highly coveted due to their unique design and powerful stats. Each weapon category features several Kjarr weapons, but not all of them are created equal. In this guide, we will highlight the top Kjarr weapons in each weapon category, helping you decide which ones to prioritize in your arsenal.

For the Great Sword category, the Kjarr Decay reigns supreme. Its high dragon elemental damage coupled with its natural white sharpness make it an excellent choice for dealing massive damage to dragon-weak monsters like Teostra or Vaal Hazak.

In the Long Sword category, the Kjarr Sword “Decay” is equally impressive. With positive affinity and high dragon elemental damage, it fares exceptionally well against elder dragons and monsters weak to dragon attacks.

For Dual Blades, the Kjarr Daggers “Dragon” are a must-have. With an impressive elemental damage of 660 dragon, they excel at slashing through monsters weak to dragon damage, such as Kirin or Lunastra.

Switch Axe users will want to get their hands on the Kjarr Axe “Paralysis.” It boasts high paralysis status and dragon elemental damage, making it ideal for those looking to immobilize monsters and unleash devastating combos.

Next up, the Charge Blade category features the Kjarr Strongarm “Ice.” Its incredible ice elemental damage and innate Critical Element skill make it the go-to choice for monsters weak to ice, like Legiana or Diablos.

In the Insect Glaive category, the Kjarr Glaive “Paralysis” is highly recommended. With high paralysis status and decent raw damage, it can stun monsters while dealing consistent damage.

Lastly, the Kjarr Arrow “Stream” dominates the Bow category. With its high ice elemental damage and innate Critical Element skill, it excels against monsters weak to ice, allowing you to deal significant damage from a distance.

These are just a few examples of the top Kjarr weapons in each category. Consider your playstyle, the monsters you face frequently, and their elemental weaknesses when choosing the Kjarr weapons to add to your arsenal for maximum effectiveness.

Comparing Kjarr Weapons To Other Rarity 8 Weapons

When it comes to endgame weapons in Monster Hunter World, the Kjarr weapons have taken the hunting community by storm. These high-rarity 8 weapons come with unique elemental effects and powerful stats that make them formidable choices for any hunter. However, how do they stack up against other rarity 8 weapons?

In this section, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of Kjarr weapons compared to their non-Kjarr counterparts. While Kjarr weapons excel in elemental damage, they may fall short in raw damage output when compared to other weapons. It is important for hunters to consider their playstyle and the monster’s weaknesses when selecting a weapon, as raw damage can be just as crucial as elemental damage in certain situations.

Additionally, Kjarr weapons come with Critical Element, a set bonus skill that greatly enhances elemental damage when landing critical hits. This unique skill adds a whole new layer of complexity to weapon builds and can significantly increase damage output for hunters who prioritize critical hits.

In conclusion, while Kjarr weapons shine in their elemental capabilities and the inclusion of Critical Element, they may not always be the best choice for raw damage output. Hunters should carefully consider their playstyle and the specific monster they are hunting when deciding between Kjarr and non-Kjarr weapons.

Examining Skill Combinations For Optimal Kjarr Weapon Builds

When it comes to maximizing the effectiveness of Kjarr weapons in Monster Hunter, having the right skill combinations is crucial. These skills can greatly enhance your overall damage output and survivability, giving you a significant edge in battles.

To achieve an optimal Kjarr weapon build, it is essential to focus on skills that synergize well with the weapon’s innate abilities. For example, if you’re using a Kjarr weapon with high elemental damage, prioritizing skills like Critical Element and Element Attack Up will greatly boost your damage potential.

Another important consideration is the affinity of the Kjarr weapon. If you have a weapon with high affinity, skills like Critical Eye and Weakness Exploit will be invaluable in increasing your overall crit chance and damage.

Additionally, skills like Handicraft and Protective Polish can be beneficial for Kjarr weapons that have low sharpness. These skills will help you maintain your weapon’s sharpness for a longer duration, allowing you to unleash relentless attacks without the need to sharpen frequently.

Ultimately, the key to creating an optimal Kjarr weapon build lies in understanding your weapon’s strengths and weaknesses and tailoring your skill combinations accordingly. Experiment with different skills, and don’t hesitate to mix and match to find the perfect combination that suits your playstyle and maximizes your weapon’s potential.

Essential Kjarr Weapons For Different Monster Types

When it comes to hunting monsters in Monster Hunter World, having the right weapon for the job is essential. Each monster has its own unique weaknesses and resistances, and using the right elemental damage can make a big difference in your success rate. The Kjarr weapons, in particular, excel in elemental damage and can be a game-changer in your arsenal.

In this section, we will take a closer look at the essential Kjarr weapons for different monster types. For monsters weak to fire damage, the Kjarr Blaze weapons are a must-have. They provide high fire damage and have a chance to apply the Fireblight status, dealing additional damage over time. On the other hand, monsters weak to ice damage will crumble before the might of the Kjarr Ice weapons, which have high ice damage and a chance to apply Iceblight, slowing down their movements.

For monsters weak to thunder, the Kjarr Thunder weapons are highly effective. They deal significant thunder damage and can stun the monster, leaving it vulnerable to further attacks. Conversely, the Kjarr Water weapons are perfect for dealing with monsters weak to water damage. They deliver powerful water-based attacks and have a chance to apply Waterblight, decreasing their stamina and reducing their abilities.

Lastly, the Kjarr Dragon weapons are ideal for monsters with a weakness to dragon damage. These weapons offer formidable dragon damage and have a chance to apply Dragonblight, nullifying the monster’s elemental abilities. Having these essential Kjarr weapons in your arsenal will greatly increase your chances of success when hunting different monster types.

Unlocking Kjarr Weapons: How To Obtain The Necessary Materials

Unlocking Kjarr weapons in Monster Hunter: World requires a combination of skill, patience, and a bit of luck. To obtain these powerful weapons, you will need to participate in the Siege quests available in the game.

The Kulve Taroth Siege is the event quest that players must complete to have a chance at obtaining Kjarr weapons. This quest is available for a limited time and can be accessed in the Gathering Hub. It is a multiplayer quest that requires a team of four hunters to take on the massive Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth.

During the siege, players must focus on breaking parts of Kulve Taroth’s golden body in order to collect valuable “Pursuit Points.” These points are used to increase the rewards received at the end of the quest and improve the chances of obtaining Kjarr weapons.

Once the Siege is completed, players will receive “Appraisal Items” as rewards. These Appraisal Items can be taken to the Elder Melder and traded in for Kjarr weapon materials and weapons. It’s important to note that the weapons obtained from the Elder Melder are random, so farming the siege multiple times will increase your chances of obtaining the specific Kjarr weapons you desire.

Unlocking Kjarr weapons requires dedication and perseverance. With strategic planning and a strong team, you can increase your chances of obtaining these powerful weapons and create the ultimate arsenal for your Monster Hunter: World adventures.

Upgrading And Augmenting Kjarr Weapons For Maximum Effectiveness

When it comes to optimizing your Kjarr weapons, upgrading and augmenting them is crucial for maximum effectiveness. Upgrading Kjarr weapons involves increasing their base attack and elemental damage values, allowing you to deal even more damage to monsters. This can be done by using Armor Spheres and specific monster materials obtained from Tempered Elder Dragon Hunts.

Augmenting Kjarr weapons further enhances their performance by adding extra features. This includes adding slots for decorations, increasing affinity, or incorporating health regen. Each augmentation requires different materials, including Streamstones and Gleaming Streamstones, obtained from Tempered Monster Hunts or the Kulve Taroth Siege.

Choosing the right upgrades and augments depends on your playstyle and the specific Kjarr weapon you are using. For instance, if you prefer a more defensive approach, health regen augmentation may be suitable. Conversely, if you prioritize maximizing damage output, increasing affinity or adding extra attack boost decorations can be beneficial.

It is essential to carefully consider your weapon’s stats, make use of weapon-specific skills, and experiment with different combinations of upgrades and augments. This way, you can create a Kjarr weapon build that perfectly suits your hunting style and ensures maximum effectiveness in every encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Which Kjarr weapons should I prioritize keeping?

ANSWER: It depends on your playstyle and preferred weapon types. However, some Kjarr weapons are particularly powerful and versatile, making them must-haves for many hunters. These include Kjarr Strongarm “Ice” and “Decay” for Charge Blade, Kjarr Glaive “Paralysis” and “King” for Insect Glaive, Kjarr Crusher “Ice” and “Spark” for Hammer, and Kjarr Blitz “Thunder” and “Ice” for Light Bowgun.

FAQ 2: Why are these Kjarr weapons considered must-haves?

ANSWER: Kjarr weapons have innate Critical Element or Critical Status, making them crucial for creating builds that revolve around exploiting elemental or status weaknesses of monsters. Additionally, these specific Kjarr weapons offer excellent overall stats, such as high raw damage, sharpness, affinity, and unique weapon-specific abilities.

FAQ 3: Should I keep duplicates of the same Kjarr weapon?

ANSWER: While having duplicates can be beneficial for mixing and matching different armor sets, it is generally not necessary to keep multiple copies of the same Kjarr weapon. However, if you frequently switch between different builds or enjoy experimenting with different weapon augments, it might be worth keeping duplicates to optimize your loadouts.

FAQ 4: How do I obtain Kjarr weapons in Monster Hunter World?

ANSWER: Kjarr weapons are acquired through Kulve Taroth Siege events, during which players can pursue the mighty Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth. By successfully completing the Siege and breaking various parts of Kulve Taroth’s golden coat, players have a chance to obtain appraisal weapons, which can reveal Kjarr weapons as rewards. These weapons can then be upgraded further using Monster Slogbone and Incandescent Weapons, obtained by melding materials at the Elder Melder using Kulve Taroth materials.


In conclusion, it is evident that there are several must-have Kjarr weapons in the arsenal for any Hunter in Monster Hunter World. These weapons bring unique and powerful elemental damage, making them essential for specific monster encounters. The guide has provided valuable insights into the individual strengths of each weapon, enabling players to prioritize and optimize their loadout. By acquiring and upgrading these Kjarr weapons, Hunters will undoubtedly enhance their gameplay and achieve greater success in their hunts.

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