How Many Crew Members Can You Have in Starbound? An Exploration of Limitations and Possibilities

Starbound, the widely popular sandbox adventure game, has captured the hearts of gamers with its expansive universe and endless possibilities. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the ability to recruit crew members to accompany players on their intergalactic journeys. However, many players find themselves questioning the limits and potential of building their own crew in Starbound. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Starbound to explore the limitations and possibilities of crew members, revealing just how many can be recruited and what role they play in this thrilling game.

Initial Crew Size: Understanding The Minimum Number Of Crew Members For Your Starbound Adventure

Starbound, a sandbox adventure game, allows players to recruit and manage a crew as they explore the vastness of the universe. Understanding the minimum number of crew members required is crucial for a successful start to your space-faring adventure.

At the beginning of the game, players are provided with a lifeless spaceship that serves as their base of operations. To get the spaceship up and running, a minimum crew size of two is required. These initial crew members include the player character and a robotic crewmate.

While the player character can handle various tasks, having a robotic crewmate is essential as they assist in ship maintenance and resource gathering. They are programmable and can be assigned specific tasks such as farming, mining, or guarding, freeing up the player’s time for other activities.

Having this minimum crew size ensures a functional spaceship and basic crew support. However, expanding the crew further opens up more possibilities for exploration, combat, and resource management. With a larger crew, players can diversify their roles, increase efficiency, and take on more complex missions in the boundless universe of Starbound.

Crew Size Expansion: Unlocking The Potential For An Ever-growing Crew

In Starbound, the possibilities for crew size expansion are vast and exciting. As you progress through the game, you have the opportunity to recruit more and more crew members, allowing your crew to grow in numbers and diversity. Unlike the initial crew size, which is limited to just a few crew members, crew size expansion offers the chance to unlock the full potential of your Starbound adventure.

Expanding your crew size is not a straightforward process, however. It requires effort and dedication to recruit new crew members. You will need to explore different planets, complete quests, and fulfill specific requirements to persuade potential crew members to join you on your spaceship. These requirements can range from simple tasks to complex objectives, depending on the individual crew member and their unique background.

With each new crew member you recruit, your crew size expands, enabling you to tackle more challenges and explore new possibilities in the game. Larger crews also offer a wider range of expertise and abilities, allowing for better efficiency and effectiveness in various tasks.

So, embark on your Starbound adventure, recruit new crew members, and unlock the true potential of your crew size expansion. The sky, or rather the universe, is the limit!


Types Of Crew Members: Exploring The Different Roles And Specialties Available In Starbound

In Starbound, players have the ability to recruit crew members to join their interstellar adventure. These crew members come in various types, each with their own unique roles and specialties.

One type of crew member is the Novakid, a race of cowboy-inspired beings who excel in combat and gunsmithing. Novakids can be valuable additions to a crew, providing firepower and expertise in weaponry.

Another type of crew member is the Glitch, a robotic race with skills in engineering and construction. Glitch crew members are excellent for base building and can help in repairing and upgrading the player’s ship.

The Apex and Floran are also available as crew members, each with their own specific strengths and abilities. The Apex are scientifically inclined and are skilled in research and exploration, while the Floran possess a natural affinity for nature and have expertise in farming and gardening.

These are just a few examples of the types of crew members players can recruit in Starbound. Each type brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the crew, allowing players to customize their team based on their gameplay preferences. So, whether you’re looking for combat specialists or expert builders, Starbound offers a wide range of crew member options to enhance your spacefaring experience.

Limits And Challenges: Understanding The Game-imposed Limitations For Crew Size And Management

Starbound, a sandbox game set in space, offers players the opportunity to recruit and manage a crew. However, there are certain limitations and challenges imposed by the game that players need to be aware of.

One of the main limitations is the maximum number of crew members you can have on your ship. In the base game, the maximum is set at 8 crew members. This means that you cannot recruit more than 8 individuals to join your spacefaring adventure.

Additionally, managing a larger crew can be challenging as it requires careful planning and organization. Each crew member has their own needs and requirements, such as food, rest, and personal space. It’s essential to ensure that you have enough provisions and suitable facilities to accommodate everyone.

Another challenge is the necessity to balance the different roles and specialties within your crew. Starbound offers various crew member types, each with their own unique abilities and skills. It’s crucial to recruit crew members who complement each other and cover essential tasks such as combat, farming, or navigation.

Despite these limitations and challenges, managing a crew in Starbound can be a rewarding and immersive experience. By understanding the game’s limitations and effectively utilizing your crew, you can overcome obstacles and embark on epic space adventures.

Efficient Crew Management: Tips And Strategies For Effectively Organizing And Utilizing Your Crew

Efficient crew management is essential for a successful Starbound adventure. With a well-organized and utilized crew, you can optimize your gameplay and unlock the full potential of your team. Here are some tips and strategies for achieving efficient crew management:

1. Assign roles: Assigning specific roles to your crew members based on their specialties can greatly enhance efficiency. Have dedicated miners, farmers, builders, and fighters to ensure each task is carried out effectively.

2. Prioritize tasks: Set priorities for your crew members. Determine which tasks are most urgent and allocate resources accordingly. This will prevent wasted time and streamline your crew’s efforts.

3. Train and upgrade: Invest in training and upgrading your crew members’ skills and abilities. This will not only make them more efficient in their assigned roles but also give them an edge in combat situations, ensuring their safety.

4. Communicate effectively: Establish clear communication channels within your crew. Use signs, labels, and designated meeting areas to facilitate easy and quick information exchange.

5. Regular maintenance: Ensure that your crew members are well-rested, fed, and equipped with the necessary tools. Regularly check their status and address any issues promptly to maintain their efficiency.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage your crew, increase productivity, and take full advantage of the many possibilities in Starbound.

Crew Skills And Abilities: Maximizing The Potential Of Each Crew Member Through Training And Upgrades

In Starbound, the potential of your crew members goes beyond their initial abilities. This subheading explores how you can maximize their potential through training and upgrades.

Training plays a crucial role in enhancing the skills of your crew members. From combat to farming, each crew member can be trained in different areas depending on their specialty. Through training, their effectiveness in their respective roles can be significantly improved. This enables them to perform tasks more efficiently, gather resources faster, and defend against threats more effectively.

Upgrades, on the other hand, allow you to equip your crew with advanced tools and equipment. By investing in upgrades, you can enhance their abilities even further. This includes providing them with better weapons, armor, and tools to perform their duties.

It is important to strategically allocate training and upgrades to different crew members based on their roles and the tasks they regularly undertake. By doing so, you can create a well-balanced and highly efficient crew that can tackle any challenge you encounter during your Starbound adventure.

Crew Interactions: Investigating The Dynamic Relationships And Interactions Between Crew Members

In Starbound, the relationships and interactions between crew members add depth and complexity to the gameplay experience. As you assemble a diverse crew, each member will have their own unique personality and traits, influencing how they interact with one another.

Crew interactions can range from simple conversations and banter to complex relationships and conflicts. You may witness friendships forming, romantic relationships blooming, or even rivalries developing among your crew members. These interactions not only make the world of Starbound feel more alive but also impact the crew’s morale and performance.

Understanding crew interactions is crucial for effective crew management. A harmonious crew will have better teamwork and productivity, while conflicts and tension can lower morale and disrupt operations. As a captain, you can intervene in crew interactions by fostering positive relationships, resolving conflicts, or providing opportunities for crew bonding.

By investing time and effort into nurturing healthy crew interactions, you can create a cohesive team that works together seamlessly, enhancing your overall Starbound experience.

Multiplayer Crews: How Many Crew Members Can You Have When Playing With Friends In Starbound?

In multiplayer mode, Starbound offers an exciting opportunity to embark on intergalactic adventures with friends. As you explore the vast universe together, you might be wondering about the limitations and possibilities regarding the size of your crew.

Unlike in single-player mode, where the crew size is determined solely by the player’s progress and upgrades, multiplayer crew size in Starbound depends on the number of players in the game. Each player can have their own crew, allowing for multiple crews to coexist within a single server.

While Starbound does not impose a specific limit on the number of crew members each player can have in a multiplayer game, it’s important to consider the performance and overall experience when planning your crew size. Having too many crew members might result in increased lag and difficulty coordinating actions during missions.

To ensure a smooth multiplayer experience, it is recommended to communicate with your friends and reach a consensus on the ideal crew size for your gameplay. Finding the right balance between a manageable crew size and an enjoyable multiplayer experience will greatly enhance your Starbound adventures with friends.


Q: How many crew members can you have in Starbound?

A: In Starbound, you can recruit up to 7 crew members to join you on your space travels. However, this limit only applies to the crew members that are actively following you. You can have additional crew members stationed at different locations like your home planet or space stations.

Q: Is there a way to increase the maximum number of crew members in Starbound?

A: By completing specific missions and progressing through the game, you can unlock upgrades that allow you to increase the maximum number of crew members you can have. These upgrades vary in their requirements, ranging from gathering certain resources to completing quests for NPCs.

Q: What role do crew members play in Starbound?

A: Crew members in Starbound serve multiple purposes. They can help you in battles, performing combat alongside you. They can also be assigned to specific tasks, such as farming, cooking, crafting, or even running a shop. Their skills and abilities can be upgraded, making them valuable assets in your adventures.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Starbound offers players a vast array of possibilities when it comes to crew members. Although there is a limit of eight crew members that can actively participate in missions and combat, players can recruit an unlimited number of crew members to populate their ship and engage in various tasks. The game’s emphasis on exploration and customization allows players to create their own unique crew, each with their own abilities and personalities. Whether it’s creating a bustling space station or embarking on thrilling adventures, Starbound’s limitations on crew size certainly don’t hinder the potential for endless exploration and discovery.

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