How Many Camps Are in the Guiding Lands? Exploring the Base Camps in Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, the Guiding Lands offers hunters vast territories to explore and conquer. As hunters venture deeper into this ever-changing realm, it becomes crucial to establish base camps strategically to ensure efficient exploration and resource gathering. This article delves into the countless camps scattered throughout the Guiding Lands, providing hunters with valuable information on their locations and advantages to aid in their ultimate quest for success.

Introduction To The Guiding Lands In Monster Hunter World

The Guiding Lands is a sprawling and mysterious region in Monster Hunter World that holds numerous challenges and rewards for hunters. It is a unique area where multiple biomes and monsters coexist, creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment. In this article, we will take a closer look at the base camps within the Guiding Lands and their significance in aiding hunters on their expeditions.

The Guiding Lands is home to several base camps strategically placed across its vast territory. These camps serve as safe havens for hunters, providing much-needed respite and a place to prepare for their hunts. Each base camp is equipped with essential facilities, such as a supply box filled with items, a place to rest and recover health, and a place to cook meals that grant powerful buffs.

Not only do these base camps offer hunters a place to replenish their resources, but they also act as vital respawn points if a hunter falls in battle. This allows them to quickly get back into the fray without having to travel long distances.

Join us as we delve deeper into the Guiding Lands and discover the secrets of each base camp, along with strategies and tips for maximizing their benefits.

The Importance Of Base Camps In The Guiding Lands

Base camps play a crucial role in the Guiding Lands, serving as vital hubs for hunters in Monster Hunter World. These camps not only provide shelter and rest but also offer a myriad of benefits that aid hunters in their quests.

First and foremost, base camps serve as safe havens where hunters can heal and replenish their supplies. They provide essential facilities such as item boxes, cooking stations, and bedrolls, allowing players to manage their resources effectively. Additionally, these camps act as spawn points, enabling hunters to return quickly to the field after fainting or completing a quest.

Furthermore, base camps offer valuable advantages that can enhance a hunter’s performance. They may feature unique facilities like the Tailraider Safari, where players can send their Palico and Grimalkyne companions on expeditions to gather resources or assist in hunts. Some camps also provide access to specialized vendors who offer exclusive items, equipment, or upgrades.

It is essential for hunters to familiarize themselves with the locations of base camps in the Guiding Lands. Doing so will ensure they can efficiently navigate the vast and treacherous terrains while maximizing their hunting endeavors.

Locating And Unlocking Base Camps In The Guiding Lands

In the vast and ever-changing environment of the Guiding Lands in Monster Hunter World, having access to various base camps is essential for successful hunting expeditions. These camps not only provide a safe haven for hunters to rest and resupply but also offer strategic advantages depending on their locations. However, finding and unlocking these base camps can be a challenging task.

To locate new base camps, hunters must first explore and uncover different regions within the Guiding Lands. Each new region discovered holds the potential for a hidden base camp. These camps can be unlocked by completing specific tasks or fulfilling certain requirements, such as hunting a specific monster or collecting rare materials. It is important to thoroughly explore each region and complete the necessary objectives to gain access to new base camps.

Unlocking base camps not only expands a hunter’s options for resupplying and resting but also opens up new strategies for hunting. Some base camps may be positioned near valuable gathering points or close to areas where specific monsters tend to roam. By strategically unlocking and utilizing these base camps, hunters can maximize their efficiency and increase their chances of success in the challenging Guiding Lands.

Exploring The Unique Features Of Each Base Camp

Each base camp in the Guiding Lands in Monster Hunter World offers unique features that can greatly enhance your hunting experience. Understanding these features and utilizing them strategically can give you a significant advantage in your quests.

The first base camp, called the “Central Camp,” serves as a central hub for many hunters. It provides quick access to several different regions of the Guiding Lands, making it an ideal starting point for exploration. Additionally, the Central Camp is equipped with a Resource Center, where you can manage your investigations and bounties, allowing you to efficiently track your progress.

The second base camp, known as the “Northern Camp,” is situated in the Tundra region. This camp provides easy access to monsters residing in colder climates, as well as valuable resources such as ores and bones. The abundance of resources in this region makes it a prime location for gathering materials for weapon and armor upgrades.

The third base camp, named the “Eastern Camp,” is located in the Wildspire Waste region. This camp grants you convenient access to monsters found in deserts, such as the Diablos and Rathian. Moreover, the Eastern Camp has a Botanical Research Center, where you can grow and cultivate various essential items, including herbs and mushrooms.

Lastly, the fourth base camp, called the “Southern Camp,” is situated on the edge of the Volcanic region. This camp grants you proximity to the fiery monsters that inhabit this area. Additionally, the Southern Camp offers a Tailraider Safari, allowing you to send Palicoes on expeditions to gather rare materials and obtain valuable rewards.

Understanding the unique features of each base camp in the Guiding Lands can greatly enhance your hunting efficiency, resource gathering, and overall experience in Monster Hunter World.

Strategies For Maximizing Base Camp Benefits In The Guiding Lands

Base camps in the Guiding Lands play a crucial role in a hunter’s exploration and success. By utilizing these camps strategically, hunters can greatly enhance their overall experience in Monster Hunter World. Here are some key strategies for maximizing the benefits of base camps in the Guiding Lands.

1. Camp Placement: It is important to carefully choose which base camp to set as your main base. Consider the regions you frequently hunt in and select a camp that offers easy access to those areas. This will save valuable time and allow for swift navigation between hunting grounds.

2. Establish Resource Routes: Take note of important resources located near each base camp. By thoroughly exploring the surrounding areas, you can uncover gathering spots for crafting materials, endemic life, and rare items. These resource routes will prove beneficial for crafting and upgrading equipment.

3. Stocking Essential Items: Each base camp comes equipped with item boxes, allowing hunters to restock and manage their inventory. Before embarking on a hunt, ensure that you restock essential items such as potions, traps, and ammunition. This will prevent unnecessary trips back to camps and maximize efficiency.

4. Buddy Management: Base camps also serve as a hub for managing your Palico and Tailraider buddies. Take advantage of the facilities available to upgrade their gear, recruit new buddies, or adjust their behavior settings. A well-equipped and trained buddy can greatly contribute to successful hunts.

5. Coordinated Multiplayer: Base camps offer a centralized meeting point for multiplayer hunts. Communicate with fellow hunters to coordinate strategies, assign roles, and share resources. This teamwork will not only increase efficiency but also foster a sense of camaraderie among players.

By implementing these strategies, hunters can make the most of the base camps in the Guiding Lands. The key is to plan ahead, optimize resources, and work together with fellow hunters to achieve success in this challenging and immersive world.

Unlocking Hidden Base Camps In The Guiding Lands

Unlocking hidden base camps in the Guiding Lands is a crucial aspect of exploration and progression in Monster Hunter World. These hidden camps offer additional strategic advantages and resources for hunters, making them invaluable in their quest to conquer the Guiding Lands.

To unlock these hidden base camps, hunters must complete specific tasks or fulfill certain requirements. This can include slaying powerful monsters, collecting rare materials, or assisting other hunters in their expeditions. Each hidden base camp is unique and provides its own set of benefits, such as access to rare gathering spots, shortcuts, or even exclusive monster encounters.

One strategy for unlocking hidden base camps is to thoroughly explore each region of the Guiding Lands, meticulously searching for environmental cues, such as unique landmarks or gathering points that indicate the presence of a hidden camp. Additionally, interacting and networking with fellow hunters can provide valuable information and tips on hidden base camp locations.

Unlocking hidden base camps not only expands a hunter’s tactical options but also enhances efficient hunting by minimizing time spent traversing the vast and treacherous lands. Therefore, hunters should prioritize discovering these hidden gems to maximize their exploration and domination of the Guiding Lands.

Navigating Between Base Camps For Efficient Hunting In The Guiding Lands

Navigating between base camps in the Guiding Lands is crucial for efficient hunting and maximizing your time in this vast and treacherous territory. With multiple base camps scattered across different areas, learning how to move swiftly and strategically is essential.

Firstly, make good use of the map. Familiarize yourself with the layout and identify the locations of each base camp. This will help you plan your routes and decide the most efficient path to take when moving between camps.

Additionally, utilize the various fast travel options available. Each base camp is equipped with a supply box that contains a transport item called the “Catcherfly.” This handy tool allows you to quickly traverse between base camps, saving you valuable time and effort in long-winded journeys.

Another important aspect to consider is the monster ecology in each region. Take note of monster spawn patterns and their preferred habitats. By understanding these factors, you can strategically choose which base camp to start at and which ones to move towards, increasing your chances of encountering your target monster and reducing unnecessary travel.

Remember, efficient hunting in the Guiding Lands relies on effective navigation. With proper planning, sensible map usage, and strategic use of fast travel, you can optimize your time and make the most out of your adventures in this challenging hunting ground.


1. How many base camps are there in the Guiding Lands?

There are a total of five base camps in the Guiding Lands area of Monster Hunter World.

2. Where are the base camps located in the Guiding Lands?

The base camps in the Guiding Lands are located in different regions:
– Northeast: In the Coral Highlands region.
– Northwest: In the Rotten Vale region.
– Southeast: In the Wildspire Waste region.
– Southwest: In the Ancient Forest region.
– Central: In the Elder’s Recess region.

3. Are the base camps accessible from the beginning of the game?

No, the base camps in the Guiding Lands are not accessible from the start. They become available as you progress through the main story and unlock the Guiding Lands region.

4. Can I fast travel between base camps in the Guiding Lands?

Yes, you can fast travel between the base camps in the Guiding Lands using the world map or by using the “Manage World” option in the game’s menu. Fast traveling between the camps allows for efficient exploration and hunting in different regions of the Guiding Lands.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Monster Hunter World offers players a variety of base camps to choose from when exploring the Guiding Lands. These camps provide strategic advantages and allow hunters to better navigate the vast and dangerous terrain. With a total of seven base camps scattered throughout the Guiding Lands, hunters have ample options to plan their expeditions and maximize their hunting efficiency. Whether it’s taking advantage of the central position of camp 8 or utilizing the higher vantage point of camp 11, the diverse base camps in the Guiding Lands ensure that hunters can tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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