How do you unlock Sakura in MHW: A Guide to Obtaining the Legendary Hunter

In Monster Hunter World, players are constantly on the lookout for new armor sets and weapons to enhance their hunting skills. One of the most coveted additions to their arsenal is the legendary hunter, Sakura. This guide will walk you through the steps required to unlock Sakura, providing all the necessary information and tips to ensure you can harness the power of this formidable character in your quest to conquer the monsters of the New World.

The Basics Of Unlocking Sakura In MHW

Unlocking Sakura, the Legendary Hunter in Monster Hunter World (MHW), is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. This guide will walk you through the fundamentals of unlocking this highly coveted character.

To begin, you must have access to the Iceborne expansion, as Sakura becomes available after completing certain quests in this expansion. If you haven’t already, make sure to acquire the expansion to proceed.

Next, you should focus on improving your Hunter Rank (HR) as Sakura is only accessible to players with HR 50 or above. If you haven’t reached this HR yet, aim to complete quests, hunt powerful monsters, and increase your overall HR.

Once you’ve met the HR requirement, you will need to successfully complete specific quests and missions that involve challenging battles with formidable monsters. These quests are often found in the expansion’s storyline or unlocked through special events.

To further increase the chances of obtaining Sakura, gather the necessary resources such as rare materials, Monster Tracks, and unique items from expeditions and investigations. These resources will prove invaluable during the unlocking process.

Stay tuned for the subsequent sections of this guide to dive deeper into the requirements, strategies, and customization options involved in unlocking and enhancing Sakura in MHW.

Understanding The Requirements For Unlocking Sakura

To unlock Sakura in Monster Hunter World (MHW), players need to meet certain requirements. Firstly, players must have completed the main story campaign and reached Hunter Rank 16. This ensures that they have access to all areas and quests necessary to obtain Sakura.

Once the Hunter Rank requirement is met, players need to complete a specific questline. These quests are often challenging and require players to face off against powerful monsters. It is important to come prepared with upgraded armor, weapons, and items.

Additionally, players must gather special materials to unlock Sakura. These materials can be obtained by completing specific missions or hunting specific monsters. It is advised to focus on these tasks and gather the required resources efficiently.

Furthermore, players should strive for mastery in their weapons of choice. The better their skills and understanding of their weapons, the more successful they will be in the quests and missions necessary to unlock Sakura.

Overall, unlocking Sakura in MHW is a challenging but rewarding task that requires players to meet certain requirements, complete specific quests, gather necessary resources, and enhance their skills as hunters.

1. The Basics of Unlocking Sakura in MHW
2. Understanding the Requirements for Unlocking Sakura

Exploring The Quests And Missions To Obtain Sakura

In order to obtain Sakura, the legendary hunter in Monster Hunter World, players must undertake a series of quests and missions specifically designed to challenge their skills. These quests are not for the faint of heart, requiring a high level of expertise in hunting and combat.

One of the key quests to unlock Sakura is the “Trial of the Blossom,” which pits players against a formidable elder dragon in an intense battle. This quest tests not only your combat abilities but also your ability to strategize and adapt to different scenarios.

Additionally, players will need to complete a series of optional quests and investigations that involve hunting down various powerful monsters across different regions of the game’s expansive world. These quests are often time-limited and require careful planning and preparation.

It is important to note that the difficulty level of these quests increases as you progress, so it is crucial to continuously upgrade your gear and hone your skills. By successfully completing these challenging quests, players will eventually unlock Sakura, the legendary hunter who possesses special abilities and skills that can greatly enhance your hunting experience.

Tips And Strategies For Completing Sakura-related Challenges

Completing Sakura-related challenges can be a daunting task for many hunters, but with the right tips and strategies, you can overcome these challenges and unlock Sakura in MHW.

First and foremost, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the challenges you will face. Whether it’s defeating powerful monsters, completing time-limited quests, or overcoming difficult obstacles, knowing what lies ahead will help you prepare better.

One effective strategy is to focus on upgrading your equipment. Make sure your weapons and armor are upgraded to their maximum potential. Look for materials and resources that will enhance your gear’s strength or provide crucial resistances against specific monsters.

Utilize the right tools and consumables during Sakura-related challenges. Flash pods, traps, and healing items can significantly increase your chances of success. Additionally, researching monsters’ weaknesses and exploiting them will expedite your progress.

Cooperative gameplay can also be a game-changer. Team up with fellow hunters who have similar objectives to take on challenges together. Cooperation not only makes the battles easier but also creates a sense of camaraderie among players.

Lastly, persistence and patience are key. Some Sakura-related challenges may require multiple attempts before success. Don’t get discouraged by failure, instead learn from it and refine your strategies.

By implementing these tips and strategies, you’ll increase your chances of completing Sakura-related challenges and obtaining the legendary hunter in MHW. Good luck, hunter!

Gathering The Necessary Resources For Unlocking Sakura

To unlock Sakura in Monster Hunter World (MHW), players must gather specific resources that are essential for her unlock conditions. These resources may include rare materials obtained from defeating powerful monsters, completing specific quests, or even participating in limited-time events.

One key resource required for unlocking Sakura is the “Sakura Essence,” which can only be obtained by defeating a high-level variant of a specific monster. This variant is known for its formidable strength and requires advanced preparation and strategic gameplay to conquer. Additionally, players will need to collect various other materials, such as rare gems and specialized equipment, to meet the requirements for unlocking Sakura.

Gathering these necessary resources may prove challenging, as they often require players to venture into dangerous areas, complete difficult tasks, or rely on luck-based drops. However, dedicated hunters who persevere and strategically plan their hunts will eventually accumulate the resources needed to meet Sakura’s unlock conditions.

By prioritizing certain quests, participating in specific events, and mastering challenging monster encounters, players will be well on their way to gathering the necessary resources to unlock Sakura in MHW.

Unlocking Sakura’s Special Abilities And Skills

Sakura, the Legendary Hunter, possesses a range of special abilities and skills that set her apart from other hunters in the world of Monster Hunter World (MHW). Unlocking and mastering these abilities is crucial for maximizing Sakura’s potential and becoming a formidable force on the battlefield.

To unlock Sakura’s special abilities, players must first complete specific quests and missions that are tailored to her character. These quests often involve challenging encounters with powerful monsters, testing both your combat skills and strategic thinking.

Once unlocked, Sakura’s unique abilities can be further enhanced and customized through the use of skill points and armor upgrades. These upgrades allow you to tailor Sakura’s abilities to your preferred playstyle, whether that be focusing on raw damage output, defensive capabilities, or utility skills.

To take full advantage of Sakura’s abilities, it is important to experiment with different combinations and playstyles. This will allow you to find the perfect balance that suits your personal preferences and maximizes Sakura’s potential as the Legendary Hunter in MHW.

Enhancing And Customizing Sakura’s Gear:

With Sakura now in your roster of hunters, it’s time to enhance and customize her gear to make her even more powerful. Upgrading Sakura’s equipment will not only increase her defense, but also unlock new abilities and skills.

To enhance Sakura’s gear, you will need to gather specific materials from various sources. These materials can be obtained by completing certain quests, hunting specific monsters, or by gathering items in the game’s environment. Make sure to keep an eye out for these valuable resources during your hunts.

Once you have acquired the necessary materials, head to the blacksmith to begin the enhancement process. Here, you can upgrade Sakura’s armor, weapons, and accessories. Each upgrade will significantly boost her abilities, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Additionally, don’t forget to customize Sakura’s gear by using decorations and charms. These items can be slotted into her equipment to provide additional bonuses or abilities. Experiment with different combinations to find the setup that suits your playstyle and maximizes Sakura’s potential.

Investing time and resources into enhancing and customizing Sakura’s gear will greatly enhance her effectiveness as a hunter. With the right upgrades and modifications, she will become an unstoppable force in the world of Monster Hunter: World.

Leveling Up Sakura: Training And Advancement Tips

Sakura is not just an ordinary hunter in Monster Hunter World; she is a legendary hunter with immense potential. To fully harness Sakura’s power, you need to level her up through training and advancement.

First and foremost, completing quests and missions is vital for Sakura’s growth. By taking on challenging quests, you can earn experience points and rewards that will contribute to Sakura’s advancement. Additionally, completing specific quests tailored towards Sakura’s development can unlock new abilities and skills for her. These quests often require exceptional hunting skills and strategic gameplay.

Furthermore, to enhance her capabilities, training Sakura is essential. Engage in regular combat against formidable monsters to improve her combat prowess and overall effectiveness. Experiment with different weapons and armor sets to find the most suitable combination for Sakura’s playstyle.

Additionally, unlocking new gear for Sakura will significantly boost her performance. Seek out rare materials and resources to craft powerful weapons and armor pieces tailored to her needs. Upgrading her gear with specialized enhancements will enhance her abilities further.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to leveling up Sakura. Regularly participate in quests, train her combat skills, and upgrade her gear to ensure she reaches her maximum potential as the legendary hunter in Monster Hunter World.


FAQ 1: How can I unlock Sakura as a playable character in Monster Hunter World?

To unlock Sakura as a playable character in MHW, you need to complete the collaboration event quest called “Code: Red.” This event quest features the iconic Street Fighter characters Ryu and Sakura. By successfully completing this quest, you will be rewarded with special materials that can be used to craft Sakura’s armor set and the Sakura layered armor.

FAQ 2: Where and when can I find the “Code: Red” event quest?

The “Code: Red” event quest is a limited-time event in Monster Hunter World. It becomes available during certain seasonal events or festivals organized by Capcom. Keep an eye on the game’s official event schedule to know when the event is active. You can find the quest in the quest board or by speaking to the event coordinator in the gathering hub.

FAQ 3: Are there any specific requirements or recommendations for taking on the “Code: Red” event quest?

To take on the “Code: Red” event quest, you need to have reached Hunter Rank 14 or higher. Additionally, it is recommended to have a well-equipped character with a high-level weapon and armor. The quest features challenging fights against multiple powerful monsters, so make sure to come prepared with healing items, buffs, and traps to increase your chances of success.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, unlocking Sakura in MHW requires dedication and patience. By participating in the seasonal events, completing specific quests, and acquiring the necessary materials, players can obtain the legendary hunter. Sakura offers unique abilities and equipment that enhance gameplay, making her a valuable addition to any hunter’s arsenal. So, get ready to explore the world of Monster Hunter and embark on this exciting journey to unlock Sakura and unleash her full potential.

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