How to Obtain Rare Eggs in Monster Hunter Story: Tips and Tricks Revealed

In the captivating world of Monster Hunter Story, one of the most sought-after treasures is none other than rare eggs. These elusive and powerful eggs hold the potential to hatch incredible monsters that can greatly enhance your journey. If you find yourself yearning to discover these rare gems, this article is here to guide you through essential tips and tricks to obtain them. Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as we unveil the secrets to acquiring those precious rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story.

“Understanding The Different Types Of Rare Eggs”

Understanding the Different Types of Rare Eggs is crucial for any aspiring monster hunter in Monster Hunter Story. In this subheading, we will delve into the various types of rare eggs that players can acquire and what sets them apart.

Rare eggs come in different categories, each denoting the rarity and potential of the monstie that will hatch from it. The categories include Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Legendary Eggs. Each category represents a higher chance of obtaining a stronger and more unique monstie.

While rare eggs can be obtained through various means such as quests and events, it is essential to understand the specifics associated with each category. Super Rare eggs, for example, have a better chance of hatching rare monsties with special abilities, while Legendary Eggs grant access to powerful and elusive creatures found only in the most treacherous locations.

By understanding the rarity categories and what they offer, players can prioritize their efforts and focus on acquiring the eggs that align with their goals. Whether it be obtaining powerful combat partners or collecting rare and exotic monsties, a solid understanding of the different types of rare eggs will greatly increase the chances of success in Monster Hunter Story.

Exploring Locations For Rare Egg Hunting

Exploring Locations for Rare Egg Hunting

Finding rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story can be a challenging task, but with some guidance and knowledge, you can increase your chances of obtaining these elusive treasures. One of the crucial aspects of rare egg hunting is knowing the right locations to explore. Each area in the game has its unique set of monsters and eggs that can be found, so it’s essential to explore various regions to maximize your chances.

One strategy is to focus on high-rank areas as they tend to have a higher probability of spawning rare eggs. These areas include the Frost Islands, Lava Caverns, and Tower locations. Additionally, don’t limit yourself to just one area; make sure to check different nests, dens, and monster habitats within each region.

Moreover, pay attention to hints and rumors from NPCs as they often provide valuable information about rare egg sightings. Some NPCs might mention specific locations or offer clues that lead to hidden egg nests. Keep an eye out for any hints or tips during your interactions with characters in the game.

By exploring various locations and being attentive to clues from NPCs, you can significantly improve your chances of obtaining rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story. Happy hunting!

Hatching Methods For Rare Eggs

In Monster Hunter Story, hatching rare eggs is a crucial step in obtaining powerful Monsties. However, it’s not as simple as just waiting for the eggs to hatch. There are specific methods that can increase your chances of obtaining rare Monsties from these eggs.

Firstly, it’s important to note that different types of eggs require different hatching methods. Some eggs may require being kept in a specific temperature range, while others may need to be nurtured with specific items or food. It’s essential to gather information about the specific requirements for each egg type and fulfill them accordingly.

Another method to increase your chances of hatching rare eggs is by using a Rite of Channeling. This special ritual involves using different types of rare items to increase the likelihood of obtaining high-quality Monsties. It’s advisable to gather these rare items through various quests and events to have a sufficient supply for your hatching endeavors.

Additionally, fostering a strong bond with your monsties can also affect the hatching process. By spending quality time with your monsties, going on adventures, and feeding them their favorite food, you can increase the overall success rate of hatching rare eggs.

Remember, hatching rare eggs requires patience, experimentation, and careful attention to detail. By utilizing the proper hatching methods and nurturing a strong bond with your monsties, you can increase your chances of obtaining the most coveted and powerful rare Monsties in the game.

Navigating Egg Patterns And Colors

Navigating egg patterns and colors is essential when trying to obtain rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories. Each egg has a unique pattern and color combination that indicates the monster inside. Understanding these patterns and colors will greatly improve your chances of finding rare eggs.

To navigate egg patterns and colors effectively, it is crucial to pay attention to details. Different monster species have specific patterns on their eggs, such as stripes, spots, or swirls. Additionally, the colors of the eggs can vary, ranging from vibrant and diverse to dull and monochromatic.

Observing the eggs closely and comparing them to known patterns can help you identify the type of monster inside. Some rare monsters may have distinct egg patterns and colors, making them easier to spot. However, others may have more subtle variations that require a keen eye.

Furthermore, it is helpful to study the habitats and behaviors of different monster species. Certain monsters prefer specific environments, which can give you a clue about where to search for their eggs. For example, if a particular monster lives near water, its eggs might have aquatic patterns.

By mastering the art of navigating egg patterns and colors, you can significantly increase your chances of obtaining rare eggs in Monster Hunter Stories. Remember to be patient and persistent, as finding rare eggs may require multiple attempts and careful exploration.

Utilizing Monsties To Aid In Rare Egg Acquisition

Monsties, or friendly monsters that you can ride and fight alongside, play a crucial role in helping you obtain rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story. These powerful allies can enhance your chances of finding and acquiring those elusive eggs.

Firstly, it is important to build a strong bond with your Monsties. By spending quality time with them, such as petting and feeding, you increase their affection towards you. Higher affection levels unlock special abilities, including the ability to sniff out rare eggs. Make sure to regularly check the Monstie’s abilities and utilize them when searching for rare eggs.

Furthermore, certain Monsties have unique abilities that can directly assist in locating rare eggs. For example, some Monsties possess skills like “Find Rare Nests” or “Eggstra Sense”, which provide increased chances of discovering rare eggs and secret nests. When exploring different locations, be sure to take advantage of these Monsties and their abilities to maximize your chances of finding precious eggs.

Remember to also consider the Monsties’ elements and weaknesses. Some Monsties are better suited for specific locations or egg types. By strategically choosing your Monstie companions, you can increase your chances of obtaining rare eggs that match your desired criteria.

Overall, utilizing your Monsties effectively is crucial in the pursuit of acquiring rare eggs. Build strong bonds, utilize their unique abilities, and factor in their attributes to bolster your chances of obtaining these coveted treasures.

Breeding Strategies For Obtaining Rare Eggs

Breeding is an essential aspect of Monster Hunter Story that allows players to obtain rare eggs and create powerful Monsties. To increase your chances of obtaining these elusive eggs, it’s crucial to have a solid breeding strategy.

Firstly, focus on breeding Monsties with high gene qualities. Genes determine a Monstie’s potential and can greatly influence the rarity and strength of their offspring. Breeding Monsties with excellent genes increases the probability of obtaining rare eggs.

Additionally, consider using the Rite of Channeling to transfer genes from one Monstie to another. This technique allows you to pass on desirable traits, increasing the likelihood of obtaining rare eggs with desirable gene combinations.

Be patient and persistent in your breeding efforts. Rare eggs may not appear immediately, but with perseverance, you’ll eventually acquire them. Remember to regularly check for new combinations and experiment with different pairings to discover unique and rare Monstie possibilities.

Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of fostering a positive bond with your Monsties. Increasing your Kinship Level through bonding activities and combat will enhance the quality of the eggs they produce, including rare ones.

By implementing these breeding strategies, you’ll greatly improve your chances of obtaining rare eggs and expanding your Monstie collection. Happy hunting!

Maximizing Rewards From Rare Egg Quests And Events

In Monster Hunter Story, one of the most exciting ways to obtain rare eggs is by participating in quests and events specifically designed for this purpose. These quests and events often offer unique opportunities to acquire eggs that are not available through regular gameplay. To maximize your rewards from these rare egg quests and events, there are a few key strategies to keep in mind.

Firstly, it’s important to prioritize these quests and events and make sure to complete them within the given time frame. Rare eggs obtained from these special activities often have limited availability and may not be obtainable once the event ends. Stay updated on the game’s official announcements or forums to ensure you don’t miss out on any upcoming rare egg quests or events.

Secondly, take advantage of any rewards or bonuses offered during these quests or events. This can include increased drop rates, bonuses for specific monstie types, or even unique items that enhance your chances of finding rare eggs. Utilize all available resources and strategies to increase your odds of obtaining the rarest and most coveted eggs.

Lastly, consider teaming up with other players for cooperative events. Some rare egg quests may require multiple players to work together to overcome challenges and earn rewards. Joining forces with fellow hunters can not only enhance your chances of success but also create a more social and enjoyable gaming experience.

By following these tips and maximizing your efforts during rare egg quests and events, you’ll significantly increase your chances of obtaining those coveted rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story. Happy hunting!


1. How do I obtain rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story?

To obtain rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story, you should focus on searching in rare dens. These dens are marked with a glowing blue light and have a higher chance of containing rare eggs. Make sure to thoroughly explore different locations and keep an eye out for these rare dens.

2. Can I increase my chances of finding rare eggs?

Yes, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of finding rare eggs. Firstly, try to progress through the story and unlock new areas, as higher-level locations often have a higher chance of containing rare eggs. Additionally, using a Monstie with the “Egg Finder” skill in your party can significantly boost your chances of discovering rare eggs.

3. Are there any specific strategies for hatching rare eggs?

Yes, when it comes to hatching rare eggs, there are a few strategies you can employ. Firstly, make sure to use the “Rite of Channeling” mechanic to analyze the genes of the rare egg. This will help you understand its potential and plan your strategy accordingly. Additionally, prioritize nurturing the Monstie inside the rare egg with specific gene patterns that align with your desired playstyle or team composition.

4. Can I obtain rare eggs without battling other Monsties?

Yes, it is possible to obtain rare eggs without engaging in battles with other Monsties. One way is to gather eggs in dens that are unoccupied by any aggressive monsters. Furthermore, you can also try using the “Sneak” skill, which allows you to acquire eggs without alerting the nearby Monsties, making it easier to obtain rare eggs undisturbed.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, obtaining rare eggs in Monster Hunter Story requires a strategic approach and careful planning. By exploring different regions, participating in battles, and utilizing the Rite of Channeling, players can increase their chances of acquiring rare monster eggs. It is also important to level up and build strong bonds with Monsties in order to successfully hatch and nurture them. By following these tips and tricks, players can enhance their Monster Hunter Story experience and gain access to powerful and unique Monsties.

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