How Do You Get Artian Armor: A Comprehensive Guide for Hunters

If you’re a Hunter in the world of Destiny 2 and you’re looking to obtain the highly sought-after Artian Armor, then you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through all the steps and requirements to unlock this exquisite armor set. From gathering materials to completing challenging quests, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to help you successfully acquire the glorious Artian Armor and enhance your prowess as a Hunter.

Understanding The Artian Armor Set: Overview And Benefits

The Artian Armor set is a unique and highly sought-after armor set in Monster Hunter. It offers a range of powerful skills and abilities that can greatly enhance a Hunter’s abilities in the field. Understanding the basics of this set is crucial for any Hunter looking to obtain it.

The Artian Armor set is known for its impressive defense and elemental resistance. It provides a solid base for Hunters to withstand the most grueling battles. Additionally, it offers a range of offensive and defensive skills, such as increased attack power, reduced stamina consumption, and increased evasion.

One of the main benefits of the Artian Armor set is its unique set bonus. When equipped with the full set, Hunters gain the “Artillery King” skill, which significantly boosts the damage of explosive attacks. This makes the set particularly effective for Hunters who utilize heavy weapons or have a focus on explosive damage.

Overall, the Artian Armor set is a versatile and powerful option for Hunters. Its combination of defense, elemental resistance, and unique skills makes it a valuable asset in any Hunter’s arsenal. By understanding the intricacies of this set and utilizing it effectively, Hunters can greatly enhance their chances of success in the field.

Obtaining The Base Materials: Where And How To Gather Resources

One of the first steps to obtaining the Artian Armor Set is gathering the necessary base materials. This involves collecting various resources from different locations within the game.

To start, players should focus on mining and gathering bones. Mining nodes can be found in areas like the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste, while bones are often found in bone piles scattered throughout the different maps.

In addition to mining and gathering bones, players should also focus on collecting ore. Ore can be obtained by mining mining nodes, but it is also commonly found in gathering spots on the ground. Areas with mining nodes generally have a higher chance of containing ore.

Another important resource to gather is monster parts. Many monsters drop specific parts when defeated, and these parts can be used to craft the Artian Armor Set. Players should focus on hunting and carving monsters like Great Jagras, Barroth, and Anjanath to obtain the necessary parts.

By strategically mining, gathering bones, collecting ore, and hunting monsters, players can gather all the base materials required to craft the Artian Armor Set.

Gathering Zinogre Materials: Strategies For Hunting Zinogre

Zinogre, a formidable monster, is a key component in obtaining the Artian Armor set. This subheading provides essential strategies for successfully hunting Zinogre and acquiring its valuable materials.

When hunting Zinogre, preparation is key. Make sure to equip gear with Thunder resistance and bring Nullberries to counter its Thunderblight status effect. Zinogre’s attacks are quick and powerful, so it is crucial to bring high-level weapons and armor for optimal chances of success.

During the battle, focus on attacking Zinogre’s head and tail to maximize your chances of receiving rare materials. Breaking its horns and severing its tail will yield valuable drops needed for crafting the Artian Armor set.

Utilize traps, such as Shock Traps and Pitfall Traps, to immobilize Zinogre temporarily, providing more opportunities for damage. Additionally, using Flash Pods can temporarily blind Zinogre, opening up chances for valuable attacks.

Remember to learn Zinogre’s attack patterns and exploit its weaknesses, such as exploiting its Thunder element vulnerability. With careful planning and execution, you will be able to successfully hunt Zinogre and gather the necessary materials for the Artian Armor set.

Farming Kulu-Ya-Ku Materials: Locations And Tips For Efficient Farming

Farming Kulu-Ya-Ku materials is a crucial step in obtaining the Artian Armor set. This mischievous bird wyvern, known for its ability to wield stolen objects, drops valuable materials necessary for crafting pieces of the armor set. Here are the best locations and some tips to efficiently farm these materials.

1. Ancient Forest: Explore areas 6, 8, and 10, where Kulu-Ya-Ku is most commonly found. Utilize your Scoutflies to track its whereabouts.

2. Wildspire Waste: Check out sections 8 and 9, as Kulu-Ya-Ku tends to roam within these areas. Keep a close eye on the map and be attentive to its movements.

3. Expeditions: Choose expeditions to these areas to increase the chances of encountering multiple Kulu-Ya-Ku. This will expedite the farming process.

Tips for Efficient Farming:

– Focus on breaking Kulu-Ya-Ku’s beak and capturing it, as these actions yield the highest chances of obtaining rare materials.
– Utilize traps and flash pods to immobilize and stun the creature, making it easier to farm.
– Equip yourself with a weapon that deals high damage quickly, as Kulu-Ya-Ku moves swiftly and can be evasive during combat.

Efficiently farming Kulu-Ya-Ku materials will bring you closer to completing the valuable Artian Armor set, allowing you to maximize your hunting capabilities.

Hunting Legiana: Essential Strategies And Loot For The Artian Armor Set

Legiana is one of the key monsters that you will need to hunt in order to obtain the necessary materials for crafting the Artian Armor set. Known for its elegance and icy attacks, Legiana can be a formidable opponent if not approached with the right strategies.

To successfully hunt Legiana, it is crucial to exploit its weaknesses. As an ice-based creature, Legiana is highly vulnerable to fire elemental attacks. Equipping a weapon that deals fire damage will not only increase your overall damage output but also expedite the hunt. Additionally, Legiana’s wings are its most vulnerable spot, so focusing your attacks on this area will yield better results.

When hunting Legiana, it is recommended to bring flash pods and flashbugs. These can be used to blind and stun the monster, providing precious opportunities to strike. Alongside this, using traps, such as shock traps or pitfall traps, can further immobilize Legiana, allowing you to deal significant damage.

In terms of loot, slaying Legiana will reward you with various materials needed for crafting the Artian Armor set. These include Legiana Scale+, Legiana Claw+, and Legiana Webbing. These materials are essential for crafting different pieces of the armor set and upgrading them as well.

By employing these strategies and effectively utilizing the loot obtained, you will be well on your way to acquiring the coveted Artian Armor set.

Crafting The Artian Armor: Step-by-Step Guide And Required Materials

Crafting the Artian Armor is a crucial step in obtaining this powerful armor set for hunters. This subheading will provide a detailed and step-by-step guide on how to craft the Artian Armor, along with the required materials.

To begin the crafting process, hunters must first gather the necessary materials. These materials can be obtained from various monsters and locations, as mentioned in the previous subheadings of this article. Ensure that you have gathered enough Zinogre materials, Kulu-Ya-Ku materials, and Legiana materials.

Once you have collected all the required materials, head to the crafting station in your hub area or village. Interact with the crafting station and navigate to the armor section. Look for the Artian Armor set and select it.

The crafting menu will display the required materials for each piece of the Artian Armor set. Make sure you possess the necessary components and select “craft” for each piece of armor. Repeat this process until you have crafted the entire Artian Armor set.

By following this step-by-step guide and gathering the required materials, hunters can successfully craft the Artian Armor set and take advantage of its impressive benefits during their quests and hunts.

Boosting Artian Armor Skills: Augmentations And Upgrades

Artian Armor set provides various benefits and skills that can greatly enhance a hunter’s abilities. However, there are ways to further boost these skills and make the armor even more formidable. This section will explore the options available for augmentations and upgrades to maximize the potential of the Artian Armor Set.

One way to enhance the Artian Armor’s skills is through armor augmentations. By using Armor Spheres and other rare materials, hunters can increase the defense rating of each armor piece. This not only provides extra protection but also allows for additional skill customization.

Another method is by upgrading the Artian Armor Set. As hunters progress through the game, they can unlock higher-tier armor pieces that have even better skill bonuses. Upgrading the armor set requires specific materials obtained from challenging hunts, so hunters must be prepared to face formidable foes.

Additionally, hunters can further enhance the Artian Armor’s skills by using decorations. These valuable items slot into specific armor pieces, providing additional skill points or unlocking new abilities. By strategically selecting and equipping decorations, hunters can create a customized and powerful Artian Armor build that suits their playstyle.

By utilizing these augmentations, upgrades, and decorations, hunters can take full advantage of the Artian Armor Set’s potential and become an unstoppable force on the hunt.

Maximizing The Artian Armor Set: Recommended Weapon Combinations And Playstyles

When it comes to maximizing the potential of your Artian Armor set, understanding the best weapon combinations and playstyles is crucial. This subheading will guide hunters on how to make the most out of their Artian Armor set by recommending weapon combinations and playstyles that complement the set’s unique abilities.

Firstly, hunters can take advantage of the Artian Armor’s defense and resistance properties by pairing it with weapons that have high raw damage output. Weapons such as Great Swords and Longswords can benefit from the increased defense provided by the Artian Armor, allowing hunters to focus on dealing immense damage without worrying too much about their own survivability.

Additionally, hunters can consider using weapons that have elemental or status effects that synergize with the Artian Armor’s skills. For example, pairing the Artian Armor with a Hammer that deals paralysis damage can provide additional crowd control and support capabilities during hunts.

Lastly, hunters should tailor their playstyle to capitalize on the Artian Armor’s skill set. By utilizing the armor’s abilities, such as Blast Attack and Artillery, hunters can adopt an aggressive playstyle that focuses on dealing explosive damage to monsters.

In conclusion, maximizing the Artian Armor set requires careful consideration of weapon combinations and playstyles. By selecting the right weapons and exploiting the armor’s skills, hunters can unleash devastating attacks and overcome even the toughest of foes.


1. How do I obtain Artian Armor in Monster Hunter?

Obtaining Artian Armor in Monster Hunter requires a combination of specific materials and completing certain quests. First, you need to gather materials like Artian Spheres, Artian Armor Scraps, and Artian Rippers by hunting specific monsters or completing event quests. Once you have the necessary materials, visit the Smithy in the village to craft the Artian Armor pieces you want.

2. Which monsters should I target to obtain Artian Armor materials?

To obtain the necessary materials for crafting Artian Armor, you need to hunt specific monsters. You can obtain Artian Spheres by hunting Tempered monsters or by completing event quests. Artian Armor Scraps can be acquired by hunting Apex monsters. Finally, Artian Rippers can be obtained by hunting Elder Dragons or by completing specific event quests. Prepare yourself for challenging battles to gather these materials efficiently.

3. Are there any specific strategies or tips for acquiring Artian Armor efficiently?

To acquire Artian Armor more efficiently, it is recommended to focus on completing event quests that provide higher chances of obtaining the required materials. Additionally, using skills or equipment that enhance your luck or capturing monsters instead of slaying them can increase your chances of getting the desired materials. Cooperating with other hunters in multiplayer quests can also make material farming faster and easier.

Final Words

In conclusion, obtaining Artian Armor in Monster Hunter Rise requires a meticulous approach and understanding of the game’s mechanics. By following the steps outlined in this comprehensive guide, hunters can successfully acquire this desirable armor set. From collecting materials through mining and bonepiles, to completing specific quests and obtaining crafting recipes, players must exercise patience and perseverance. With Artian Armor’s unique skill set and appealing aesthetic, hunters can enhance their gameplay experience and showcase their prowess in the world of Monster Hunter Rise.

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