How to Get a Kits Charge Shotgun in a Vending Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a fan of the popular battle royale game Fortnite, chances are you’re always on the lookout for the best weapons to give you an advantage over your opponents. One weapon that has gained significant popularity is the Kits Charge Shotgun, known for its high damage output and versatility. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of obtaining a Kits Charge Shotgun from a vending machine, allowing you to enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of achieving that highly coveted Victory Royale.

Understanding The Kits Charge Shotgun In Fortnite

The Kits Charge Shotgun is a powerful weapon introduced in Fortnite. It is a unique shotgun that allows players to charge up shots, resulting in increased damage. Understanding the mechanics and characteristics of the Kits Charge Shotgun is crucial for effectively using it in battles.

The Kits Charge Shotgun has a blue rarity and deals a base damage of 81 to 85, depending on the range. Its magazine size is four, making each shot count. The charged shots, however, can deal up to 160 damage if aimed accurately. It also has a fairly quick reload time, allowing for continuous fire.

One unique aspect of the Kits Charge Shotgun is the ability to charge up your shots. Holding down the fire button will charge the shotgun, increasing its damage output. This mechanic adds a strategic element to battles, as players must balance when to take quick shots or charge up for more damage.

Understanding the intricacies of the Kits Charge Shotgun enables players to make informed decisions during battles. This knowledge is crucial for mastering the weapon and maximizing its potential in Fortnite.

Locating Vending Machines For Kits Charge Shotguns

Locating Vending Machines that offer Kits Charge Shotguns in Fortnite can be essential for players looking to upgrade their arsenal in the game. These Vending Machines can be found scattered across the map and are identifiable by their distinct visual appearance.

To find Vending Machines, players should explore densely populated areas, such as highly-trafficked named locations or popular loot spots. Keep in mind that not all Vending Machines will offer Kits Charge Shotguns, so it’s crucial to keep searching until you come across one that does.

Additionally, Vending Machines have the ability to spawn randomly in each match, so their specific locations might vary from game to game. Try to stay observant and aware of your surroundings to spot them easily.

It’s worth noting that Vending Machines tend to spawn in high loot-density areas, so places like Salty Springs, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park are good starting points for your search. Moreover, pay attention to the sounds these machines emit, as their distinct noise can help you locate them in close proximity.

By following these tips and staying alert during your matches, you’ll increase your chances of finding Vending Machines that offer Kits Charge Shotguns, enabling you to upgrade your firepower and have a competitive edge in your Fortnite matches.

Gathering Materials For Vending Machine Usage

In order to successfully use a Vending Machine to acquire a Kits Charge Shotgun in Fortnite, it is essential to gather the necessary materials beforehand. The materials required to operate a Vending Machine include wood, stone, or metal. These materials can be obtained by harvesting various structures and objects found throughout the game world.

To gather materials, players can use their pickaxe to strike trees, rocks, and buildings. Each strike will yield a certain amount of resources depending on the material being harvested. Wood can be obtained from trees, while stone can be acquired from rocks and metal from vehicles and other structures.

It is recommended to gather a sufficient amount of all three materials before attempting to use a Vending Machine. This ensures that players have enough resources to pay for the Kits Charge Shotgun when it appears in the Vending Machine’s inventory. Keep in mind that different Vending Machines may require different amounts of materials, so it’s important to have a versatile inventory of resources to accommodate various machine requirements.

By gathering materials in advance, players can be well-prepared to interact with Vending Machines and secure their Kits Charge Shotgun successfully.

Interacting With The Vending Machine

When it comes to getting a Kits Charge Shotgun from a Vending Machine in Fortnite, understanding how to properly interact with the machine is crucial. To begin, you need to locate a Vending Machine that offers Kits Charge Shotguns, which can usually be found in various POIs (Points of Interest) throughout the map.

Approach the Vending Machine and get close enough to interact with it. Press the designated button or key prompted on your screen to open the Vending Machine’s inventory. This action will bring up a grid-like interface and display the available items for purchase.

Using your controller or keyboard, navigate through the Vending Machine inventory options by moving the cursor or highlighting each item. Take note of the materials required for each item, as well as the rarity. Kits Charge Shotguns typically come in different rarities, ranging from common to legendary, with each level offering increased damage and other benefits.

To select the Kits Charge Shotgun from the Vending Machine, move your cursor or highlight the specific item and then press the designated button or key assigned to confirm your selection.

Once you have selected the Kits Charge Shotgun, proceed to the next step of paying the required materials to acquire this powerful weapon from the Vending Machine.

Navigating Through Vending Machine Inventory Options

When it comes to obtaining a Kits Charge Shotgun from a Vending Machine in Fortnite, it is important to know how to navigate through the inventory options. This step is crucial in order to find the weapon you desire.

Once you have located a Vending Machine that offers Kits Charge Shotguns, approach it and interact with it to open the inventory menu. The inventory menu will display a variety of items available for purchase, including weapons, consumables, and materials.

To navigate through the inventory options, use the designated keys or buttons on your controller to scroll through the available items. Pay close attention to the icon representing the Kits Charge Shotgun, which will be displayed along with its name and rarity.

Take your time to explore the inventory options thoroughly, making sure to select the Kits Charge Shotgun that best suits your needs. Keep in mind the number of materials required for purchase, as well as the rarity of the weapon.

By effectively navigating through the Vending Machine’s inventory options, you can increase your chances of acquiring the Kits Charge Shotgun and gain an advantage in your Fortnite battles.

Selecting The Kits Charge Shotgun From The Vending Machine

Once you have approached a vending machine and opened its inventory, it’s time to select the Kits Charge Shotgun. This powerful weapon can be a game-changer in battles, so it’s crucial to know how to choose it correctly.

1. Identify the shotgun: Look for the Kits Charge Shotgun in the inventory options. It is usually categorized under the “Shotgun” section. The icon and name will help you identify it quickly.

2. Use the selection mechanism: Navigate through the inventory options using the designated keys or buttons on your gaming device. Move the selection marker to the Kits Charge Shotgun.

3. Confirm the selection: Once the marker is placed on the Kits Charge Shotgun, press the confirm button to choose it. With this action, the selected weapon will appear on the right side of the vending machine screen.

4. Take the Kits Charge Shotgun: Interact with the vending machine once more to retrieve the Kits Charge Shotgun. This will deduct the required materials from your inventory and equip the weapon in your loadout.

Remember, the Kits Charge Shotgun might not always be available in every vending machine. Be prepared to explore multiple locations or wait for the vending machines to cycle their inventory for a chance to acquire this formidable weapon.

Paying The Required Materials For The Kits Charge Shotgun

When it comes to obtaining a Kits Charge Shotgun from a Vending Machine in Fortnite, it is crucial to understand the required materials for the transaction. Each Vending Machine will have its own specific cost, which can vary depending on the rarity of the weapon.

To pay for the Kits Charge Shotgun, players must gather the necessary materials and ensure they have enough in their inventory. The three main materials used in Vending Machine transactions are wood, stone, and metal. These materials can be obtained by harvesting them from the environment using the pickaxe.

Once you approach the Vending Machine, interact with it to bring up the menu and navigate to the Kits Charge Shotgun. The required materials will be displayed next to the weapon’s icon. Make sure to have the exact amount of materials needed to complete the transaction.

It is important to note that the cost of a Kits Charge Shotgun may vary depending on the rarity. Higher rarity versions of the weapon may require more materials, so it’s essential to plan ahead and gather enough resources.

By paying the required materials, players can secure a Kits Charge Shotgun from a Vending Machine, ensuring they have a powerful weapon to increase their chances of success in the game.

Tips And Strategies For Optimizing Kits Charge Shotgun Acquisitions From Vending Machines

When it comes to acquiring the Kits Charge Shotgun from Vending Machines in Fortnite, there are a few tips and strategies that can greatly enhance your chances of success.

Firstly, it is important to prioritize locating Vending Machines that offer the Kits Charge Shotgun. While they can be found randomly scattered across the map, certain areas such as high-traffic locations or named locations tend to have a higher likelihood of hosting Vending Machines with this particular weapon.

Secondly, ensure you have gathered enough materials beforehand. Since Kits Charge Shotguns are often high-tier weapons, they usually require a significant amount of resources to obtain. Have a stockpile of materials to pay for the weapon when you come across a suitable Vending Machine.

Next, make sure you interact with the Vending Machine quickly and efficiently. This can be achieved by planning your approach and being aware of your surroundings. Avoid crowded areas where other players might contest the Machine, and make sure you have a clear path to quickly exit the area after acquiring the weapon.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the inventory options available in the Vending Machine. By knowing where the Kits Charge Shotgun is placed in the sequence, you can quickly navigate to it and minimize any unnecessary delay.

Lastly, be mindful of your surroundings and exercise caution. Vending Machines can often attract attention, so ensure you are equipped with the necessary weapons and materials to defend yourself while obtaining the Kits Charge Shotgun. Stay vigilant, especially during intense moments when other players may try to take advantage of your focus on the Machine.

By following these tips and strategies, you can maximize your chances of acquiring the highly sought-after Kits Charge Shotgun from Vending Machines in Fortnite.



Q: Can I find a Kits Charge Shotgun in any vending machine?

A: No, Kits Charge Shotguns can only be found in specific vending machines. These machines are usually located in high-risk areas or named locations on the map. Keep an eye out for them while exploring the game world.

Q: How much does a Kits Charge Shotgun cost in a vending machine?

A: The cost of a Kits Charge Shotgun can vary depending on the rarity of the weapon. Typically, the higher the rarity, the more materials or gold bars you will need to trade for it. Make sure to collect enough resources before approaching a vending machine if you want to obtain one.

Q: Can I upgrade a Kits Charge Shotgun bought from a vending machine?

A: Yes, you can upgrade a Kits Charge Shotgun just like any other weapon in the game. Look for upgrade benches scattered around the map and use the required materials to enhance the weapon’s rarity and damage. Upgrading your shotgun will give you an advantage in battles.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, obtaining a Kits Charge Shotgun from a Vending Machine can be a straightforward process if you follow this step-by-step guide. By ensuring you have the required amount of materials, being aware of the Vending Machine’s location, and timing your visit strategically, you can increase your chances of adding this powerful weapon to your arsenal. Remember, practice patience and persistence, as the availability of the Kits Charge Shotgun in Vending Machines may vary.

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