How do I Upgrade my Palico in MHW: A Step-by-Step Guide

In Monster Hunter World (MHW), having a reliable Palico companion by your side can greatly enhance your hunting experience. Not only do Palicos provide valuable support during hunts, but they can also be upgraded to further increase their capabilities. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your Palico in MHW, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, ensuring that your furry friend is always on top of their game.

Understanding The Importance Of Upgrading Your Palico In MHW

In Monster Hunter World (MHW), your Palico is not just a cute companion; it plays a crucial role in your hunts. Upgrading your Palico is essential for boosting its effectiveness and strengthening its abilities, providing valuable support during intense battles.

Tuning your Palico’s gear and skills allows it to become a formidable ally. Upgrades enhance its survivability, attack power, and support capabilities, making it an indispensable asset in your monster-slaying endeavors.

Additionally, a well-upgraded Palico can provide you with various buffs, healing, and even distractions that aid in diverting monsters’ attention. Understanding the importance of upgrading your Palico ensures you are utilizing its full potential and exploiting the game’s mechanics effectively.

By investing time and effort into upgrading your Palico, you can make each hunt more manageable and increase your chances of success. So, let’s delve into the necessary steps and strategies to upgrade your Palico in MHW and unlock its true potential.

Gathering The Necessary Materials For Palico Upgrades

Gathering the necessary materials for Palico upgrades is a crucial step in maximizing your feline companion’s potential in MHW. To begin this process, embark on expeditions, investigations, and quests to obtain the required materials. Keep an eye out for specific monsters, as they often drop materials that are essential for Palico upgrades.

One efficient way to gather materials is by participating in specialized events or limited-time quests. These events usually offer rare rewards and increased drop rates for certain items. Take advantage of these opportunities to collect materials that may not be readily available in regular gameplay.

It is also important to note that high-rank hunts tend to provide better chances of obtaining rarer materials. As you progress through the game, focus on completing high-rank quests to acquire the materials needed for more advanced Palico upgrades.

Additionally, utilize the resource center in Astera to manage investigations effectively. This will enable you to track down specific monsters and increase your chances of obtaining the necessary materials.

By gathering the required materials for Palico upgrades, you can provide your furry companion with stronger equipment and abilities, further enhancing their performance in battles and assisting you in your hunting endeavors.

Unlocking The Palico Upgrade Quests In MHW

To fully maximize the potential of your Palico in Monster Hunter World, you need to unlock the Palico Upgrade Quests. These quests are essential for obtaining new gear, abilities, and gadgets for your furry companion. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock these quests and embark on the path to improving your Palico:

1. Progress the Main Storyline: The Palico Upgrade Quests become available as you progress through the main story quests of Monster Hunter World. Complete assigned quests, slay powerful monsters, and explore new areas to unlock the subsequent upgrade quests.

2. Complete Optional Quests: Alongside the main story quests, completing optional quests also contributes to unlocking the Palico Upgrade Quests. Take on these optional quests, which often involve hunting specific monsters or gathering certain materials, to make progress towards unlocking the upgrades.

3. Build Stronger Relationships: Pay attention to the characters and NPCs you encounter throughout your journey. Building stronger relationships with them will not only provide you with valuable information and resources but also unlock new quests, including Palico Upgrade Quests.

By following these steps, you will steadily unlock the Palico Upgrade Quests and gain access to powerful gear and new options to enhance your Palico’s abilities. So, continue your adventures, grow stronger, and forge an unbreakable bond with your furry companion on the path to becoming a formidable hunter-duo.

1. Understanding the Importance of Upgrading Your Palico in MHW
2. Gathering the Necessary Materials for Palico Upgrades
3. Unlocking the Palico Upgrade Quests in MHW

Mastering The Palico Skill Tree: A Breakdown Of Abilities And Upgrades

The Palico Skill Tree in MHW is a crucial component of upgrading your furry companion’s abilities and effectiveness in combat. This skill tree is divided into various branches, each focusing on different aspects of your Palico’s performance. By investing points into these branches, you can unlock new abilities and upgrades for your Palico.

The skill tree includes branches such as “Healing,” which grants your Palico enhanced healing abilities, allowing them to keep you and your team in top shape during hunts. Other important branches include “Support,” which enhances your Palico’s ability to assist you in combat with buffs and utility skills, and “Traps and Gadgets,” which improves their proficiency in using gadgets like the Vigorwasp Spray and Flashfly Cage.

It is important to carefully plan how you allocate your points in the Palico Skill Tree to synergize with your playstyle and hunting needs. Experimenting with different combinations of abilities and upgrades will help you unleash the full potential of your Palico, making them an invaluable asset during hunts.

Enhancing Palico Gadgets: Powering Up Your Feline Companion

Palico gadgets are essential tools that can greatly enhance your feline companion’s abilities in Monster Hunter: World (MHW). These gadgets not only provide helpful support in battles but also add depth to the gameplay experience. Upgrading your Palico’s gadgets is an important step to ensure their maximum effectiveness.

To start enhancing your Palico’s gadgets, you will need to complete specific quests related to each gadget. These quests are often unlocked by progressing through the main story or by fulfilling certain requirements. Once the quests are available, make sure to prioritize them to obtain the necessary materials for upgrading.

Each Palico gadget has multiple levels of upgrades, and progressing through these levels will unlock new abilities and improve existing ones. Upgrades can significantly enhance your Palico’s damage, healing, trapping, or support capabilities depending on the gadget type. Assess your playstyle and preferences to determine which upgrades will benefit you the most.

Upgrading Palico gadgets requires obtaining materials from various sources such as hunting specific monsters or completing special event quests. These materials can be obtained by exploring different regions, engaging in hunts, or participating in expeditions. Keep an eye out for opportunities to gather these materials and focus on progressing your Palico gadget upgrades for a strong and reliable feline companion in MHW.

Recruiting Palico Vigorwasps: Maximizing Healing Support

Recruiting Palico Vigorwasps is a crucial aspect of upgrading your Palico in Monster Hunter World. These tiny creatures act as healing companions, providing much-needed support in tough battles. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to recruit and maximize the effectiveness of Palico Vigorwasps.

Firstly, you need to unlock the ability to recruit Vigorwasps by completing the “Bugtrappers” side quest. This quest is available in the Ancient Forest after progressing through the main story. Once you complete it, your Palico will gain access to the Vigorwasp Spray gadget.

To upgrade Vigorwasps, you will need to gather materials like Vigorwasp Honey and Vigorwasp Soot. These materials can be obtained by completing quests, exploring the environment, or through rewards from capturing or hunting monsters. Gathering these materials is essential for upgrading your Vigorwasp Spray and increasing its healing potency.

Furthermore, make sure to regularly communicate with your Palico using the “Order” option in the communication menu. By selecting the “Plunder” command, your Palico will have a chance to bring back materials specifically related to healing gadgets, including Vigorwasp-related ones.

By investing time and effort into recruiting Palico Vigorwasps and upgrading their healing abilities, you can enhance the support your furry companion provides during hunts, increasing your survival chances significantly. Remember to check in with the Palico Equipment menu regularly to monitor your Palico’s progress and make adjustments to their loadout accordingly.

Expanding Palico Movesets: Equipping New Weapons And Skills

Expanding your Palico’s movesets is a fantastic way to boost their effectiveness in combat and provide more versatility. To start, you’ll need to visit the Palico Equipment vendor in Astera. Here, you’ll find a range of weapons and skills that can be equipped to your Palico.

When it comes to weapons, you’ll have several options to choose from, including swords, hammers, bows, and more. Each weapon offers different attack patterns and benefits, so consider your playstyle and the type of monster you’re facing before making a choice.

Additionally, you’ll come across various skills that can greatly enhance your Palico’s abilities. These skills can range from healing abilities and status effect infliction to increased damage and support capabilities. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock more skills to choose from, so be sure to regularly check the Palico Equipment vendor for new options.

Remember to experiment with different weapons and skills to find the combination that best complements your playstyle and meets the demands of each hunt. With an expanded moveset, your Palico will become an even more valuable ally in your Monster Hunter World adventures.

Advanced Palico Upgrades: Tips And Tricks For Maximizing Effectiveness

In Monster Hunter World, upgrading your Palico is essential for maximizing its effectiveness in combat. While the basic upgrades are important, advanced upgrades can take your Palico’s abilities to a whole new level.

One way to enhance your Palico is by utilizing the Plunderblade gadget. This gadget allows your furry companion to steal items from monsters during battles, providing you with additional resources. By upgrading the Plunderblade, you can increase the chances of obtaining rare materials, including monster parts and jewels.

Another useful tip is to carefully choose your Palico’s skills and abilities. Each Palico has their own set of unique skills that can greatly benefit your hunting experience. Whether it’s the Flashfly Cage for stunning monsters or the Coral Orchestra for buffing your team, selecting the right skills can make a significant difference in battle.

Additionally, consider equipping your Palico with the appropriate weapon for the situation. While the default weapon is versatile, unlocking new weapons such as the Shieldspire or Ranged weapons can provide better crowd control or ranged support. Experimenting with different weapons can help you find the best fit for your playstyle.

Lastly, don’t forget to regularly deploy and train your Palico to level them up. This will increase their overall stats and unlock new abilities. Training can be done through the various training quests available, and deploying your Palico during hunts will also grant them experience. By investing time in training and deploying your Palico strategically, you can maximize their effectiveness in battles.

By following these advanced tips and tricks, you can upgrade your Palico in Monster Hunter World and take your hunting experience to new heights.


1. How do I unlock the Palico upgrade feature in Monster Hunter World?

To unlock the ability to upgrade your Palico in Monster Hunter World, you first need to progress through the game’s main storyline until you reach the Third Fleet research base. Once you’ve reached this point, you’ll be able to access the Palico equipment vendor, who will offer you various upgrades and customization options for your furry companion.

2. What are the benefits of upgrading my Palico in MHW?

Upgrading your Palico in Monster Hunter World brings several benefits. Firstly, your Palico’s overall stats, such as attack power, defense, and health, will significantly increase with each upgrade, making it more capable of assisting you during hunts. Additionally, upgrading your Palico will unlock new gear options, such as improved armor sets and specialized tools, empowering your feline friend to better support you in battle.

3. How can I upgrade my Palico’s equipment in Monster Hunter World?

To upgrade your Palico’s equipment, you need to gather specific materials, known as “Palico upgrade materials.” These materials can be obtained from various sources, including completing specific quests, slaying certain monsters, or by partaking in expeditions and investigations. Once you’ve collected the required materials, visit the Palico equipment vendor in the Third Fleet research base or any other available vendor to select the desired upgrade for your Palico.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, upgrading your Palico in Monster Hunter World (MHW) is a simple yet crucial step to enhance your gameplay experience. By diligently completing quests, collecting materials, and utilizing the Smithy, players can unlock and craft powerful weapons, armor, and gadgets for their furry companions. The Palico’s growth not only contributes to its individual strength but also greatly assists in successful hunts and provides valuable support during challenging encounters. With this step-by-step guide, players are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively upgrade their Palico, ensuring a formidable companion by their side throughout their MHW journey.

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