How do I screenshot on Samsung A21s: A handy guide for beginners

In the world of smartphones, taking screenshots has become an essential feature for many users. If you’re a proud owner of the Samsung A21s and looking for a quick and easy way to capture screenshots, you’re in luck. This article provides a beginner-friendly guide on how to screenshot on the Samsung A21s, allowing you to effortlessly capture and share important information, memorable moments, or anything else that catches your eye on your device’s screen. So, let’s dive in and discover the simple steps to take screenshots on your Samsung A21s.

Understanding The Basics Of Screenshotting On Samsung A21s

Taking a screenshot on your Samsung A21s is a useful feature that allows you to capture and share content with ease. Whether you want to save a memorable conversation, share a funny meme, or document important information, knowing how to take a screenshot is essential.

The Samsung A21s offers a simple and intuitive way to capture screenshots. By pressing a combination of physical buttons or using gesture controls, you can instantly save what’s on your screen. Learning the basics of screenshotting on the Samsung A21s will empower you to capture moments and information quickly and efficiently.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of taking a screenshot on your Samsung A21s. We’ll also explore alternative methods for capturing screenshots, customize screenshot settings, and show you how to save, access, edit, and share your screenshots. Additionally, we’ll provide troubleshooting tips for common screenshotting issues and share some handy tips and tricks to enhance your overall screenshotting experience on the Samsung A21s.

Step-by-step Guide To Taking A Screenshot On Samsung A21s

Taking a screenshot on your Samsung A21s is an essential feature that allows you to capture and save important information, funny conversations, or memorable moments. Whether you are a beginner or new to the device, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.

To take a screenshot on the Samsung A21s, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the screen you want to capture.
Step 2: Locate the Power and Volume Down buttons on the device.
Step 3: Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons.
Step 4: You should hear a shutter sound and see a brief animation indicating that the screenshot has been captured.
Step 5: Release the buttons once the screenshot is taken.

It is worth mentioning that the location and functionality of the Power and Volume Down buttons may vary depending on your device’s model and settings. However, most Samsung devices, including the A21s, use this standard method.

By mastering this simple process, you will be able to effortlessly capture and save screenshots on your Samsung A21s for later use.

Exploring Alternative Methods For Capturing A Screenshot On Samsung A21s:

When it comes to capturing screenshots on your Samsung A21s, there are alternative methods available apart from the conventional button combination. One such method is using Palm Swipe to Capture.

Palm Swipe to Capture is a gesture-based feature that allows you to take screenshots by swiping your palm across the screen. To enable this feature, go to the “Settings” app, scroll down and tap on “Advanced features.” From there, toggle on “Palm swipe to capture” under the “Motions and gestures” section.

Once you have enabled Palm Swipe to Capture, taking a screenshot will be a breeze. Simply position your hand vertically on one side of the screen and swipe it horizontally across the display. Make sure your hand touches the screen for better accuracy. You’ll see a visual animation and hear a shutter sound indicating that the screenshot has been successfully captured.

Exploring alternative methods like Palm Swipe to Capture can offer a convenient and intuitive way to take screenshots on your Samsung A21s, providing you with more flexibility in capturing those important moments on your device.

Customizing Screenshot Settings On Your Samsung A21s

Customizing your screenshot settings on the Samsung A21s can greatly enhance your screenshotting experience and make it more convenient for you. With the ability to personalize these settings, you can capture exactly what you want, how you want it.

One of the key customization options is the screenshot method. By default, the Samsung A21s offers the traditional method of using the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously. However, you can choose to use other methods such as swiping your hand across the screen or using palm swipe gestures. These alternative methods can be more intuitive and quicker to execute, especially if you frequently take screenshots.

Another important setting is the screenshot sound. You can toggle the sound on or off, depending on your preference. This can be particularly useful when you need to take screenshots discreetly, such as in a quiet environment or during a meeting.

Additionally, you can choose the default screenshot storage location. If your phone has an SD card, you may prefer to save your screenshots there instead of the internal storage. This allows you to free up space on your device while still having easy access to your captured images.

By customizing these screenshot settings on your Samsung A21s, you can tailor your screenshotting experience to suit your needs and preferences.

Saving And Accessing Your Screenshots On Samsung A21s

After successfully taking a screenshot on your Samsung A21s, you might wonder where it is saved and how to access it. In this section, we will address these concerns and guide you through the process.

By default, all screenshots taken on the Samsung A21s are saved in the Gallery app. You can access the Gallery by locating its icon on the home screen or by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and searching for “Gallery.” Once you are in the Gallery app, look for the “Screenshots” folder. This folder will contain all your captured screenshots.

Alternatively, you can also access your screenshots directly from the notification panel. After taking a screenshot, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel. You will see a thumbnail of the screenshot along with options to share, edit, or delete it.

To access screenshots from within certain apps, such as messaging or email apps, you can navigate to the attachment section and choose the “Gallery” option. This will allow you to choose a screenshot from your Gallery and share it directly.

Knowing where and how to find your screenshots on the Samsung A21s will make it convenient for you to view, organize, and share your captured images effortlessly.

Sharing And Editing Screenshots On Samsung A21s

Sharing and editing screenshots on your Samsung A21s allows you to easily share and customize your captured images. To quickly share a screenshot, tap the “Share” icon that appears after taking a screenshot. This will open a menu where you can select various social media apps or messaging platforms to quickly send the screenshot to your contacts.

If you wish to edit a screenshot before sharing it, you have a range of options available. After capturing the screenshot, tap the “Edit” icon that appears in the notification panel or access the screenshot from the Gallery app. From here, you can crop, draw, add text, or use other editing tools to enhance the screenshot. Feel free to express your creativity and make your screenshots more visually appealing or informative.

Additionally, Samsung A21s offers the option to utilize third-party editing apps available on the Google Play Store. These apps provide advanced editing features and filters that can further enhance your screenshots. Whether you want to add filters, stickers, or make collages, third-party apps offer endless possibilities for editing your screenshots on the Samsung A21s.

Common Troubleshooting Tips For Screenshotting Issues On Samsung A21s

Sometimes, you may encounter certain issues while trying to capture a screenshot on your Samsung A21s. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting tips that can help you overcome these problems:

1. Restart your device: Often, a simple restart can resolve minor software glitches that may be affecting your screenshot function.

2. Check storage space: Insufficient storage can prevent screenshots from being saved. Ensure that you have enough free space on your device.

3. Verify screenshot method: Double-check that you are using the correct combination of buttons or gestures to capture a screenshot. Refer to the step-by-step guide for clarity.

4. Disable conflicting apps: Some third-party apps may interfere with the screenshot function. Try disabling or uninstalling any recently installed apps to see if it resolves the issue.

5. Update your device: Keeping your Samsung A21s updated with the latest software version can help resolve bugs and improve overall performance, including the screenshot feature.

6. Clear cache: Clearing the cache of the app you are trying to capture a screenshot from can sometimes fix any temporary issues.

7. Factory reset: As a last resort, if all else fails, consider performing a factory reset. This will restore your device to its original settings and may resolve any persistent issues with screenshotting.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you should be able to identify and resolve any screenshotting issues you may encounter on your Samsung A21s.

Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Screenshotting Experience On Samsung A21s

Taking screenshots on your Samsung A21s is just the beginning. To truly enhance your screenshotting experience, here are some tips and tricks that you should know:

1. Use palm swipe gesture: Instead of pressing buttons, you can simply swipe your hand horizontally across the screen to capture a screenshot. Enable this feature in your phone’s settings for easy access.

2. Edit your screenshots: Samsung A21s offers a built-in image editor that allows you to crop, annotate, and add text to your screenshots. Access the editor by tapping on the screenshot preview immediately after capturing it.

3. Use scroll capture: When you need to capture an entire webpage or a long conversation, the scroll capture feature comes in handy. After taking a regular screenshot, tap on the “Scroll capture” option to capture more content automatically.

4. Directly share screenshots: Share your screenshots quickly by using the share button in the screenshot notification. This allows you to send them via messaging apps, emails, or even social media platforms without having to browse through your gallery.

5. Customize screenshot settings: Explore the screenshot settings on your Samsung A21s to customize the format (PNG or JPG), adjust the screenshot sound, or specify the storage location. These small tweaks can enhance your overall screenshotting experience.

By utilizing these tips and tricks, you can make your screenshotting experience on the Samsung A21s more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you use screenshots for communication, documentation, or creative purposes, these features will undoubtedly come in handy.


1. How do I take a screenshot on Samsung A21s?

To take a screenshot on your Samsung A21s, simply press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for a few seconds. You will see a capture animation, and the screenshot will be saved in your gallery.

2. Can I edit the screenshots taken on my Samsung A21s?

Yes, you can easily edit the screenshots taken on your Samsung A21s. Once you have taken a screenshot, you can immediately access the editing options by tapping on the notification that appears at the top of your screen. You can crop, draw, write, or add various effects to your screenshots using the built-in editing features.

3. How can I access my screenshots on Samsung A21s?

After taking a screenshot on your Samsung A21s, you can find it in your gallery. To access your gallery, simply open the “Apps” menu, find the “Gallery” app, and tap on it. In the gallery, you will see different folders, and your screenshots will usually be saved in a specific folder named “Screenshots.” Simply open that folder to find and view your screenshots.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, capturing screenshots on a Samsung A21s is a simple and convenient process that can be easily mastered by beginners. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide, users can effortlessly capture and save important moments or information displayed on their device’s screen. With this handy feature, Samsung A21s users can enhance their overall experience and easily share visual content with others.

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