How to Improve Battery Life on Galaxy S6: Simple Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is known for its sleek design and powerful features, but one aspect that can often leave users frustrated is its battery life. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can significantly improve the battery life on your Galaxy S6. Whether it’s tweaking settings, managing apps, or utilizing power-saving modes, this article will guide you through various strategies to maximize the longevity of your device’s battery and ensure you stay connected throughout the day.

Adjusting Screen Brightness And Timeout Settings

Adjusting the screen brightness and timeout settings on your Galaxy S6 can significantly improve battery life. By reducing the screen brightness, you can conserve power and extend the overall usage time. To adjust the brightness, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the notification shade, and drag the brightness slider to a lower level. Additionally, you can set the screen timeout to turn off the display after a shorter period of inactivity. To do this, go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout, and choose a shorter duration.

Lowering the screen brightness and setting a shorter timeout can make a noticeable difference in battery consumption, especially if you frequently use your device throughout the day. It is recommended to find a balance between brightness level and usability that suits your personal preferences while maximizing battery efficiency. By making these simple adjustments, you can enjoy extended battery life on your Galaxy S6.

Managing App Usage And Closing Background Apps

Managing app usage and closing background apps can greatly improve the battery life on your Galaxy S6. Many apps run in the background and continue to drain the battery even when you are not actively using them. To manage app usage, go to Settings > Battery > App power saving and select the apps that you want to optimize for power saving. This will limit their background activities and help conserve battery life.

Additionally, regularly closing background apps can also make a significant difference. To do this, tap the Recent Apps button, usually located on the bottom left of the navigation bar, and swipe away the apps that you are not using. This will prevent them from using system resources and consuming battery power.

By managing app usage and closing background apps, you can ensure that your Galaxy S6 is only using power for the apps that are essential, resulting in a longer battery life.

Utilizing Power Saving Mode And Optimizing Settings

Power saving mode is a useful feature on the Galaxy S6 that can significantly improve battery life. To enable this mode, go to Settings, then Battery, and choose Power saving mode. Once activated, power saving mode will reduce the performance of your device, restrict background data, lower screen brightness, and limit vibration.

In addition to power saving mode, there are other settings that can optimize your battery usage. One such setting is turning off auto-sync for apps that don’t require real-time updates. This can be done by going to Settings, then Accounts, and toggling off auto-sync for selected apps.

Another setting to optimize battery usage is by disabling unnecessary features such as NFC, Bluetooth, and GPS when they are not in use. These features consume a significant amount of battery power, so turning them off when not needed can greatly extend your device’s battery life.

By utilizing power saving mode and optimizing various settings on your Galaxy S6, you can maximize your battery life and ensure that your device lasts throughout the day without the need for frequent charging.

Limiting Widgets And Live Wallpapers

Limiting widgets and live wallpapers can significantly improve the battery life of your Galaxy S6. While these features may enhance the visual appeal of your device, they also consume a significant amount of power.

Widgets are constantly updating in the background, which requires the device to use more power. By limiting the number of widgets on your home screen, you can reduce the strain on your battery. Stick to the essential widgets that you frequently use and remove any unnecessary ones.

Live wallpapers, on the other hand, continuously animate in the background, which can drain your battery quickly. Consider using static wallpapers instead, as they aren’t as demanding in terms of power consumption.

To limit widgets and live wallpapers on your Galaxy S6, go to the home screen and long-press on any empty space. Tap on “Widgets,” then swipe left or right to navigate through the available widgets. Choose the widgets you want to remove and drag them to the “Remove” or “Trash” icon.

By taking these simple steps, you can extend the battery life of your Galaxy S6 and enjoy longer usage without worrying about running out of power.

Disabling Unnecessary Notifications And Location Services

When it comes to improving battery life on your Galaxy S6, disabling unnecessary notifications and location services can make a significant difference.

Notifications are incredibly handy, but they can also drain your battery life by constantly waking up your phone’s screen and using up processing power. Take a moment to review all the apps on your device and disable notifications for those that aren’t important or urgent. This will not only save battery but also eliminate unnecessary distractions.

Similarly, location services are notorious for draining battery life. While it’s convenient for certain apps to know your location, many don’t require this information to function properly. Go to your device’s settings and review which apps have access to your location. Disable it for apps that don’t necessarily need it, and you’ll notice a positive impact on your battery life.

By taking control of unnecessary notifications and location services, you can ensure that your Galaxy S6 battery lasts longer throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy your device without constantly worrying about finding a power outlet.

Optimizing Wi-Fi And Mobile Data Usage

Wi-Fi and mobile data usage can significantly impact the battery life of your Galaxy S6. Optimizing these settings can help conserve battery power and extend its life.

To optimize Wi-Fi usage, disable Wi-Fi when you are not using it or when you are in an area with poor network coverage. Leaving Wi-Fi enabled constantly drains the battery as it continuously searches for available networks. Additionally, you can enable the “Wi-Fi power-saving” mode in the advanced Wi-Fi settings, which reduces power consumption when Wi-Fi is turned on but not connected to any network.

For mobile data usage, limit background data for apps that you don’t require constant updates from. Head to Settings > Data usage > Restrict background data, and select the apps you want to restrict. You can also enable the “Data saver” mode in the Data usage settings, which reduces data usage by preventing apps from running in the background while you are on a mobile network.

By optimizing Wi-Fi and mobile data usage, you can conserve battery power and ensure that it lasts longer throughout the day.

Monitoring Battery-draining Apps And Uninstalling Them

Monitoring battery-draining apps is crucial to improving the battery life on your Galaxy S6. Some applications can consume a significant amount of power even when you’re not actively using them. By identifying these battery-draining apps, you can take appropriate action to preserve battery power.

To monitor battery-draining apps, go to Settings, then Battery. Here, you’ll find a breakdown of the apps that are consuming the most battery. Pay attention to the apps at the top of the list, as they are likely the biggest culprits draining your battery.

Once you identify battery-draining apps, consider uninstalling or disabling them, especially if they are apps you rarely use. To uninstall an app, go to Settings, then Apps, select the app, and tap Uninstall. This will remove the app from your device and free up valuable battery resources.

Regularly monitoring and uninstalling battery-draining apps is an effective way to prolong the battery life of your Galaxy S6 and ensure that power is being utilized efficiently.

Taking Care Of Battery Health And Maintenance

Taking care of your Galaxy S6’s battery health and maintenance is crucial in order to prolong its lifespan and ensure optimal performance. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

1. Avoid extreme temperatures: High temperatures can significantly affect battery performance. Keep your phone in moderate temperatures and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extremely cold conditions.

2. Avoid full discharges: It’s best to keep your battery charged between 20% and 80%, rather than allowing it to fully discharge or overcharging it. This will help maintain the battery’s capacity and longevity.

3. Use original chargers: While it may be tempting to use any charger that fits, it’s always recommended to use the original charger provided with your device. Other chargers may provide incorrect voltage, leading to inefficient charging and potential damage to the battery.

4. Disconnect unnecessary accessories: Disconnect any unnecessary accessories, such as Bluetooth devices or external storage, when not in use. These can drain your battery even when not actively being used.

By following these maintenance tips, you can help prolong your Galaxy S6’s battery life and ensure it performs optimally for years to come.


1. How can I optimize my Galaxy S6 battery life?

There are several ways to improve the battery life of your Galaxy S6. You can start by reducing the screen brightness, disabling unnecessary background app refresh, and limiting the use of animated wallpapers. Additionally, turning off features like GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when not in use can also help conserve battery power. Regularly updating your device’s software and keeping it free from unnecessary apps can further enhance battery performance.

2. Does enabling Power Saving Mode affect the overall phone performance?

Enabling Power Saving Mode on your Galaxy S6 can significantly extend battery life, but it may also slightly affect the phone’s performance. This mode reduces CPU speed, limits background data usage, and adjusts screen brightness to conserve battery power. While you may notice a slight decrease in overall performance, it is a trade-off to ensure that your device lasts longer between charges. You can customize the settings to find the right balance between battery life and performance.

3. Are there any other advanced settings I can tweak to improve battery life?

Yes, there are additional settings you can tweak to further optimize battery life on your Galaxy S6. For instance, disabling unnecessary notifications, using dark or black wallpapers, and enabling the “Always-On Display” feature sparingly can help conserve battery power. You can also navigate to Settings > Battery to identify power-hungry apps and either force-stop or uninstall them. Moreover, disabling automatic app updates and limiting auto-sync settings can significantly contribute to improving battery performance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, by implementing these simple tips and tricks, users of the Galaxy S6 can significantly improve their battery life. From optimizing app settings and reducing screen brightness, to disabling unnecessary features and clearing cache regularly, these practical steps can make a noticeable difference in preserving battery power throughout the day. By adopting these habits, users can enjoy longer battery life on their Galaxy S6, allowing for uninterrupted usage and an improved overall smartphone experience.

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