How Can I Watch Old WWE Matches: Step-by-Step Guide for Wrestling Fans

Wrestling fans often have a deep appreciation for the rich history and classic matches that make up the WWE’s extensive archive. However, finding and watching these old WWE matches may seem like a daunting task for many fans. In this step-by-step guide, we will explore the various methods and platforms available to help wrestling enthusiasts relive the nostalgia of past WWE events, ensuring that no historic match is forgotten or left unwatched.

Understanding The WWE Network: Accessing A Treasure Trove Of Past Matches

If you’re a wrestling fan looking to relive the glory of old WWE matches, the WWE Network is your ultimate destination. This subheading explores how you can access a treasure trove of past matches through this online streaming service.

The WWE Network is a subscription-based platform that offers an extensive library of WWE content, including pay-per-view events, documentaries, and a vast collection of past matches. By subscribing to the WWE Network, you gain complete access to this vast archive of wrestling history.

Not only does the WWE Network provide on-demand access to past matches, but it also offers original programming, pre-shows, post-shows, and panel discussions. It’s like having a dedicated wrestling channel at your fingertips.

By utilizing this platform, wrestling fans can immerse themselves in classic matches from various eras, relive iconic moments, and discover hidden gems they may have missed. Whether you’re a fan of the Attitude Era or want to reminisce about the golden days of WrestleMania, the WWE Network has you covered.

So, with a subscription to the WWE Network, you can plunge into the exciting world of old WWE matches and experience the magic of wrestling history anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Subscribe To The WWE Network For Complete Access

The first step towards watching old WWE matches is to subscribe to the WWE Network. This online streaming service is a paradise for wrestling fans, offering a comprehensive collection of past matches, events, documentaries, and exclusive content from various promotions.

To subscribe, visit the WWE Network’s official website and sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription plan. The network offers a free trial period for new users, allowing you to explore its vast library before committing.

Once subscribed, you’ll gain complete access to an extensive archive that spans decades of wrestling history. From iconic WrestleMania matches to hidden gems from NXT or WCW, the WWE Network ensures that you won’t miss any classic encounter.

With millions of hours of content available, wrestling enthusiasts can dive deep into the past, reliving unforgettable moments and exploring the evolution of their favorite superstars. So, don’t hesitate to subscribe and embark on a nostalgic journey through the storied history of WWE.

Step 2: Exploring Different Categories And Events On The WWE Network

When it comes to watching old WWE matches, the WWE Network provides a vast library of content that wrestling fans can dive into. This step will guide you on how to explore the different categories and events available on the network.

Once you have subscribed to the WWE Network, you will be greeted with a user-friendly interface. From there, you can navigate through various options to find your desired matches. One way to discover past matches is by exploring the different categories available. These categories include pay-per-views, weekly shows, documentaries, and more.

Pay-per-views are major events in the WWE calendar, featuring thrilling matches and memorable moments. By selecting this category, you can access a plethora of pay-per-view shows from past years. Weekly shows, such as Raw and SmackDown, offer a chance to relive iconic matches and storylines.

Additionally, the WWE Network offers documentaries that provide behind-the-scenes insights into the world of wrestling. These documentaries can be a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and its history.

By exploring the various categories and events offered on the WWE Network, you can unlock a treasure trove of old WWE matches and enrich your wrestling viewing experience.

Step 3: Navigating Through The Extensive Library Of Past WWE Matches

Navigating through the extensive library of past WWE matches can be overwhelming at first, but with a little guidance, you’ll be able to find the matches you want to watch in no time.

Once you have subscribed to the WWE Network and logged in, you will be greeted with a homepage that showcases the latest content. To access the library of past matches, click on the “Shows” tab in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

A drop-down menu will appear, displaying various categories such as “In-Ring”, “Originals”, and “Vault”. Click on the “Vault” option to dive into the vast archive of WWE history.

Within the Vault section, you can further narrow down your search by selecting specific eras, pay-per-views, or even individual wrestlers. This will help you find matches from your favorite time periods or featuring your beloved superstars.

You can also explore different collections, which are curated playlists based on themes like “Legends of Wrestling” or “Greatest Matches of the ’90s”. These collections provide a convenient way to discover matches that align with your interests.

Remember to utilize the search bar to directly look for specific wrestlers, events, or matches if you already have something in mind.

Overall, with a bit of exploration and the available search and filter options, you’ll easily find and relish the old WWE matches you’ve been yearning to watch.

Step 4: Using Search Filters To Find Specific Wrestlers, Events, Or Matches

In the vast WWE Network library, finding specific wrestlers, events, or matches might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, with the help of search filters, you can navigate through the extensive collection effortlessly.

The WWE Network provides various search filters to make your viewing experience more personalized. When you click on the search bar, you’ll find a dropdown menu with multiple options such as Superstar, Event, Show, Match, and more.

If you have a favorite wrestler, you can select the Superstar option and search for their name. This will display all the matches, events, and shows featuring that particular wrestler. Similarly, you can use the Event filter to find specific pay-per-view events or the Match filter to narrow down to a particular type of wrestling match.

Additionally, you can combine search filters to refine your results further. For example, you can search for all the matches involving your favorite wrestler in a particular event by selecting both the Superstar and Event filters.

By utilizing these search filters effectively, you can easily find and relive your favorite moments from WWE history.

Step 5: Creating Playlists To Curate Your Own WWE Viewing Experience

Creating playlists on the WWE Network is a fantastic way to curate your own personalized WWE viewing experience. With this feature, you can organize and categorize your favorite matches, events, or wrestlers, making it easier to find and enjoy them in the future.

To create a playlist, start by logging in to your WWE Network account. Then, navigate to the “Playlists” section, which is usually found in the main menu. From there, you can choose to create a new playlist by clicking on the designated button.

Once you’ve created a playlist, you can start adding matches or events to it. You can browse through the extensive library of past WWE matches and select the ones you want to include. To add a match to your playlist, simply click on the “Add to Playlist” button and choose the playlist you want to add it to.

Additionally, you can arrange the matches within your playlist in any order you prefer. You have the flexibility to create themed playlists, such as “Best WrestleMania Matches” or “Ultimate John Cena Collection.”

By having your own curated playlists, you can easily access and enjoy your favorite WWE matches, creating a customized viewing experience for yourself as a wrestling fan.

Step 6: Enjoying Classic Matches, Documentaries, And Exclusive Content

Once you have become a member of the WWE Network and have explored the extensive library of past WWE matches, it’s time to immerse yourself in the world of classic matches, documentaries, and exclusive content. The WWE Network offers a wide range of options for wrestling fans to relive their favorite moments and discover new ones.

You can enjoy classic matches featuring legendary wrestlers such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and The Undertaker. From iconic WrestleMania matches to historic championship bouts, there are countless hours of thrilling action to indulge in.

Additionally, the WWE Network also provides a platform for fascinating documentaries that offer an in-depth look into the lives and careers of your favorite WWE superstars. From behind-the-scenes footage to exclusive interviews, these documentaries give fans a deeper understanding of the industry.

Moreover, the WWE Network features exclusive content that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes original series, reality shows, and live events that provide a fresh and exciting perspective on the world of WWE.

So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and let the WWE Network transport you to the golden era of wrestling with classic matches, enlightening documentaries, and exclusive content that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Bonus Tip: Exploring Other Online Platforms To Watch Old WWE Matches

If you are an ardent wrestling fan, you may be interested in exploring other online platforms, in addition to the WWE Network, to watch old WWE matches. While the WWE Network offers an extensive library of past matches, there are other platforms that can provide you with even more options.

One such platform is YouTube, where you can find a plethora of old WWE matches uploaded by fans. Many wrestling enthusiasts have created their own channels and uploaded classic matches from various eras of WWE’s history. These channels often organize the matches in playlists, making it easier for you to find your favorite wrestlers or events.

Furthermore, various online streaming platforms may have WWE content available for viewing. Services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix occasionally feature WWE programming in their libraries. While the selection may not be as extensive as the WWE Network, it’s worth checking these platforms to see if any old matches or documentaries are available.

By exploring these other online platforms, you can supplement your WWE Network subscription and have access to even more old WWE matches, ensuring that you never run out of content to enjoy.


1. How can I access old WWE matches?

To watch old WWE matches, you have several options. One of the most popular platforms is the WWE Network, where you can stream a vast collection of past events. Additionally, certain cable or satellite providers may have on-demand services that offer archived wrestling content. Keep in mind that some older matches may also be available for purchase or rental on platforms like iTunes or Amazon.

2. Do I need a subscription to the WWE Network to watch old matches?

Yes, a subscription to the WWE Network is necessary to access the extensive library of old WWE matches. You can choose from different subscription plans available, which also include live pay-per-view events, original programming, and exclusive content. However, note that some limited free content is occasionally made available to non-subscribers on the WWE Network.

3. Can I watch old WWE matches on my mobile device?

Absolutely! The WWE Network offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. After downloading the app, you can log in with your subscription details and enjoy old WWE matches on the go. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, you can access the extensive collection at your convenience, ensuring you never miss out on reliving the classic wrestling moments.

Final Words

In conclusion, wrestling fans now have a step-by-step guide to easily access and watch old WWE matches. With the advancements in technology and the availability of various streaming platforms, fans can relive the excitement and nostalgia of their favorite matches from the past. Whether it’s subscribing to WWE Network, accessing archives on YouTube, or using other alternative methods, this guide ensures that wrestling enthusiasts can enjoy hours of uninterrupted entertainment by watching their beloved old WWE matches at their convenience.

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