Do You Get Battle Stars After Level 100? Unveiling the Truth Behind Fortnite’s Rewards System

Fortnite, the wildly popular battle royale game, has captivated millions of gamers around the world with its intense gameplay and ever-changing rewards system. One burning question that has crossed the minds of many players is whether they continue to receive Battle Stars after reaching level 100. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Fortnite’s rewards system to unveil the truth and shed light on what lies beyond this milestone level.

An Overview Of Fortnite’s Battle Stars And Rewards System

Fortnite’s Battle Stars and rewards system is an integral part of the game’s progression and unlocks various exclusive items and cosmetics for players. Battle Stars are earned by completing challenges and leveling up in the game’s Battle Pass. These challenges can range from simple tasks like gaining a certain amount of experience points to more difficult feats such as eliminating opponents in specific locations.

Each Battle Pass tier can be unlocked by earning a certain number of Battle Stars, which in turn allows players to progress through the tiers and unlock exclusive rewards. These rewards can include character skins, emotes, contrails, gliders, pickaxes, and more.

However, it is important to note that Battle Stars are only available until level 100. Once players reach this milestone, Battle Stars can no longer be earned. Instead, players continue to earn experience points to level up their account and gain cosmetic rewards such as V-Bucks, loading screens, and banners.

Understanding Fortnite’s Battle Stars and rewards system is crucial for players who wish to unlock exclusive items and progress through the Battle Pass tiers. By completing challenges and earning Battle Stars, players can truly customize their Fortnite experience and stand out on the battlefield.

Debunking The Myth: Battle Stars After Level 100

Many Fortnite players have wondered whether they continue to receive Battle Stars after reaching Level 100. However, it’s time to debunk this myth and unveil the truth behind Fortnite’s rewards system.

Contrary to popular belief, Battle Stars are not earned after Level 100. Once players reach this milestone, they have completed the Battle Pass and have unlocked all its exclusive rewards. Battle Stars are specifically tied to the Battle Pass and are earned by leveling up within its tiers.

The function of Battle Stars is to progress through the Battle Pass tiers and unlock various cosmetic items, such as character skins, emotes, gliders, and harvesting tools. Each tier requires a specific number of Battle Stars to unlock, encouraging players to actively participate in matches and challenges to earn them.

While Battle Stars are no longer available after Level 100, players can still continue to gain experience points and level up their overall account level. However, the rewards earned through this leveling system are often limited to in-game currency, such as V-Bucks, or seasonal banners that showcase their accomplishments.

Understanding the Battle Pass system and the absence of Battle Stars after Level 100 is crucial in order to effectively plan and set expectations for your Fortnite gameplay.

Understanding Battle Pass Tiers And Leveling Up In Fortnite

Fortnite’s Battle Pass system is a key aspect of the game that offers players a wide range of rewards as they progress through various tiers. Each season, players start at Tier 1 and can level up by earning XP (experience points) by playing matches, completing challenges, and accomplishing in-game objectives.

As players earn XP, they advance through the tiers, unlocking new cosmetic items, emotes, weapon skins, and more as they go. The Battle Pass itself usually consists of around 100 tiers, each offering different rewards. However, it’s important to note that reaching level 100 is not the end of the progression.

Once players hit level 100, they continue to earn XP and level up, but they no longer unlock Battle Pass-specific rewards. Instead, they earn additional cosmetic items such as sprays, loading screens, and banner icons. While these rewards may not be as substantial as the earlier Battle Pass items, they still add a sense of progression and achievement for players.

Leveling up beyond 100 allows players to showcase their dedication and game time, but it’s worth noting that the rewards become more sporadic and less significant. Nonetheless, the continuous leveling system encourages players to keep playing and striving for higher levels even after reaching the maximum tier of the Battle Pass.

Exploring The Rewards Beyond Level 100

Fortnite players have long been intrigued by the potential rewards that await them beyond level 100. Many have wondered if battle stars continue to hold value and if there are any unique rewards to be unlocked. In this section, we delve into the fascinating world of rewards beyond the coveted level 100 mark.

Contrary to popular belief, battle stars do not become obsolete once you reach level 100. Instead, they transform into a currency known as “supercharged XP.” Supercharged XP allows players to continue earning rewards even though they have surpassed the maximum level available in a Battle Pass season.

With this currency, players can unlock additional styles for outfits and other cosmetics. These styles provide further customization options, allowing players to truly stand out on the battlefield. The rewards beyond level 100 may include exclusive emotes, loading screens, and even special challenges that grant additional battle stars or supercharged XP.

Earning these rewards becomes crucial for Fortnite enthusiasts who strive for rarity and uniqueness. So, even after reaching level 100, players have plenty to look forward to as they continue the journey to unlock these exclusive rewards.

The Importance Of Battle Stars In Unlocking Exclusive Fortnite Items

Battle Stars play a crucial role in Fortnite’s rewards system, especially when it comes to obtaining exclusive items. As players level up and earn Battle Stars, they unlock various tiers in the Battle Pass, which grants them access to a multitude of cosmetic items such as weapon wraps, emotes, gliders, and outfits.

Each tier in the Battle Pass usually requires a specific number of Battle Stars to unlock. For instance, Tier 10 might require 10 Battle Stars, while Tier 20 may require 20 Battle Stars. As players accumulate Battle Stars, they can use them strategically to unlock the desired tiers and the accompanying rewards.

Additionally, Battle Stars give players the opportunity to access secret challenges or missions within the Battle Pass. By completing these challenges, players can earn additional Battle Stars and, subsequently, unlock even more exclusive items. This aspect adds an extra layer of excitement and motivation for players to seek out and complete these hidden tasks.

Ultimately, Battle Stars serve as the currency, if you will, for incorporating a sense of progression and accomplishment in Fortnite’s rewards system. They provide players with the means to unlock exclusive items and showcase their dedication and skill in the game.

What Happens To Battle Stars Once You Reach Level 100?

Once players reach Level 100 in Fortnite, their focus shifts towards understanding what happens to their hard-earned Battle Stars. Many wonder if these rewards become obsolete or if there are still benefits to be gained.

Contrary to popular belief, Battle Stars do not disappear after reaching Level 100. Instead, they transform into a new currency known as “Supercharged XP.” This Supercharged XP replaces Battle Stars and continues to be valuable for players.

Supercharged XP serves as a bonus boost to leveling up, allowing players to progress at an accelerated rate even after achieving the maximum level. It is a way for dedicated players to continue earning rewards and unlocking additional features in the game.

By converting Battle Stars into Supercharged XP, Fortnite ensures that players can still make progress and feel rewarded for their efforts, even after hitting the level cap. This system encourages continued engagement, as players strive to unlock exclusive items and expand their collection.

So, don’t fret about Battle Stars becoming irrelevant after Level 100. Instead, embrace the Supercharged XP system and continue your journey towards further accomplishments in Fortnite.

The Future Of Fortnite’s Rewards System: Speculations And Predictions

With the ever-evolving nature of Fortnite, players are eagerly speculating on what lies ahead for the game’s rewards system. As the battle pass and leveling system continue to be the driving force behind player progression, the future of Fortnite’s rewards is a topic of great discussion among the community.

One of the most popular predictions is the introduction of new tiers beyond Level 100. Many players believe that Epic Games will expand the leveling system, allowing players to continue earning battle stars and unlocking rewards even after reaching the maximum level. This would provide an extra layer of motivation and incentive for players to continue playing and investing in the battle pass.

Furthermore, speculations suggest that Epic Games might introduce special events or challenges that offer exclusive rewards beyond what the battle pass already offers. These limited-time events could include rare skins, emotes, or even new gameplay features. This would not only keep the game fresh and exciting but also provide additional value to dedicated players.

While these predictions are not confirmed by Epic Games, the continuous updates and improvements to Fortnite make it highly likely that the rewards system will undergo further enhancements in the future. The only certainty is that players can expect more surprises and exciting unlocks down the line, keeping Fortnite an engaging and rewarding experience for its passionate community.


1. Do you receive Battle Stars after reaching level 100 in Fortnite?

No, you do not receive Battle Stars after reaching level 100 in Fortnite. The system changes once you reach this level, and Battle Stars are no longer used as a currency for rewards.

2. What happens to the rewards system after level 100 in Fortnite?

After reaching level 100 in Fortnite, the rewards system switches to a different format. Instead of earning Battle Stars, players receive different cosmetic items and unlockable styles for their Battle Pass skins.

3. Are there any additional ways to earn rewards after level 100?

Yes, even after reaching level 100, players can continue to earn rewards through challenges, events, and by leveling up their Battle Pass. These rewards often consist of exclusive cosmetic items, new emotes, or different variants of existing skins.

4. Can you still unlock all the Battle Pass content even if you’ve reached level 100?

Yes, it is still possible to unlock all the Battle Pass content in Fortnite, even if you’ve reached level 100. By completing challenges and leveling up your Battle Pass, you can continue to earn the rewards and unlock all the available items throughout the season.


In conclusion, Fortnite’s rewards system does not provide Battle Stars after reaching Level 100. This article has shed light on the misconceptions surrounding the game’s progression and rewards, clarifying that players do not receive additional Battle Stars after surpassing Level 100. While Fortnite may offer alternative rewards and challenges beyond this point, Battle Stars play a prominent role in earlier levels, making it important for players to understand the limitations of the rewards system at higher tiers.

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