Why hammock camping is better?

A hammock gets you off the ground where there are more breezes. And with a hammock you don’t have to lie on a sweaty sleeping pad. That way your whole backside is free to the cooling night air (with the addition of an under-quilt, you can use the same hammock in quite cold weather).

Is it safe to sleep in a hammock while camping?

Use high-quality equipment. First and foremost, make sure you’re using durable equipment. No matter how much you plan or prepare, if your hammock gear isn’t high-quality, you run the risk of having accidents. Low-quality camping hammocks can rip, tear, fall, or buckle under your weight.

What is a basecamp hammock?

Portable, lightweight, comfortable 210T nylon/polyester travel hammock. Includes rope and carabiner attachments for easy set up. Product Specifications. Weight Limit: 500 lbs. Packable pouch (attached to hammock)


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