Why are people offering to take people camping?

Wade, social media has been flooded by posts from people offering to take people “camping” — coded language for assisting people seeking abortions out of state. But some activists and experts warn that offering to house strangers isn’t as helpful as connecting them with local abortion rights organizations.

Is camping still popular?

Camping keeps on growing Overall, camping saw a massive increase in 2022, up 28% over the previous year. It’s not just that more people are camping either; it turns out that people are camping more often, too. In fact, 13.4% of those surveyed reported taking more than 11 camping trips last year.

What is the new camping called?

Camping’s been around for millennia or longer, but glamping is a more recent occurrence. Obviously glamping is camping plus glamour, or glamorous camping. In other words, upscale camping. While the regular thing may be a simple tent and a sleeping bag, glamping typically involves more comfort and luxury.


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