Who owns Camp Somerset?

Camp Somerset is an Outdoor Education and Recreation Facility owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Queensland as a part of a worldwide network of convention centres and camps.

Do you have to pay to camp at Somerset Dam?

Pitch the tent, sleep under the stars and experience all the wonders of camping at our Somerset Dam holiday park. We have 4 camping options available ranging from $29 a night to $40 a night.

Who is the parent company of camp America?

Camp America was established in 1969 and is part of a larger group called The American Institute for Foreign Study founded and owned by Sir Cyril Taylor, GBE. Camp America has offices in Australia, Germany, and Poland with head offices in London, UK and Stamford, USA.

Who is the owner of Camp Wahanowin?

They opened Camp Wahanowin that same year, and the Nashman family owned and operated Camp Wahanowin until Elijah Geller and Tia Wintre became the owners in 2022.

Is camp America religious?

We work with a large number of Christian camps, some are more faith focused than others and require a higher level of christian practice as opposed to others that encourage values.

Who owns Triple C camp?

As Triple C’s Owners/Directors since 1999, Libby and “H”Rothenberg open their hearts to your child(ren). Libby, a Registered Nurse and American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Trainer, is a true camp Mom.

Who owns camp Lakota?

Since purchasing the camp in 1985, The Mindich Family, our dedicated owners, have had the privilege of caring for your children for over three decades, and continue to promote traditional values in summer camping.

Who owns Camp Cayuga?

Hi, I’m Brian Buynak, the Owner & Director of Camp Cayuga.

Who owns Camp Micah?

Director/Co-Owner Mark’s dream is the Camp Micah reality. With over 40 years of camping experience as a camper, counselor, head counselor and camp administrator, he is now the Co-Owner and Founding Director of Camp Micah.

How long can you stay in America after camp America?

Once your placement at camp is finished, you have up to 30 days to stay in the USA and travel! So you can go and check out New York, Miami, LA, Boston, Las Vegas, Chicago, or anywhere you want!

Who owns Falling Creek camp?

The camp has seen a couple of ownership and directorship changes since the camp opened. Yates and Marisa Pharr are the current directors, taking over Falling Creek in 2005.

How many acres is Camp Lakota?

Camp Lakota, located in Frazier Park, covers nearly 60 acres and is surrounded by a pristine pine forest. This spectacular camp is the ideal setting to view wildlife in their natural habitat and, once the sun goes down, experience the majestic night sky.

Who owns Willow Grove Day Camp?

Marvin Domsky, Owner/Executive Director, received his bachelorís of science from West Chester State Teacherís College in 1952. He brings to Tall Pines Day Camp the experience and knowledge of 55 years as owner and director of Willow Grove Summer Day Camp.

Who owns Camp Seneca Lake?

Camp Seneca Lake is owned and operated by the Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester. It is the summer home for about 450 campers, ages 8-16.

Who owns Camp Chautauqua?

Since 1968 the Anderson family has owned and operated Camp Chautauqua with the intent of providing the best camping experience possible.

Who owns Camp Caribou?

Camp Caribou is under the ownership/directorship of Bill and Martha Lerman. Bill and Martha are both trained educators and recreation professionals. Bill has served as a part of the Administrative Staff at Camp Caribou since 1968, and has been a Director at Caribou for over 30 years.

Who owns camp Redwood?

The camp’s owner, Margaret Booth, instructs them to take the injured man to the infirmary, where the camp’s nurse, Rita, tends to him. Margaret takes the counselors on a tour and explains the rules. They encounter Chef Bertie, an original camp counselor who volunteered to re-open the camp with Margaret.

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