Where is dispersed camping allowed in Indiana?

Dispersed camping is allowed throughout most of the Hoosier National Forest. Dispersed camping is acceptable on National Forest System lands away from developed campgrounds, nearly anywhere your camping equipment and/or vehicle does not block developed trails or road rights-of-way.

Can I camp on public land in Indiana?

The US Forest Service permits camping on its public lands in Indiana, free of charge. The limitations are specifically that you cannot camp for free in established campgrounds and that you must stay within 125 feet of the road.

Where can I park my RV to live for free in California?

  • Sunset Campground, Mendocino National Forest, CA.
  • Southfork Campground, Tulare County, CA.
  • Mammoth Mountain RV Park & Campground, Mammoth Lakes, CA.
  • Gold Bluffs Beach Campgroun.
  • San Onofre Campground, CA.
  • Napa Valley State Park, Napa, CA.
  • Convict Lake Camping, Crowley Lake, CA.

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