What to do if rains during camping?

  1. Play a Board Game. It doesn’t matter if you’re tent camping or RV camping, you can always sit down and fire up a board game.
  2. Visit a Local Town.
  3. Read a Good Book.
  4. Play “I’m Going on a Picnic…”
  5. Go Hiking in the Rain.
  6. Make a Campfire.
  7. Tell Stories.
  8. Play Card Games.

Can you go camping when it rains?

Make Sure Your Tent is Rain-Ready A wet tent makes for a soppy trip. Having a tent that keeps the rain out while keeping you nice and dry is a must-have for camping in the rain. Most tents come with a special feature, called a rain shield, which keeps the water out of your tent.

Should I waterproof the inside of my tent?

The fabric of new tents holds their waterproofing for a long time. But if you’ve got a well-used tent, or if you’re the type that feels you’re always “better safe than sorry” you’ll want to check the fabric before each trip. You can also extend the life of your gear by waterproofing it regularly.

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