What to bring to camp at Ginnie Springs?

  • Lighting. Our campsite was LIT this year, and not just because some of our acquaintances are basically wild animals.
  • Towels. One for the spring/river and one for the shower.
  • Clothesline.
  • Plastic bins.
  • Sunscreen, extra sunglasses, & a big sun hat.
  • Board games.
  • Hammocks.
  • Packing Cubes.

Do I need water shoes for Ginnie Springs?

👟 water shoes: you definitely want some water shoes. there’s a lot of uneven rocks at the bottom of the springs and this makes it easier to walk. also, shower with your shoes!

Can you bring alcohol to Ginnie Springs?

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted. Keg beer is permitted with written permission from Ginnie Springs Outdoors. No glass containers in common areas or river. Guests consuming alcoholic beverages are expected to do so in moderation and to behave responsibly.

Does Ginnie Springs sell food?

Ginnie’s General Store Our coolers and shelves are well stocked with a variety of beverages, snacks, and other food items.

Is the water cold at Ginnie Springs?

From innertubes, to kayaks, to paddleboards and canoes there’s many ways to experience Ginnie. Our seven crystal clear springs are 72 degrees year round.

Is it safe to swim in Ginnie Springs?

Swimming + Snorkeling – You can swim or snorkel in the seven springs located on the Ginnie Springs property. You can also swim and snorkel in the river, some guests even jump in while tubing. Masks, fins, and snorkels are available for rent, plus you’ll need a dive flag if you snorkel in the river.

Is Ginnie Springs cold water?

Ginnie Springs is a privately owned park in Gilchrist County about 6.5 miles (10.5 km) northwest of High Springs, Florida, USA. It is located on the south side of the Santa Fe River, to which it is connected. The water is clear and cold and there are accessible caverns with a sand and limestone bottom.

Are there Gators in Ginnie Springs?

Ginnie’s alligators are easy to spot, and you can spend the day or night here watching gators. Visitors can observe alligators at the Santa Fe River’s banks.

How long is the tube ride at Ginnie Springs?

Ginnie Springs Tubing The float down the river, depending on the current, is about an hour from Devil’s Spring to Twin Spring. If the water is a bit higher than normal with a stronger current you may have to exit earlier. The walk back is about fifteen minutes along a sandy road.

What are quiet hours at Ginnie Springs?

“Quiet Hours” – 12:00 am – 8:00 am; no excessive noise any time. No fishing in the springs or spring runs. No glass in the common areas or river. Underage drinking is prohibited.

Does Ginnie Springs have cell service?

Reception is good enough to make calls without dropping in most areas of the park, don’t plan on downloading large files with any speed.

What to expect at Ginnie Springs?

You can always bring your camping gear and camp under the stars. Expect to see animals in and out of the springs such as manatees, alligators, different types of turtles, tortoises, snakes, birds and more. Cypress and other hardwood trees line the waterfront, and about 600 acres of woods surround Ginnie Springs.

Is Ginnie Springs water clean?

At the Ginnie springs group, nitrate levels in the groundwater and springs are well below the FL DEP approved parameters for safe human consumption, but are at levels that are several times higher that what is safe for fish and other wildlife, and do not support healthy springs ecosystems.

How deep is the water at Ginnie Springs?

Description – The Ginnie Spring pool is roughly circular, measuring 90 ft in diameter and 12.2 ft deep in the center. Clear, bluish water issues from a cavernous vent underneath a limestone ledge on the east side of the pool.

What is the best spring in Ginnie Springs?

Devil’s Eye/Ear and the main Ginnie Spring are the most popular, but don’t forget to check out July Spring (a quick swim across the river from Devil’s Eye/Ear), Dogwood Spring (my personal favorite), Twin Spring, and Deer Spring – they’re all smaller but pretty!

Does Ginnie Springs have a lazy river?

Ginnie Springs Outdoors: Ginnie Springs Outdoors is a popular spot for tubing down its seven crystal-clear freshwater springs. The park features several lazy river routes, including the Santa Fe River Run and the Ginnie Springs Run.

What temp is Ginnie Springs?

The seven springs found at Ginnie Springs maintain a temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius all year round – the perfect temperature for a refreshing plunge into the water on a hot summer’s day!

How to camp in Ginnie Springs?

At Ginnie Springs there are 123 water and electric campsites right across from Ginnie’s General Store, where you can camp with all the comforts of home. Reservations are recommended and need to be made at least 48 hours in advance; otherwise, sites will be available at a first come, first served basis.

Which is better Blue springs or Ginnie Springs?

Ginnie Springs is ideal for college students looking for a lively vibe, especially for tubing down the Santa Fe River. Gilchrist Blue Springs is a lot more laid back with a lot of nature to see. Lastly, I love Rainbow Springs, near Ocala. This one is ideal to visit in the winter so you can see the azaleas in bloom!

What animals are in Ginnie Springs?

Wildlife encounters include your typical Florida spring fish like bluegill, bass, cichlids, catfish, and tilapia. Possible sightings of alligators, turtles, and manatees in the winter.

Is Ginnie Springs salt water?

The crystal clear water of Ginnie and Devil’s spring systems is arguably some of the best freshwater diving in all of Florida.

Can kids swim in Ginnie Springs?

Children under 12 require adult supervision at all times. Ginnie Springs is not a music venue or event destination. No DJ’s or bands allowed. Swim at your own risk.

Are there snakes in the springs in Florida?

It’s a good idea to look around and be aware of your surroundings. I’ve been in springs several times when there was a snake in there swimming around. They really want nothing to do with you. Just give them space to get away and leave them alone.

Do Florida springs have snakes?

Reptiles like the American alligator, several species of turtles and three different snakes inhabit the area, dependent on the water and fish that provide habitat and food sources.

Do alligators go in spring water?

Freshwater springs, with their year-round warm temperatures, can also provide an ideal environment for alligators. Where to Spot Gators in Florida Springs: While it’s possible to encounter alligators in some of Florida’s springs, it’s important to note that not all springs are home to these creatures.

Do you need a reservation to camp at Ginnie Springs?

There are 123 water and electric campsites right across from the park’s store. These sites may be reserved and reservations are recommended to ensure you will have a site. None of the water and electric sites are located by the river. You do not need a reservation for primitive (tent) campsites.

Can I bring my own tube to Ginnie Springs?

You can bring your own tube and snorkeling gear or rent from the facility. Scuba divers love this great spot for its natural beauty. There are three different dive sites with cave entrances that are accessible from Ginnie Springs.

What springs can you drink alcohol at in Florida?

Unlike many other springs in Florida, Ginnie Springs is privately owned, and allows excessive crowds and alcohol consumption. Partly due to the alcohol, Ginnie Springs has a reputation for rowdy partying and trashy crowds, especially on holiday weekends.


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