What to bring to a 3 day camping festival?

  • Tent.
  • Easy-up.
  • Sleeping bag/blankets (most festivals are HOT so it can be better to bring light blankets)
  • Pillows.
  • Pop-up table.
  • Camping chairs.
  • Air mattress & pump.
  • Battery-powered fans.

What food to pack for music festival?

Trail mix, energy bars, dried fruit, and mixed nuts are all excellent choices. Rice cakes or whole grain crackers with nut butter provide a quick and satisfying energy boost. Don’t forget fresh fruits too—apples, oranges, and bananas are hardy options that can survive without refrigeration.

Should you padlock your tent at a festival?

Keep all your valuables in a secure area such as a locker provided by the festival. Place a tent alarm in or around your tent. Don’t use a padlock to lock your tent as they can draw attention to thieves.

What foods are eaten during festival?

Some of the best festival foods in India include Biryani, Rice and chhole, Dosa, Dhokla, Rice and paneer, samosa, Dahi vada, bada, Aaloo chap, and Tandoori chicken.

What bags can you bring to a festival?

If you’re bringing a small clutch purse or fanny pack that’s 6″ x 9″ or smaller, it does not have to be clear, but it can’t have more than one pocket. All other bags that are bigger than 6″ x 9″ have to be smaller than 12″ x 6″ x 12″ and clear.

How do you carry water at a music festival?

While beverages and food from outside may be banned in some events, most music festivals allow people to bring factory-sealed bottled water. If you do not want to carry bottles of water or buy bottled water at food trucks, you can bring a reusable water bottle or a hydration pack and fill it at a water fountain.

What happens to tents left at festivals?

Director of Festival Waste Reclamation & Distribution, Matt Wedge, said up to 90% of tents left at festivals end up in landfill or an incinerator, despite some festivals advertising that they donate abandoned tents to charity.

How do I keep my phone safe at a festival?

  1. Download an App to Track Your Phone.
  2. Set a Lock Screen to Deter Thieves.
  3. Back Up Your Videos and Photos.
  4. Keep Your Phone Out of Your Pockets.
  5. Use a Keebos Phone Case.
  6. Hold Onto Your Phone for Better Security.
  7. Your Phone’s Gone: What Now?

How do you hydrate for a festival?

Let your thirst be your guide, and drink some water each time you feel parched (not just beer!). Staying hydrated with an electrolyte drink such as Liquid I.V. is also a smart choice in keeping healthy and hydrated during a festival. Drinks like this provide the same hydration as drinking 2-3 bottles of water.

How do you have the most fun at a festival?

  1. Bring a bigger tent than you’ll need.
  2. Don’t stress over the schedule.
  3. Don’t be gross.
  4. Know your audience.
  5. Get the hell out of dodge.
  6. Stay hydrated.
  7. Trust in the ‘Tactical Satchel’

Should I shower at a festival?

Here’s a few of the many reasons: Since most festivals are in the summer / early fall, you will sweat. Most festivals are in dirt lots or fields, so you will get dirty. You will most likely be camping with several of your close friends you will not want to smell bad.

How do you shower at a festival?

  1. Prepare with care. You won’t be using a proper shower for at least a couple of days, so savour your last one before you go.
  2. Wet wipes are your best friend.
  3. Dry shampoo.
  4. Rinse free cleansers.
  5. Bring a towel.
  6. Don’t forget to brush.
  7. Be proactive at portaloos.
  8. Bag your dirties.

Should I take a pillow to a festival?

The quality of your pillow can either make or break your night’s sleep, so it’s important to bring one with you when you are attending festivals this year. On the market, there are plenty of camping pillows, but these are often not comfortable.

Should I bring a water bottle to a festival?

Far and away the most important thing you can keep in your backpack all festival long is your water bottle. Oftentimes, festivals will have water refill stations along with water bottles you can purchase onsite, but buying a water bottle while you’re already in the park can cost you.

Should I take a camping chair to a festival?

7) Seating – You might not think you need a camping chair, but those few days before the bands start can be quite a slog if you’re sat on the ground – especially if it has been raining, then you can’t sit down at all.

Will I lose weight at a festival?

The most fun part of being at a festival doubles up as one of the best ways to burn fat and tone muscle. But fear not if you’re less co-ordinated than Ann Widdecombe – moshing arguably requires the least amount of skill, but it uses a ton of energy; there are between 400-750 calories burned moshing, so get in that pit!

How do you last at a festival?

  1. Pace yourself. The best thing about a festival is the fact the music starts early and goes on until late, or in some cases, just doesn’t stop.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Stay charged.
  4. Enjoy the food.
  5. Give yourself time to recover.

How do you eat healthy at a festival?

Snack to basic Plus, it’s kind on your wallet and will save you time waiting in queues – when you could be joining the crowd in front of your favourite artists having the time of your life! A few clever options are unsalted nuts or trail mix, dried fruit, popcorn, yoghurt-based snacks, fresh whole fruit and oaty bars.

What should I eat and drink before a festival?

Before leaving home, it is important to have a reinforced lunch, with vegetables, legumes, carbohydrates, and lean proteins. Avoid eating fatty foods and fatty meats, because fat slows down digestion and takes time to turn into energy, hindering one’s mood at the festival.

How do you diet at a festival?

  1. Trail Mix. The perfect snack for so many reasons… high energy, good source of fat, tasty, and endless combinations to choose from.
  2. Jerky. A staple in my opinion.
  3. Fruit.
  4. Granola/Protein Bar.
  5. Roasted Chickpeas, Edamame, and Green Peas (vegan-protein options)
  6. Nut Butter.
  7. Root & Kale Chips.
  8. Hummus.

What toiletries do I need for a festival?

  • Sun cream.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Medication.
  • Deodorant.
  • Dry shampoo.
  • Hair brush.
  • Hair bands and clips.
  • Lightweight towel.

Should I bring a blanket to a music festival?

In all likelihood, you’ll be either standing or sitting on the ground. If you’re going to do the latter, you’re advised to bring a blanket along with you. A blanket will not only prevent you from getting muddy and dirty, but it will also prevent you from coming into contact with insects.

How strict are festivals on bag size?

Some events may also allow backpacks or larger bags, but they may need to be transparent or have specific dimensions. Most stadiums and event venues require the following: Non-clear bags must be smaller than 5” X 8” X 2” (i.e. the size of half a sheet of paper) and may be brought into the stadium.

Do I need a hydration pack for a music festival?

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, music festival fan or simple looking for the ultimate travel companion, hydration packs are a key component to keeping the momentum going.

How do you stay dry at an outdoor festival?

  1. Make sure to pack a raincoat and/or a rain poncho.
  2. Make sure to choose sturdy shoes that can withstand the wet and muddy ground.
  3. By using zip lock bags or bin liners, you can keep your belongings dry inside the tent.

Can you shower at music festivals?

Some festivals provide access to showers for a small fee. Even though the lines can be long, after a hot, sweaty and dusty day, there is nothing like feeling clean and refreshed after a shower.

How do you survive a camping music festival?

Take plenty of layers with you Even though most festivals are in the summer, it can still get pretty cold at night. A roll mat and tent footprint will help keep you insulated against the ground, but packing plenty of layers will keep you nice and warm when sitting around or trying to get to sleep.

How do I make my tent Recognisable at festivals?

Make your tent easy to find You can get sleeves to go onto the poles so you can attach multiple windsocks and spinners too so you have a unique combination. Or perhaps the best thing is to make yourself a big flag and write your camp name on it! Choose a name or symbol that your children can read and recognise.


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