What to bring camping for fun?

  • #1. Mystical Fire Crystals.
  • #.2 Glow in the Dark Duct Tape.
  • #3. Beat That! Board Game.
  • #4 Light Up Bocce Ball.
  • #5 Burrito Wrap Blanket.
  • #6. Inflatable Air Lounger.
  • #7. Tailgating Table.
  • #8. LED Light Rope.

What do you do all day while camping?

  1. Setting up a tent.
  2. Collecting firewood (when and where allowable)
  3. Building a fire (when and where allowable)
  4. Preparing meals.
  5. Setting up games like volleyball and horseshoes.

What should I sleep in camping?

Inflatable sleeping mats offer the best combination of low weight and sleeping comfort. Down sleeping bags offer the best warmth to weight ratio, but in damp conditions synthetic is better. A three-season tent is usually more than adequate. Dome tents are ideal if you’re camping on exposed precipices or hard ground.

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