What makes a cabin a cabin?

A cabin differs from a traditional house in size, materials, construction, location, and purpose. While a house is a family-occupied building in a neighborhood, a cabin is a small, simple wooden structure in a remote/ wild area, mainly used as a temporary getaway accommodation.

What is the difference between a cabin and a cottage?

For the most part, cabins tend to have a more rustic, unfinished look and are cruder in appearance than most cottages. They are often less finished and architecturally simpler when compared to cottages. Cottages tend to be larger and have more complicated structures, often having two stories.

What is considered a small cabin?

It can vary from something as compact as a tiny home, which can be range from 100 to 400 square feet or less, to a not-so-tiny cabin that is 1100-1600 square feet, or even up to 2,000, according to some. Ultimately, they are smaller cabins than the average 2,500 square-foot home. The exact footprint is up to you.

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