What is the best side to sleep on?

Which side is the best to sleep on: Left or right? Sleeping on your left side is thought to have the most benefits to your overall health. Still, either side can offer benefits in terms of sleep apnea and chronic lower back pain relief. You don’t have to stick with one side the entire night.

Does sitting in bed count as sleep?

Having your eyes closed in bed does not count as sleep unless you’re actually asleep. But Fung mentions other animals, including dolphins, whales, and some sharks, who actually never go into a full sleep state.

Why do people sleep while sitting down?

There are two main reasons you keep falling asleep when you sit down. You’re either not getting enough sleep at night, have a sleep disorder or both. If you think you’re getting enough sleep, you should consider visiting a somnologist to see why you keep falling asleep when you sit down.

Are zero-gravity chairs worth the money?

Are zero-gravity chairs worth the money? If you’re looking for a comfortable and portable way to lounge outdoors, zero-gravity chairs are certainly worth the money. Compared to a traditional camping chair, you’ll likely notice a major difference in overall comfort and lumbar support.

What is a Madeline chair?

The Madeline Chair is inspired by the classic barrel chair, with a low profile and a deep, narrow seat. This refined piece includes classic English rolled arms and neat button tufting. The design is completed with beautiful turned wood legs and antique brass casters.


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