What is KOA in camping?

KOA (short for Kampgrounds [sic] of America) is an American franchise of privately owned campgrounds. Having more than 500 locations across the United States and Canada, it is the world’s largest system of privately owned campgrounds. It was founded in 1962 and is based in Billings, Montana, United States.

What is special about KOA?

Interesting Facts about the Koa Koa trees drop seeds into the ground and those seeds can lie dormant for more than 25 years before sprouting. Koa trees make their own nitrogen, so there is never a reason to have to fertilize.

Why is it called KOA?

KOA stands for Kampgrounds of America. There are more than 500 of them across North America. Marketed as a home away from home for people of all ages, KOA campgrounds started in 1962, by Dave Drum, on land in Billings, Mont. Four years later, the first KOA franchise opened in Cody, Wyo.

Why is K in KOA?

Because they weren’t allowed to register the word “campground” as part of the name, Dave and Carlo replaced C with K and Kampgrounds of America was born.

What does KOA stand for?


What is the highest KOA?

At 10,000 feet above sea level, the Cripple Creek KOA is the highest KOA in the world. Perched on the side of a hill in an alpine meadow, we offer panoramic views of the high mountain countryside around us, glorious sunsets, and quiet, restful nights with fabulous star gazing.

What is KOA material?

Koa is a hardwood and has high crush resistance and shock absorbance. It is often compared to walnut, however, it weighs about 25% more and its interlocking grain makes for an exceptional figure. It’s thin, light-colored sapwood surrounds the hardwood that woodworkers describe as lustrous, swirled marble.

How strong is koa?

In terms of strength and weight, koa is similar to black walnut. It is a moderately heavy wood. It’s stable, works well and has a rich, deeply reflective glow when finished with oils and modern varnish or lacquer. Its colors range from light brown to deep red and brown hues.

How do you pronounce KOA?

Is KOA male or female?

The name Koa is both a boy’s name and a girl’s name meaning “warrior”. With Noah taking the Number 1 spot in 2013, Koa is attracting more attention than ever. A Hawaiian name with a fierce meaning, Koa is also a type of tree native to the islands, its wood favored for building canoes and surfboards.

Who is the founder of KOA?

Dave Drum, founder of Kampgrounds of America, was an extraordinary visionary and dreamer. The recipients of KOA’s premiere achievement, the KOA Founder’s Award, share Dave’s dream of providing the highest quality camping facilities while exceeding KOA guests’ expectations.

Who is the CEO of KOA?


What is the motto of KOA?

Corporate Motto “Than anywhere else” applies to all workplaces, factories and departments of KOA Group companies, and means all of us must excel over all other companies around the world on whatever we do.

Where is the biggest KOA in the US?

The largest KOA campground is Okeechobee KOA in Florida. The campground has a 9-hole golf course, driving range, and putting green. However, if golf isn’t your thing, Lake Okeechobee is just a short drive away. It offers some of the best boating and freshwater fishing in Florida.

What is the KOA logo?

What does the KOA logo represent? The KOA logo is a graphical representation of the letters K-O-A. The straight lines make up the K, the circle represents the O and the triangle represents the A. The KOA logo could also represent a tent-like structure which is inherent to camping.

Is KOA a common name?

Popularity of the name Koa The name Koa is ranked #6939 overall.

Is KOA in the Bible?

Smith’s Bible Dictionary – Koa (he-camel ) is a word which occurs only in ( Ezekiel 23:23 ) It may perhaps have been a city or district of Babylonia; or it may be a common noun, signifying “prince” or “nobleman.”

How many KOA campgrounds are there in the US?

At KOA, our mission is to connect people to the outdoors and each other. That’s why our 500+ campgrounds across North America make it easy to enjoy the beauty of nature and share adventures with family and friends.

What is the smallest KOA?

Lucie KOA, Florida – Camping & Campgrounds. Welcome to the smallest KOA in the country. Our park is centrally located less than a mile from historic downtown Fort Pierce, and less than 2 miles from some terrific beaches.

Where is the oldest KOA?

Welcome to Billings KOA Holiday Campground! The world’s first KOA has proven once again why this award-winning campground should be your destination of choice for a great Montana escape.

Where is the second largest KOA?

Palmer Gulch KOA is the second largest KOA in the country (Okeechobee KOA in Florida is the largest) and boasts over 250 campsites.

What does koa smell like?

What Does Koa smell like? Koa has a sweet and woodsy fragrance. This is noticeable each and every time I open and close the dehumidifier (used in the wood drying process.)

How big are koa trees?

Koa is the largest native tree species in the Hawaiian islands, reaching heights of approximately 115 feet.

Is Koa wood food safe?

Yes, Koa wood is food safe. It is allergen and toxic free. However, there are some considerations when mixing food with Koa wood. Factors like wood finish, food moisture, and its potential to impart a bad taste, that should be thought through before using Koa in the kitchen.

What are the colors of koa?

The color of Koa wood lies on a spectrum between medium gold and reddish-brown. Some compare the color palette to that of mahogany. What makes Koa unique is that the color is rarely consistent throughout the tree.

Is Koa wood water resistant?

Koa wood boasts a brilliant sheen and a remarkable variety of grains, stripes, and colors. and making it 10 ATM water resistant.

Is Koa wood durable?

In ancient Hawaii, Koa was the go-to wood used in the making of many ancient canoes, swords, and hand weapons – in part because Koa is a durable hardwood, engineered by nature to endure the toughest abuse. Its solidity and rigidity served to support ancient Koa warriors in combat.

What is KOA in Chinese?

Koa is a last name commonly found in Taiwan among its Chinese community. It is the Teochew transliteration of a Chinese surname meaning: tree branch, stem, ax handle.


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