What is a good age to take a child camping?

However, many parents feel comfortable taking their children camping in a tent when they are around three to four years old. At this age, many children can sleep through the night without waking up frequently, can communicate their needs, and maybe be potty trained.

How do I keep my kids busy when camping?

  1. Bike, trike, or scooter around the campsite.
  2. Play ball games.
  3. Splash in the water.
  4. Get creative with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.
  5. Go on a real life treasure hunt.
  6. Find a favourite stick for creative play or make a journey stick.
  7. Toss a Frisbee.
  8. Try fishing.

How do I keep my kids busy at camp?

  1. Exploring the campground with bikes or walking.
  2. Simple family games like cards.
  3. Campfires (building it, cooking over it, sitting by it)
  4. Reading in the hammock.
  5. Playing with a zipline, frisbee, or soccer ball.
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