What do I need to go camping in a camper?

  1. Surge protector.
  2. Electrical adapters.
  3. Toilet chemicals.
  4. Sewer kit.
  5. RV-friendly toilet paper.
  6. Water pressure regulator.
  7. Drinking water hose.
  8. Leveling blocks.

What do you need as a beginner camper?

  1. Tent.
  2. Sleeping Bag.
  3. Sleeping Pad.
  4. Pillow.
  5. Portable Stove.
  6. Foldable Chairs.
  7. Plates and Utensils.
  8. Bug Spray and Sunscreen.

What do I need to stock my camper with?

  1. Drinking Water Hose.
  2. Sewer Kit.
  3. Surge Protector.
  4. Generator.
  5. Electrical Adapters.
  6. Water Pressure Regulator.
  7. Tire Pressure Gauge.
  8. Duct Tape.

How to afford living in a camper?

  1. Boondock For Free Places To Park Camper.
  2. Find Free Overnight RV Parking.
  3. Stay At Each Campground Longer.
  4. Cheap RV Living With Campground Discount Programs.
  5. Cheap RVing With Campground Memberships.

How do you prepare a camper for use?

  1. Start with a Basic Inspection & Safety Checks.
  2. Service the Major RV Systems. Electrical System Checks. Propane System Checks. Tire Checks.
  3. Flush and Sanitize Your Fresh Water System and Holding Tanks.
  4. Inspect Your RV’s Interior and Restock the Essentials.
  5. Inspect and Wash Your RV’s Exterior.


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