What do I need for camping in the summer?

  • A reliable camping tent (with at least ten stakes)
  • Tent footprint or tarp (if your tent didn’t come with one)
  • Tent rain fly and/or sunshade (if your tent didn’t come with one)
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Foam or inflatable sleeping pad.
  • Folding furniture (based on your specific needs and headcount)

What clothes to wear summer camping?

  • Moisture-Wicking Clothing. In the spring and summer, there is a good chance you will be sweating while you are outside.
  • Sun Hat. Packing a couple of different hats on your camping trip is a must.
  • Quick-Drying Socks.
  • Quick-Drying Shorts and Pants.
  • Layers.
  • Rain Jacket.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Water Shoes.

How do you sleep in a tent on a hot night?

  1. Set your tent up in the shade.
  2. Use a reflective sunshade over the tent.
  3. Use a portable air conditioner or cooler in your tent.
  4. Use a sheet instead of a sleeping bag.
  5. Check the weather and remove your tent’s rain fly.
  6. Open your tent’s door and vents if it has any.


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