What do I need for backyard camping?

  • Jammies & a change of clothes.
  • Jackets & hats (it can get cold at night)
  • Camp chairs.
  • Beach blanket.
  • Flashlights/headlamps (one per person)
  • Outdoor fire pit.
  • Fire starting tinder, kindling & firewood for the fire pit.
  • Matches or lighter.

How do you pack food for camping?

When you start packing, start with a layer of ice on the bottom, then start adding in the items you need to stay coolest (like raw meat) on the bottom. Add another layer of ice, more food, and then more ice. Finish with foods that don’t need much refrigeration, like vegetables.

What is REI best known for?

Recreational Equipment, Inc., doing business as REI, is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. It is organized as a consumers’ co-operative. REI sells camping gear, hiking, climbing, cycling, water, running, fitness, snow, travel equipment, and men, women and kids clothing.

How much do you get back as an REI member?

*You will earn 5% back in REI Co-op Mastercard Rewards on net purchases (purchases minus any credits or returns) made at REI retail locations and REI.com. Purchases include full-price and discount-price items, REI gift cards, services, fees and REI adventure travel-invoiced trip payments.

What does REI brand stand for?

REI stands for Recreational Equipment Incorporated.

Is REI a good company to buy from?

REI Carries Serious High Quality Gear Just to give you an idea of how long REI products last, all of our longest lasting gear have been bought there. For example: I bought my used Gregory Palisade internal frame pack in 2002 and it’s still in use to this day!

Can I live in an RV next to my house?

Even temporarily residing in your RV is perfectly legal. However, permanently residing in your RV or camper is against the law, even if it is parked on your property. If an RV owner lives in a community that has an HOA, the RV owner has to check with the HOA’s CC&R (contract).


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