What all things you need for camping?

  • A season-appropriate tent and tent stakes.
  • A mallet or hammer to install tent stakes.
  • Stabilization jacks, if using an RV.
  • Cinderblocks.
  • A tarp.
  • Mosquito netting.
  • Flashlights and/or headlamps.
  • A lantern with fuel.

What do you need to survive camping?

  1. Water. More than 70 percent of the human weight is water.
  2. Food.
  3. Knife.
  4. Shelter/ Shelter Building Equipment.
  5. First Aid Kit.
  6. Rain Jacket or Raincoat.
  7. Signaling Device.
  8. Lighter or Matches.

How can I make my camping nicer?

  1. Invest in a decent sleeping bag.
  2. Take extra blankets.
  3. Take a hot water bottle.
  4. Don’t sleep directly on the floor.
  5. Take a lantern rather than relying on a hand held torch.
  6. Pack a torch for night time loo visits.
  7. Consider investing in a camp loo.
  8. Put an extra blanket under your air bed.

How do I make my campsite nice?

  1. Make people feel welcome.
  2. Create an inviting outdoor space.
  3. Bring a rug.
  4. String up a hammock.
  5. Bring a book.
  6. Show your team spirit.
  7. Outdoor music.
  8. Hang a bird feeder (if allowed)
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