Should you shower while camping?

Deciding how often to shower while camping is ultimately up to you. Some campers don’t shower every single day. But the refreshed feeling you’ll get from a simple rinse can energize you for the day, eliminate bacteria (and their odors), and help you sleep better. So try to bathe once every other day at least.

How do you wring clothes when camping?

Wring your clothes again, but better Lay your garments out across a microfiber towel, before rolling the towel over them tightly – a bit like when you’re packing away your best two-person tent. The towel will absorb much of the water and your clothes will be ready for the line.

Why do I still smell after a shower?

You’re sweating more than usual. “Warm, wet and dark areas of the body are most likely to capture smells as they are ideal for bacteria, including the underarms.”

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