Is Whittier Alaska worth visiting?

Whittier is a quick-and-easy destination for visitors who only have a limited time to take in some of the state’s finest coastal mountain glaciers and tidewater scenery. I visit Whittier at least once a year, and, for these five reasons, I’ll keep coming back.

Does Whittier Alaska have bears?

Porcupines, black bear, mountain goats, salmon, humpback whales, sea otters, orcas, and harbor seals are known to visit Whittier and its bay during the summer months, too.

What is unusual about Whittier Alaska?

What is Whittier Alaska Known for? Whittier is famous for being a town that almost all of it’s residents reside in a single building. The population of Whittier is around 200 people, and almost all residents live in the Begich Towers, a former Army Barracks built in 1974.

Does Whittier Tunnel cost money?

All Tolls are Round Trip ($11 ea.) ($8.25 ea.)

What is the most bear populated area in Alaska?

On northern Kuiu Island in southern Southeast Alaska, a population of 1,019 bears with a density of 1.51 bears/km2 is among the highest black bear densities known.

What Alaskan island is full of bears?

Admiralty Island is home to the highest density of brown bears in North America. An estimated 1,600 brown bears inhabit the island, outnumbering Admiralty’s human residents nearly three to one. It has more brown bears than the entire lower 48 states, and one of the highest densities of bald eagles in the world.

What island in Alaska has the most bears?

Admiralty Island is known as the most bear-infested island on earth because it has the highest density of brown bears globally. Seeing bears in Alaska isn’t all that uncommon, but seeing them on Admiralty Island is almost a guarantee!

Can RVs go through the Whittier tunnel?

Cars, recreational vehicles (RVs), busses, and trucks must be segregated for safe tunnel operation. (See the “Vehicles waiting at the staging area” question and response below regarding vehicle order when entering the tunnel.)

Is the Whittier tunnel one way?

Whittier Tunnel traffic alternates direction every half hour. You can enter into Whittier at the bottom of the hour (at the 1/2 hour mark). Traffic leaves Whittier on the top of the hour. Use the timetable below to plan your trip through the Whittier Tunnel.

How long does it take to drive through Whittier tunnel?

The tunnel is 2.5 miles long and it takes about 8.5 minutes to drive through the entire tunnel. How much is it to go through the Whittier Tunnel? You can drive through the tunnel by paying a single round-trip ticket that starts off at $13 per vehicle.

What months are bears most active in Alaska?

If you want to see bears during your trip to Alaska, the best time to see these magnificent creatures is from July through September. Bears emerge from their winter hibernation in late March through early April, but they tend to stay inland where they graze on any available foliage until the salmon runs begin.

What time of day are bears most active in Alaska?

Brown bears occur throughout Alaska except on islands south of Frederick Sound in Southeast Alaska, west of Unimak in the Aleutian Chain, and Bering Sea islands. The best time to watch for bears is in spring and summer during the dawn and dusk hours when they are actively searching for food.

How common are grizzlies in Alaska?

Alaska: 30,000 Alaska is also home to Kodiak bears, which are a subspecies of brown bears endemic to the Kodiak Archipelago. With its rugged forests and unspoiled tracts of land, it’s natural that Alaska would be home to many grizzlies. The state has an estimated 30,000 grizzlies.

Can bears swim to islands?

Black bears can swim to island campsites. The best way to prevent food pilfering in bear country is to avoid the bears. That means by- passing campsites with bear tracks, fecal droppings, and scattered garbage. Bears are regular visitors there.

Do black bears swim to islands?

According to the NPS, black bears are powerful swimmers, and some of the islands of the lakeshore have the largest bear populations. Those islands, the NPS said, are Stockton Island, Oak Island and San Island. The parks service said the photo showed the bear swimming from Oak Island to Stockton Island.

Where in Alaska has the least amount of bears?

Brown bears occur throughout Alaska except on islands south of Frederick Sound in southeast Alaska, west of Unimak in the Aleutian Chain, and Bering Sea islands.

How many fatal bear attacks in Alaska?

As stated previously, Alaska makes up over 29% of the recorded fatal bear attacks in the United States. In the years 2000-2017, Alaska had 10 fatal bear attacks. A teen was killed by a black bear in 2021. In 2022 a man was killed by a brown bear and multiple hunters were mauled including a 9-year-old boy.

Are Kodiak bears bigger than grizzlies?

These bears are notoriously larger and heavier than grizzly bears, making them the second largest bear other than polar bears. The average Kodiak grows over 1500 pounds and stands anywhere from eight to 10 feet tall. The average grizzly tends to weigh up to 1200 pounds and only stands at 5 to 8 feet tall.

What port is best for bears in Alaska?

Popular destinations for bear viewing include Neets Bay and Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory, both of which are accessible via short flights in a floatplane.

Is it safe to camp in Big Sur?

Camping in Big Sur is generally safe, though all campers should take necessary precautions. Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for hazards such as poison oak and mountain lions. It’s also crucial to properly store food to avoid attracting wildlife.

How many days should I spend in Big Sur?

If you are staying in the area, we recommend spending at least 2-3 days in the area. There are so many beautiful hikes, beaches, and nearby towns that will make it easy to fill those three days. One of the best parts about visiting Big Sur is not being rushed and taking the time to enjoy the area at a relaxing pace.

How long is Whittier train tunnel?

Using a high-speed electric train service. Constructing a highway route over the mountain. Constructing a highway route through the tunnel. Constructing a highway to Maynard Mountain and engineering the 2.5 mile long tunnel to accommodate both a roadway and a railway.

How do you get in and out of Whittier Alaska?

Whittier is also know for only being accessible by boat or a single lane tunnel that is shared by cars and railroads on an alternating schedule. Finally, Whittier is know as a gateway to Prince William Sound, which is teeming with stunning scenery, glaciers and marine wildlife.

Why did they build a tunnel in Whittier Alaska?

Originally constructed as a railroad tunnel in 1943, the tunnel was Whittier’s only land link for over 50 years, during which time the city developed as an important intermodal barge-rail freight hub.

Why is Whittier in one building?

Why just one building? In 1973, the residents of Whittier voted in favor of purchasing the military facilities that included the entire main area of Whittier and the Begich towers, then called Hodge. Today, the town has 214 residents, 180 of whom live in the towers.

What is the longest tunnel in the US?

  • Construction for the longest tunnel in the U.S., the Delaware Aqueduct, began in 1937 and continued through 1953.
  • The aqueduct starts around the Delaware River and pulls water from its nearby source plus streams in the Catskill Mountains.

How long is the train ride from Anchorage to Whittier?

The Alaska Railroad’s Glacier Discovery route offers daily summer service from Anchorage to Whittier in the morning, with an evening return trip. The train ride usually takes just under 2 1/2 hours in each direction, and the Whittier train schedule allows plenty of time for a glacier day cruise in Prince William Sound.

What is the longest drivable tunnel in the world?

LÆRDALSTUNNELEN – The world’s longest road tunnel is 24,5 km long and situated between Aurland and Lærdal. The tunnel opened November 2000. Lighting is a central factor – every 6 km the area is widened and these rock chambers are fitted with special lighting. Safety equipment and monitoring are installed in the tunnel.

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