How should I dress for camping in the rain?

Layer Up The right camping rain gear and a good layering system will help regulate your body temperature, wicking moisture while you’re active, and retaining body heat when you cool down. Choose polyester or wool base and mid layers under a waterproof jacket or rain poncho.

Should you leave clothes out in the rain?

Leaving damp washing on the line for days on end will mean you need to redo the load if you want it to smell fresh. But passing rain showers are unlikely to do much damage, unless there is a lot of dust in the air.

Are clothes still clean if they get rained on?

Rain water is generally safe for clothes, and won’t damage them. However, dust, dirt and other bacteria can be carried by rain.

Is rain water clean on clothes?

5) Clothes Washing Harvested rainwater is also excellent when used for washing clothes, particularly in hard water areas. Rainwater being naturally soft will use less detergent and will prevent the build-up of limescale, prolonging the life of the machine.

What do we wear over your clothes when it is raining?

There are a few outerwear options you could wear in the rain: a raincoat, a regular coat with a hood, or a poncho. If you’ll be doing a pastime such as hiking or have several outdoor activities planned, we suggest a lightweight foldable rain jacket that you can put over other layers.

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