How much does it cost to camp at Elkmont Campground?

Book on the website for Elkmont. Campsites are $25 per night unless you are lucky enough to get a riverfront site and then they are $27 per night. Prices are the same whether it is an RV or tent only site. *DON’T FORGET YOUR PARKING PASS!*

When can you make reservations for Elkmont Campground?

Make reservations online during summer or fall or call 877-444-6777, toll free. Camping at Elkmont Campground is on a reservation basis. The campground is open March 11 to November 27.

How many campsites are in Elkmont Campground?

Elkmont Campground offers camping for both tents and RVs, with 220 sites total.

Where can I shower at Elkmont Campground?

Like all campgrounds at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there are no showers at Elkmont, but there are private companies and private campgrounds that offer fee-based shower facilities outside of the park. Ask the campground host for directions to the closest one.

Does Elkmont Campground have bear boxes?

Campground Amenities Yes, fire treated wood is available at the concessions near the entrance to the campground. Bear Box in site/area? Communal bear boxes are available.

Is there cell service at Elkmont Campground?

No, there is not. No WiFi, either. Helpful?

Can you run a generator in Elkmont Campground?

Generator use is allowed at this site between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. There are no hookups or showers at this campground.

Does Elkmont Campground have electricity?

The campground does not provide electricity, showers, or water hookups. Check with the campground host to find out where the closest shower facility is located. You will likely need to drive to Gatlinburg or Townsend. You will be pleased to know that Elkmont does have restrooms with flushing toilets, YEA!

Does Elkmont Campground have potable water?

Restrooms at Elkmont Campground have flush toilets, cold running water, and utility sinks. Potable water is available at spigots near each restroom; use of hoses is not allowed.

What is the highest campground in Smoky Mountain National Park?

Balsam Mountain Campground – elevation 5,310 feet (1618m) – is surrounded by mountain ranges and streams. Daytime temperatures rarely exceed 70°F and may dip into the low 50’s at night. RV, camper trailer, and tent sites plus flush toilets and drinking water are available.

Does Elkmont Campground sell firewood?

Concessioners at Cades Cove, Smokemont, and Elkmont will provide heat-treated wood for sale during their operating season (typically March through October at Smokemont and Elkmont and through November at Cades Cove). Visit for a map of local stores and businesses that sell certified firewood.

What is the biggest campsite in Yosemite?

  • Tuolumne Meadows is the largest campground in Yosemite, and therefore the most populated throughout peak season. The campsite is open summer through fall, and has a unique reservation structure.
  • Tuolumne Meadows has 304 camping spots, and each offers space for RV’s and trailers up to 35 feet in length.

How do you shower in Smoky Mountains?

Each campground has restrooms with cold running water and flush toilets. Each individual campsite has a fire grate and picnic table. There are no showers, electrical or water hookups in the park. Shower facilities are available in the communities surrounding the national park.

Where to shower when camping in Smoky Mountain National Park?

As is the case with many national parks, there are no showers in the Great Smoky National Park campgrounds. Shower facilities are available in the communities surrounding the park – just ask the campground host about the nearest facilities when you check in. There are also no electrical or water hookups in the park.

Is Elkmont Ghost Town free?

Elkmont Ghost Town is open for visitors to walk through, and it won’t cost you a dime outside of the gas you take to get there.

Where is the Elkmont ghost town?

Elkmont Ghost Town isn’t hard to find. This area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is about 8 miles from Gatlinburg. You can take US-411 from Gatlinburg to the Sugarlands Visitor Center. Then, you’ll drive toward Cades Cove for about 7 miles until you see the sign for Elkmont Campground.

Do cell phones work in the Smoky Mountains?

Cell phones do not work most places in the backcountry and GPS is sometimes unreliable. Always carry a Great Smoky Mountains National Park Backcountry Trail map or other reliable map of the park’s backcountry with you.

Can you sleep with the generator on in an RV?

Sleeping with Your Generator Running Yes, running your RV’s generator while you’re sleeping is possible. Just be sure to follow safety guidelines and camping etiquette. No one wants to hear even the quietest generators all night long.

Can you Boondock without a generator?

While boondocking, most things will work normally without any shore power/generator because much of the RV is powered directly from the house batteries. AC (alternating current) is a type of electrical system where the direction of the electricity is constantly changing back and forth.

Does Elkmont Campground have grills?

Campsite GP2 can accommodate up to 20 people. There is parking for four vehicles. Amenities include three picnic tables, a stand-up grill with three cooking surfaces, and a fire pit.

What river runs through Elkmont Campground?

Elkmont Campground The campground is also the closest one to the city of Gatlinburg. Little River runs through the middle of the campground, providing numerous waterfront camping sites. Elkmont Campground is also to many popular park attractions and hiking trails including: Little River Trail.

Do you need a bear canister in Smoky Mountain National Park?

All backcountry users are required to hook their packs to bear cables overnight. Every backcountry site in the park should have one of these cables, so you don’t need a bear canister within the park but can bring one if you prefer.

Can you drink stream water in Smoky Mountains?

Drinking Water: All water obtained in the backcountry should be treated before drinking to protect you from health hazards. Either boil water for at least one minute or use a high-quality water filter designed for backcountry use.

Is RV campground water safe to drink?

Only fill your RV water tank with potable water. “Potable” means water that is safe for drinking, and generally, spigots at campsites are potable water unless otherwise marked. But you can’t trust that every spigot has potable water–it’s always wise to check first.

Where are the most bears in the Smoky Mountain national park?

Every year, thousands of vacationers see black bears in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, mostly on the Tennessee side. According to numerous sources, the best place to see black bears is in Cades Cove, a few miles from Gatlinburg and Townsend, Tennessee.

What is the most difficult hike in the Smokies?

There are several trails that lead up to Mt. Sterling, but the Baxter Creek Trail offers the toughest route to the historic fire tower. In fact, this trail is considered to be the most difficult day hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as it climbs 4,200 feet in just 6.2 miles!

How many bears are in Smoky Mountain national park?

The Great Smoky Mountains is the largest protected area in the eastern part of the country that has wild black bears. It is estimated that about 1,500 black bears live in the national park. They are omnivores and eat things like fish, nuts, berries, and plants.

Are dogs allowed at Elkmont?

Dogs are allowed at Elkmont Campground, but they must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet when outside your vehicle. For more information on pet restrictions, please call (865) 436-1261. Or, browse all pet friendly campgrounds and RV resorts in Gatlinburg if you’re still looking.

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