How many acres is the Rodney Scout reservation?

Rodney Scout Reservation rests on 944 acres of rolling upland woodlands at the head of the Chesapeake Bay and boasts of over a mile of prime Chesapeake Bay waterfront.

What are the requirements for the camping merit badge?

(a) Camp a total of at least 20 nights at designated Scouting activities or events. One long-term camping experience of up to six consecutive nights may be applied toward this requirement. Sleep each night under the sky or in a tent you have pitched.

How much is Philmont Scout Ranch worth?

The ranch is currently listed as an asset with the organization in the Chapter 11 restructuring plan and has a listed value of around $40 million.

What is the hardest required merit badge?

Between giving presentations, conducting interviews, and creating written content, Communication is likely one of the most difficult merit badges a Scout can earn. Hardest Requirement: Communication doesn’t have just one hard requirement — they’re all difficult and require hands-on effort.

What merit badge has the least requirements?

The 3 simplest merit badges that any Scout can earn are Art, Fingerprinting, and Photography. These badges require few supplies and can be quickly completed in an afternoon.

Can a Boy Scout tent alone?

In Cub Scouting, parents and guardians may share a tent with their family. In all other programs, youth and adults tent separately. Spouses may share tents.

Why is Philmont so expensive?

Philmont must commit financial resources to employ staff, purchase food and supplies, and to prepare for summer operations. Participants are therefore, also required to make a financial commitment to attend.

What is the most famous Boy Scout camp?

Philmont Scout Ranch is a ranch located in Colfax County, New Mexico, near the village of Cimarron; it covers 140,177 acres (56,728 ha) of wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the east side of the Cimarron Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Can you go to Philmont without being a scout?

Crews can be male, female or mixed gender. Participants must be at least 14 years old (or 13 and have completed the eighth grade). All participants must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. Many Philmont crews are formed in advance by members of a single Boy Scout troop or Venturing crew.

What is the rarest Boy Scout award?

The William T. Hornaday Award was created in 1915 to recognize major contributions to and service in environmental conservation, and is one of the rarest awards available in Boy Scouting.

What is the rarest Girl Scout badge?

Yes, those are seven White Felt badges–the rarest of rare Girl Scout badges, available only from 1913 to 1918. The seven new White Felts bring our total number to — 10! According to a tattered paper in the suitcase, the uniform belonged to Minnie Hill. Of course, this called for more research.

What are the rarest merit badges?

The rarest merit badges to earn are Bugling, American Business, Surveying, American Labor, Stamp Collecting, Drafting, Journalism, Composite Materials, Gardening and Landscape Architecture.

What percentage of Scouts earn Eagle?

This performance-based achievement has high standards that not everyone will earn. Only about 6 percent of all Scouts BSA members earn Eagle, making over 2 million Eagle Scouts since 1912.

What is the oldest merit badge in Boy Scouts?

The Invention merit badge was one of the BSA’s 57 original merit badges, all introduced in 1911. The first 57 spanned a number of subjects, from Agriculture to Taxidermy. Many of these badges, like Archery, First Aid and Swimming, are still offered today.

How many Scouts have earned all merit badges?

The most complete list available counts 542 scouts earning every merit badge available — a tally that dates to 1928. This comparison pales a bit because criteria are somewhat higher, but consider that the Medal of Honor has been bestowed on six times as many recipients — 3,525 in all.

What is the two deep rule for Boy Scouts?

Two-deep adult supervision by registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required for all Scouting activities and must meet the leadership requirements outlined in Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse. This includes patrol activities.

Am I too old to be a scout?

The Scout Section is for young people aged between 10½ and 14 years. There is some flexibility in the age range: young people can join from age 10, and can move to Explorers between age 13½ and 14½.

Does a lean to count for camping merit badge?

In all cases, the Scout must “spend the night in a tent that you pitch or other structure that you help erect, such as a lean-to, snow cave or teepee.”

What movie was filmed at Philmont?

Ben Jones had no background in filmmaking or screenwriting. Instead, he had a vision — an idea for a story he wanted to tell. After many years, and many twists and turns, Jones’ original idea has turned into a movie called Peace River, and much of it was filmed at Philmont Scout Ranch.

Can you shower at Philmont?

The Luxury Deluxe Tents are a short walk away to our showerhouse, where individual locking units contain a shower, sink, toilet, mirror, and power outlets. Philmont will provide upgraded bedding and towels during your stay in the Luxury Deluxe Tents.

Did the Boy Scouts mortgage Philmont?

According to Stinnett, the BSA mortgaged its legal right and title to Philmont Scout Ranch to the J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to secure $446 million of debt incurred over the past decade.

Do adults share tents at Philmont?

Separate tenting arrangments must be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth. Youth sharing tents must be no more than two years apart in age. In Cub Scouting, parents and guardians may share a tent with their family. Spouses may share tents.

Are all Boy Scouts Mormon?

For more than a century, the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (formerly LDS or Mormon Church) nurtured a partnership so deeply that one out of every five BSA members was Mormon.

What is the largest Boy Scout camp in America?

Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America’s largest National High Adventure Base. Born in 1938 as Philturn Rocky Mountain Scout Camp, Philmont has become a bustling center for high adventure and training.

Why can’t you wear deodorant at Philmont?

They are in response to incidents or attacks in the past that they do not publicize for PR reasons. Bears coming into tents in the middle of the night because they detect odors they perceive as possibly edible is dangerous to occupants. Once a Scout’s arm pits were gnawed because he was wearing deodorant.

What is not allowed at Philmont?

Philmont and the Boy Scouts of America prohibit language or behavior that belittles or puts down members of the opposite sex, unwelcome advances, racial slurs, chastisement for religious or other beliefs, or any other actions or comments that are derogatory of people.

Is there a weight limit for Philmont?

The maximum weight for any participant in a Cavalcade Trek and for horse rides is 200 pounds. Individuals not meeting the physical requirements for participation will not be allowed to participate, and will be sent home.

What is the hardest rank in Boy Scout?

It’s a tough award to earn, with only 4% of all Boy Scouts reaching Eagle Scout rank. Potentially even more demanding than the Eagle Scout award, and certainly rarer, is the Hornaday award. Just how difficult is the Hornaday award to earn? On average, only 12 Scouts per year earn the Hornaday award!


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