How long can you stay on a campsite?

You can’t live on any campsite or holiday park permanently. As above, you must vacate your unit after 28 consecutive nights. Seasonal pitches are governed by our Club Site terms and conditions. These can also be found in our annual guide.

How big a marquee do I need for 100 guests?

As an approximate size guide: 80 guests seated – 9 x 15m marquee. 100 guests Seated – 9 x 18m marquee. 120 guests Seated – 9 x 21m marquee.

Does a marquee have to be on grass?

Do marquees have to go onto grass? No, modern marquees can be erected on any surface, provided there is some means of anchoring. Undulating surfaces can be tackled with a standard boarded floor, slopes and troughs will require an integral raised floor.

Can you live in a shepherd’s hut permanently?

So yes, it is perfectly feasible to be living in a shepherd’s hut full time, and lots do.

Can you live in a hut?

There are many advantages to living in this type of home. Aside from it being pretty functional and low-cost, it is also very resistant to fires, hurricanes, strong winds and storms. If you live in an area with unstable weather conditions, then a Quonset hut might be the perfect solution for you.


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