How do you survive a storm in a tent?

👉🏽 Sheltering in Your Tent During a Thunderstorm If you shelter in your tent during a thunderstorm, try insulating yourself from the ground using a tarp or your sleeping bag. If lightning strikes the ground nearby, the extra layers will provide some insulation from the current.

Why is my tent wet inside when raining?

If you encounter water inside your tent, chances are it is condensation, and the tent is not leaking. Tents are highly waterproof, and often, it is also hard for the moisture to escape the tent.

How do you keep a fire alive in the rain?

Resinous wood, such as pine, spruce, and fir, piled up on a fire in wet weather will help to sustain it during a downpour. Look for wood that is saturated with gooey sap. This stuff is impervious to moisture and will ignite even when wet. Avoid hardwoods like oaks, maples, birch, and hickory.

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