How do you relax when camping?

  1. Read a book (or a whole pile of books!)
  2. Listen to a podcast or audiobook.
  3. Sunbathe (don’t forget your sunscreen)
  4. Stargaze.
  5. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  6. Go fishing (don’t forget your license)
  7. Cook in your RV or at the campfire.
  8. Play board games, card games, or campfire games.

How do I pimp out my tent?

  1. When Camping, Roll Your Clothes.
  2. Bag Your Toilet Paper.
  3. Camping Planner.
  4. Use a Pool Float as Your Camping Sleeping Pad.
  5. Create a Tent Foam Floor.
  6. Create a Tent Light – Use Your Water Jug!
  7. Heat Your Sleeping Bag With a Hot Water Bottle.
  8. Use Kids’ Belts as Sleeping Bag Straps.

How do you pimp up a tent?

Not only do throw pillows and blankets enhance the look of your tent, but they’ll actually make your bed comfier and keep you warmer at night. Even if you choose not to color coordinate, that’s enough of a reason to throw a few in the car before you leave.

How do I keep my tent smelling good?

Vinegar And Lemon Juice For A Tent That Smells Next, mix the vinegar and lemon juice solution and add it to the bathtub water. Let your tent soak for 1-3 hours before removing it and leaving it to air dry.

How do you dry a tent without putting it up?

Open all the doors and vents to get as much airflow as possible. Wipe all the water off the tent floor and walls as you can with a microfiber towel. If possible, place the tent in the sun. Repack once completely dry.

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