How do you enjoy a campfire in the rain?

If it is raining, then you will want to use the lean-to or A-frame fire lay. With these fire lays, you build up layers of kindling and fuel wood over the fire. The wood makes a “roof” which protects the fire from the rain. It will burn from bottom-to-top, instead of top-to-bottom.

What to do with fire pit when it rains?

Cover it Up The easiest way to keep rainwater out of your fire pit is to cover it. Many options of vinyl or metal covers are available and easy to use.

How do you enjoy being outside in the rain?

  1. Go on a rain hike.
  2. Play, with your feet.
  3. Make art.
  4. Find a new use for your pots and pans.
  5. Put on your own musical.
  6. Practice mindfulness.
  7. Help out some wormies.

What is the best tent for rain?

  • Best for Heavy Rain Protection: Mountain Hardwear Trango 4.
  • Best for Wind Resistance: Big Agnes Battle Mountain 3.
  • Best Ventilation in a Waterproof Tent: The North Face Assault 3 FUTURELIGHT.
  • Best Lightweight Waterproof Tent: REI Co-Op Arete ASL 2.
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