How do you camp in rainy weather?

  1. Take a good tent with a proper rainfly.
  2. Consider buying a tent that has a vestibule.
  3. Waterproof you tent occasionally with waterproofing spray.
  4. Check the forecast before you pack and leave for your camping trip to best prepare.
  5. Pitch your tent on higher ground.

How do I stop water from entering my tent?

this is very important, choose high grounds, away from trees. Make sure you have a tarp under your tent (it should not stick out of the perimeter of tent, in fact it should be an inch small than the tent, if you don’t have the correct footprint for it you can use a tarp and fold into the appropriate size.

Why does the inside of my tent feel wet?

If you encounter water inside your tent, chances are it is condensation, and the tent is not leaking. Tents are highly waterproof, and often, it is also hard for the moisture to escape the tent.

Should you shower after getting wet in the rain?

When you get home after the rain has poured, take a shower. Even if you just walked from your Grab to your gate, take a shower. Taking a bath stabilizes the cold temperature you reach from the rain and shifts thing back to your normal temperature.

Why is it recommended to avoid getting wet in the first rain?

Getting wet in the first rains is tempting but totally avoidable. The first rains may contain pollutants that may cause skin infections, increase your chance of catching a cold, and lower your immunity.

What to do if its raining and you have no umbrella?

If there is no umbrella, use a heavy duty trash bag for a “poncho” and a plastic bag over a cap. Walk while looking for cover such as building overhangs and use them -darting from cover to cover. S.F does have wind gusts so broken umbrellas are common. Pick one up and use it for a temporary rain cover when walking.


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