How do I make Yosemite reservations?

  1. Search for Yosemite National Park.
  2. Enter the dates you want to camp.
  3. Click on “filters” so you can improve search results.
  4. Enter “group size” and check “reservable online.”
  5. Select “camping” to limit your search to campground reservations.

How far in advance do you have to book Yosemite?

Your first chance to book a campsite at one of these campgrounds is typically 5 months in advance. (There are also some first-come, first-served campsites, but I’ll get to those later in this article.) Campsite reservations at Yosemite are released on a 5-month rolling window.

How many days should I spend in Yosemite?

Plan on spending two to four days in Yosemite if you want enough time to see all the amazing sights. This will give you plenty of time to see Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, and enjoy some hiking trails.

What time of year is cheapest to visit Yosemite?

If you want to plan a budget-friendly trip to Yosemite, fall (September-December) and winter (December-March) are the cheapest times to go. While the entrance fee to Yosemite National Park is constant all year, hotels and airlines lower their prices during these seasons.

What is the best time to visit Yosemite?

May through September is the most popular time in Yosemite These months correspond with the best weather and are also when all the roads, trails, lodging, shuttles and attractions in the park are open. That includes its most famous drive, Tioga Rd, a 64-mile-long scenic byway that closes when the snow begins to fall.

How many entrances are there for Yosemite?

There are five entrances into Yosemite National Park, and the road to each of them offers unique sights to see along the way. To give you a lay of the land, four of Yosemite’s entrances are located on the western side of the park while the fifth, the Tioga Pass Entrance, is on the more remote eastern side of the park.

Why can’t you hang food in Yosemite?

Bear resistant food containers (bear canisters) are required for overnight hikers in most of the Yosemite Wilderness and are strongly recommended everywhere else. Hanging food is only a delaying tactic for bears, as bears can easily climb trees.

How many nights can you camp in Yosemite?

There is a 30-night camping limit within Yosemite National Park in a calendar year; however, May 1 to September 15, the camping limit in Yosemite is 14 nights, and only seven of those nights can be in Yosemite Valley or Wawona.

Is it too cold to camp in Yosemite in October?

October Weather in Yosemite However, average nighttime temperatures drop to an average of 51°F (11°C). That can make it a little chilly for camping, but ideal for sipping a hot cup of coffee in the morning while looking out the window at the day to come.

How cold does Yosemite get at night in summer?

Daytime temperatures in Yosemite Valley sometimes reach 100°F during summer, while nights are cool. Temperatures in Tuolumne Meadows (8,600 feet) in mid-summer are usually in the 70s in the daytime and in the 30s at night.

Can you visit Yosemite without hiking?

Touring Yosemite without hiking? You bet! Rush Creek and Evergreen Lodge offer tours to explore Yosemite in new ways, including horseback riding. These tours can accommodate kids as young as two so the entire family can ride along.

Are there bathrooms in Yosemite?

The restroom at the Yosemite Valley Stables is accessible, the Wawona Stable has an accessible portable toilet, but the restroom at the Tuolumne Meadows Stable is not accessible. More information on trail rides is available at

Can you rent a tent Yosemite?

You can hire tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping lanterns, camp furniture, coolers and other camp kitchen gear – anything you need for a wonderful outdoor experience at Yosemite National Park.

Can you swim in Yosemite waterfalls?

Be careful of sharp underwater objects or slippery rocks (aqua shoes are helpful), and of course, never swim above or directly below waterfalls. Mountain water is often very cold, so avoid prolonged exposure causing hypothermia and always use extreme caution when swimming in Yosemite with children.

Can you swim in the water at Yosemite?

River & Lake Swimming A favorite for swimmers of all ages, the Merced River at the eastern end of Yosemite Valley offers soft, sandy beaches–perfect for spending an afternoon sunning and splashing. Tuolumne Meadows and the Park’s High Sierra Camps also have some wonderful, secluded swimming areas.

How does camping work in Yosemite?

Camping in Yosemite Yosemite National Park has 13 popular campgrounds, all of which are on a reservation system from April through October. During winter, Camp 4, Wawona, and Hodgdon Meadow are first-come, first-served campgrounds, but can fill during holidays and weekends.

Can I camp in my car at Yosemite?

Yosemite doesn’t permit sleeping in your car along the side of the road, at visitors parking, trailhead parking, or at backpackers campgrounds. You can sleep in your car in Yosemite, but make sure to reserve and pay for your spot first before drifting off to dreamland.

Is it better to stay in Yosemite or outside?

Staying in the park allows you to have the world’s most beautiful scenery waiting for you right outside your cabin door. You’ll be able to make your own agenda, knowing nothing in the park is too far away or takes too much time to access.

How far in advance should I reserve Yosemite?

Part of preparing for your trip is to know how far in advance you can book Yosemite camping. You need to note regulations, especially camping ground reservation rules, that apply to all campgrounds. You should make a reservation at least five months in advance before your preferred date.

Is Yosemite better than Yellowstone?

The winner: The opportunities for wilderness adventure in Yellowstone are many, but Yosemite has it all, from gentle trails along the floor of the valley to spine-tingling ascents of its rock faces.

What is the coldest month in Yosemite?

Average Temperature in Yosemite Lakes The cool season lasts for 3.1 months, from November 21 to February 25, with an average daily high temperature below 61°F. The coldest month of the year in Yosemite Lakes is December, with an average low of 38°F and high of 54°F.

How much would a trip to Yosemite cost?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Yosemite National Park is $2,523 for a solo traveler, $4,531 for a couple, and $8,495 for a family of 4. Yosemite National Park hotels range from $109 to $496 per night with an average of $192, while most vacation rentals will cost $360 to $780 per night for the entire home.

How rare is it to see a bear in Yosemite?

Myth #4: You’re guaranteed to see a bear in Yosemite Valley. Truth: Park officials estimate that only 300 to 500 black bear currently reside in Yosemite National Park.

What month is best for waterfalls Yosemite?

Yosemite is home to countless waterfalls. The best time to see waterfalls is during spring, when most of the snowmelt occurs. Peak runoff typically occurs in May or June, with some waterfalls (including Yosemite Falls) often only a trickle or completely dry by August.

What months can you see waterfalls in Yosemite?

Yosemite’s largest waterfalls flow from October or November through July, but tend to peak in April and May and into June, with some falls (including the park’s signature Yosemite Falls) running dry by late summer.

Which entrance is the best to enter Yosemite?

Entrance lines can get long so if you are looking for a less busy entry point, the Hetch Hetchy entrance or Tioga Pass entrance are the best ones to choose. If you are looking for an entrance that will get you directly into Yosemite Valley, the Big Oak Flat entrance will be best for you.

How do you get into Yosemite without a pass?

  1. Take the Back Roads. Not every road into Yosemite is bisected by an admission booth.
  2. Catch the Red Eye. The Yosemite entrance booths aren’t manned round the clock.
  3. Hike In. The Pacific Crest/John Muir Trail runs right through the heart of Yosemite.
  4. Bus In.
  5. Trash Talk Your Way In.

Where is the best place to camp in Yosemite National Park?

Upper Pines, Lower Pines and North Pines campgrounds located conveniently in Yosemite Valley are a perfect choice. Upper Pines Campground is the only RV-friendly campground open all year round and has a dump station. It can accommodate an RV length of 35 feet and trailer length of 24 feet.

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