How do I keep my bed warm when camping?

Air mattresses, self-inflating mats, thick foam camping mats, rugs and heavy blankets all make good bases for your bed. The best way to keep warm at night is to have your bed raised up off the floor, for instance by using a camp bed. You should then insulate both below and above your base with an extra layer.

How can I make myself warmer in bed?

  1. Extra heat for your bedroom.
  2. More blankets better than a thick one.
  3. Wear warm pajamas.
  4. Cover your whole body – all of it.
  5. Take a warm bath.
  6. Sleep next to a hot water bottle.
  7. Want to keep dreaming?

How can I make my bed feel warmer?

  1. Invest in fleece bedding. One way to keep your bed warm and comfortable during the winter months is to invest in fleece bedding.
  2. Heat your bedroom only.
  3. Use a hot water bottle.
  4. Wear socks to bed.
  5. Use a heated mattress pad or electric blanket.
  6. Get a thicker duvet.
  7. Layer your bedding.
  8. Use a draft excluder.


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