Genius and Savvy Packing Tips to Your Rescue

The most boring and tiring task about vacation is packing for the vacation. But this is a must do for going on a vacation even if you don’t want to do it. If you are someone who gets anxious and waits for the last minute to do this, then here are some tips to make you life easier and stress free while packing for a vacation.

1. Make a list of the items

First thing you must do before packing items is to make a list of items that you require on that trip and make sure to double check the list of items. It will reduce any last minute anxiety and another plus point is that you wont forget any essential item ever again for your vacation.

2. Always Roll Don’t Fold

Rolling your clothing items is the best way possible to pack them in your bags. Rolling your clothing items instead of folding them will save you so much of space for other items that you need to carry while travelling.

3. Use Organizers or Packing Cubes

Using packing cubes will make your life so much easier while travelling and also save your time and space in your bag for other items as well. You can club similar items together and even label the cubes so that finding these items later on will be easier and quicker.

4. Travel Size Items

Always carry travel size toiletries or skincare items instead of carrying large size bottles. Travelling light is an important aspect to be kept in mind while on the go. Try to carry leak-proof packaging or solid toiletry items instead of liquid items to avoid messing your bag. Even if you are carrying liquid items use zip-lock bags to carry them.

5. Multi-Purpose Items

Pack multipurpose clothing items that can be styled in multiple ways be it for a day event or a night event. This will keep your bags light and make your travelling fuss free. Try creating a capsule wardrobe which be much more efficient for your next trip.

6. Essential Items

Keep your essential items in your carry bag instead of your luggage bag. You can easily and quickly access those items whenever in need. Keep stuff like documents, wipes, sanitizer, masks, chargers etc in your carry bag.

7. Pack According to Events

Always pack your outfits according to the activities that you are going to indulge in during your travel. So that you wont end up feeling like you have nothing to wear. Packing by outfits will reduce the weight of the extra items that you may carry but wont wear afterwards. So its better to plan in advance to avoid carrying extra clothes and you can save that space for bringing back souvenirs home.

8. Wear Bulkiest Item on Plane

When it comes to packing light always wear what seems to be the bulkiest item in your suitcase on the plane. It maybe a coat, a bulky or a chunky jumper or a pair of boots. It will be a cozy and comfortable outfit for your flight and wont even cross the weight limit of the bag.

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