Does Strawberry Reservoir have cell service?

There is space for plenty of big rigs, some cell service (although patchy), and the campground is quiet and peaceful. It sounds like a beautiful spot to enjoy some Strawberry Reservoir camping off-grid.

When did camping become a thing?

No matter how you camp or who joins in, camping is timeless fun. But how did this pastime begin? Organized camping in the United States began in the mid-1800s at Gunnery Camp in Connecticut. Founded in 1861, this camping trip brought a class of home-schooled boys into the woods for two weeks.

Is camping getting less popular?

Camping keeps on growing Overall, camping saw a massive increase in 2022, up 28% over the previous year. It’s not just that more people are camping either; it turns out that people are camping more often, too. In fact, 13.4% of those surveyed reported taking more than 11 camping trips last year.


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