Does Starved Rock have camping?

Answers to Common Campground Questions Starved Rock’s campground has 133 Class-A Premium campsites. Electric hook-up only. 30 amp or 50 amp sites (see brochure above). 30 amp sites also contain 20 amp/110-volt outlets (2 prongs).

Why can’t you swim at Starved Rock?

The river has strong currents and powerful undertows. Depending on the season some pools can be found in the park. Water-proof hiking gear is recommended as you may need to wade through the water but the pools are not large and deep enough to allow for swimming.

Can you swim in waterfalls at Starved Rock?

Can you swim at the park or in the waterfalls? o Swimming and wading is strictly prohibited at the park due to the nature of the water which is farm runoff and the current of the Illinois River by the Lock and Dam.

How many people have fallen at Starved Rock?

Three people have died and dozens have fallen and required rescue in the past decade, officials said. Hiking off marked paths also can be costly.

How many people were killed at Starved Rock?

Murders. In March 1960, three women, Frances Murphy (47), Mildred Lindquist (50), and Lillian Oetting (50), wives of prominent Chicago businessmen, took a four-day trip to Starved Rock State Park in LaSalle County, Illinois, along the banks of the Illinois River.

Is it safe to hike Starved Rock alone?

If you prefer hiking alone, make sure to start your hike as early as possible. If you’re scared to hike alone and want other people on the trail, start at a later or more popular time. Check the weather. Make sure you won’t run into inclement weather at the height of your hike.

What is the famous waterfall in Starved Rock?

The St. Louis Canyon falls is one of Starved Rock State Park’s big waterfalls and a favorite among visitors. The falls are a massive 80′ high, and it is the only waterfall in the park that is spring-fed, so it keeps flowing longer, as in longer than the other falls, but not all year long.

What do I need to know before going to Starved Rock?

Get there early if at all possible. (Trails opens at sunrise, the park opens at 7 a.m.) It’s also cooler in the morning, and beating both the heat and the crowds is a win-win. Because crowds can cause parking issues, as can weather, follow the park on Facebook and check for updates prior to leaving and along the way.

What time of year does Starved Rock have waterfalls?

– Starved Rock State Park. “Do the waterfalls appear all summer long, or do they dry up? Do you have to after a rain to see them?” The waterfalls are year-round.

Who is the starved rock killer?

Chester Weger, convicted in the 1960 Starved Rock killings of three west suburban women, asked a judge Friday to grant him a hearing to present new evidence to prove his innocence.

Who was the woman found in Starved Rock?

UTICA, IL — A fall killed the Addison woman who was found at the bottom of a canyon in Starved Rock State Park last Tuesday, according to the LaSalle County Coroner’s Office. The 20-year-old victim was identified as Gabriella J. Paulsen after an autopsy that was conducted April 6.

Where did they find the bodies at Starved Rock?

After checking into the Starved Rock Lodge, they disappeared for several days after leaving on a hike. Their bodies were found during a subsequent police search inside a small cave in the canyon, one of the most frequented locations in the park.

What is the mystery at Starved Rock?

In 1961, 22-year-old Chester Weger is charged with the brutal murder of three women in Starved Rock State Park. Decades later, David Raccuglia, the son of the prosecutor who put Chester away for life, decides to look back at the case, sending shockwaves through the small town of LaSalle, Illinois.

What happened to the Indians at Starved Rock?

The Ottawa and Potawatomi surrounded the butte and held their ground until the hapless Illinois died of starvation- giving rise to the name Starved Rock.

Why is Starved Rock famous?

Starved Rock received its name for an event that allegedly took place there about 1770. According to Native American tradition, some Peoria Indians who came under attack by a war party of Potawatomi Indians suffered starvation when trapped on the rock without food or water.

Are there bathrooms at Starved Rock?

Bathrooms are located at the Starved Rock Lodge, Visitor Center, Lone Point Shelter, LaSalle Canyon parking lot, overflow parking, and the main parking lot in front of the Visitor Center.

How long do people stay at Starved Rock?

Starved Rock and Sandstone Point Overlook Trail Hikers should expect to spend around an hour and a half on this trail. It is quite popular for birding and camping too, so it is likely that other hikers will be encountered.

How long is the walk in Starved Rock?

Enjoy this 4.4-mile loop trail near Oglesby, Illinois. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 1 h 37 min to complete.

What is the best hike in Starved Rock State Park?

According to users from, the best waterfall trail to hike in Starved Rock State Park is Starved Rock and Sandstone Point Overlook Trail, which has a 4.5 star rating from 1,959 reviews.

What is the biggest waterfall in Illinois?

The tallest waterfall in Illinois is Burden Falls in Shawnee National Forest. It’s certainly not a monster waterfall like Niagara Falls or Yosemite Falls, but it’s still an amazing and beautiful waterfall on its own.

What is the best season for Starved Rock?

The best time to visit Starved Rock State Park for spotting the eagles is in January and February. The most comfortable weather conditions can be experienced between April and September. However, Starved Rock is a magical year-round destination for hiking and sightseeing.

How much does it cost to go to Starved Rock State Park?

There is no entrance fee to hike at Starved Rock State Park. However, if you plan to park your vehicle at the park, there may be a parking fee during peak times, such as weekends and holidays. The parking fee is typically around $5 per vehicle for non-residents and $1 for Illinois residents.

Are there easy trails at Starved Rock?

Starved Rock State Park Don’t worry, there are trails for novices. If you want easy access to a waterfall, then take the French Canyon trail to French Canyon. Head to Lover’s Leap Overlook and Eagle Cliff to hike a relatively easy trail with boardwalk and stairs.

Where is the best place to see eagles at Starved Rock?

The Illinois Audubon Society’s Plum Island Sanctuary, located at the base of the Starved Rock Lock, has long been a favorite wintering site for bald eagles.

What is the difference between Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks?

However, Starved Rock is home to the Starved Rock Lodge, some dining, and heavy tourist traffic. Matthiessen can get crowded too, but it does seem to have a little more “best kept secret” vibe to it than Starved Rock itself. Ultimately, the terrain at both is going to be very similar, and it’s a beautiful area.

Which Canyon at Starved Rock has the waterfall?

French, Wildcat, and LaSalle Canyons feature seasonal waterfalls. Most hikes begin and end at the Starved Rock Visitor Center, situated on the banks of the Illinois River in the western half of Starved Rock State Park, where there is a large parking lot, river access, and many picnic tables.

Was there a DNA test for the murders at Starved Rock?

Chester Weger in 1960 at Starved Rock State Park. DNA testing and other newly unearthed evidence shows Chester Weger, who was convicted of the infamous 1960 Starved Rock State Park killings, is innocent, his lawyer told a LaSalle County judge Monday.

What happened to George Spiros?

Just two weeks later, Spiros was found dead in his Starved Rock residence at the age of 73 from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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