Does Santee Lakes allow campfires?

May I have a campfire? Yes, however you must bring a fire receptacle and the campfire must be contained and off the ground.

Does Santee Lakes have full hookups?

After you choose from 300 full hook-up campsites, all having free WiFi and Deluxe sites, a bit larger, with cable TV, you can enjoy the amenties we offer.

Is Santee Lakes private or public?

Santee Lakes is a privately owned Park open year-round. Please see our website for hours and fees. Picnic area reservations are available for small and large gatherings. You can book your Cabin or Campground site online.

Are dogs allowed at Santee State Park?

Policy Details. Pets are welcome in the park. Dogs must remain on a leash and be cleaned up after.

Can you bring alcohol to Santee Lakes?

Visitors can bring alcohol to enjoy on weekends only. No Kegs allowed. Visitors shall not be permitted on Park premises while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There is no smoking or vaping in the Day Use area of the Park.

Can you smoke in Santee Lakes?

Smoking is prohibited in the Day Use Area of Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve. The “Day Use Area” means all Park property south of the southern shoreline of Lake 6.

Is Santee State Park free?

ADMISSION. All guests not staying overnight are required to pay admission.

Can you keep the fish you catch at Santee lakes?

The practice of “catch and release” of catfish is strongly encouraged. The “catch and release” of trout and carp is prohibited. Bass fishing is limited to catch and release only. All bass caught in any of the lakes must be released back into the lake that it was caught in.

Can you swim in the lake at Santee SC?

Whether you bring your own boat or rent from the on-site concessionaire, get out on the lake and see what you can find! Swimming areas, playgrounds, and easy nature trails are great options for families. Santee State Park has something for everyone.

Are dogs allowed at Santee lakes?

Dogs are allowed at Padre Dam Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve, but they must be kept on a leash when outside your vehicle, be properly cleaned up after, and kept quiet. The pet walk area allows guests to walk their pets around lakes 6 and 7. For more information on pet restrictions, please call (619) 596-3141.

How deep are the lakes at Santee?

The lake is approximately 30 feet deep at the dam with an average depth of 15 feet. The lake is stocked annually and is an excellent fishing lake.

Who owns Santee Lakes?

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve is a nationally recognized and award winning 190-acre park and campground surrounding seven scenic lakes filled with recycled water. Santee Lakes is owned by Padre Dam MWD and operates as an independent enterprise.

How deep is Santee Cooper Lake?

Dam Completion: 1941 • Deepest Point: 76.8 ft.

Is Santee water safe to drink?

Surface water sampled in the Santee River Basin and coastal drainages generally meets existing Federal and State guidelines for drinking-water quality and protection of aquatic life.

Can you walk around Santee Lakes?

Super easy walking path around the Santee Lakes Park. Mostly paved, but great place for beginner walkers or for a walk when it’s muddy out on the natural trails. Pathways go completely around Lakes 2-6, so you can make it as short or long as you like/need.

Can you walk into Santee Lakes for free?

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve charges a fee to park. For more information, please visit A peaceful paved walk around seven different lakes.

Can I smoke on the beach in California?

Starting Jan. 1, it will be illegal to smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping devices “or any other lighted or heated tobacco or plant product intended for inhalation” on any state beach or in any state park in California. Violators face fines of $25. Newsom signed the measure, Senate Bill 8, by State Sen.

Can you smoke on the street in San Diego?

Smoke-Free Entryways and/or Sidewalk Laws in San Diego County. Sidewalks – All sidewalks and those segments of any street lined with a sidewalk. This provision applies to all streets and sidewalks to which the public is provided regular access but does not apply to private residential property.

Does Santee State Park have fire pits?

Amenities available include a picnic table and a fire ring at each site, along with restrooms, hot showers, and a dump station for your convenience.

Can you rent kayaks at Santee State Park?

Check out one of the many boat or kayak rental and tour agencies on the lakes. If you’re an experienced paddler, two great options to rent kayaks are Lake Moultrie Kayak Tours and Rentals and Santee State Park.

Can you eat the fish you catch in San Diego?

All anglers can safely eat up to two servings per week of diamond turbot, spotted turbot, black perch, pile surfperch, rainbow surfperch, or California lizardfish from San Diego Bay.

What fish is stocked at Santee lakes?

Our 7 lakes are regularly stocked with catfish and Rainbow trout on a seasonal basis. Bass and bluegill are also prevalent in the Lakes. Lakes 1 through 5 are for day use fishing, while Lakes 6 through 7 are for registered campground guests.

Why can’t i catch fish in lakes?

Each species of fish may prefer different temperatures. Some species may not be able to tolerate certain temperatures. If the water temperature gets too hot or cold, these fish tend to shut down. If the fish aren’t biting, it may be due to the water being too cold or too hot for them to behave as they normally would.

What is the cleanest lake to swim in South Carolina?

LAKE LIVING » LAKE JOCASSEE. Lake Jocassee has known as the clearest lake in South Carolina for its crystal clear and cool waters from the Appalachian mountain rivers.

How many gators are in Lake Marion SC?

Lake Marion in Santee State Park in South Carolina is not a lake to be messed with. At last count, there are over 100 confirmed gators in that lake. Lake Moultrie is great for catching catfish.

What is the cleanest lake in South Carolina?

Lake Jocassee is so clear, you may think you’re in the warm waters of the Caribbean. But think again; you are just at the clearest lake in South Carolina. Visitors to Lake Jocassee enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including those on top of the water as well as in the cool, crystal-clear water.

How many dogs can you have in Santee?

In Del Mar, residents can keep up to six dogs. Residents of Solana Beach and Santee are allowed a combined four dogs or cats. La Mesa residents can keep up to five dogs in a single-family dwelling. In Oceanside, you can have six pets total, but no more than three of them can be dogs.

Can you kayak at Santee Lakes?

Santee Lakes’ 190 acres has seven lakes, 300 hookup campsites, aclubhouse for parties, five playgrounds, covered picnic areas, twoswimming pools, a Jacuzzi and kayak, canoe and pedal-boatrentals.

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