Does Alabama Hills allow campfires?

Free campfire permits are required for propane stoves, grills, and campfires. To get a fire permit, click HERE. — Use one of the six porta potties in the Alabama Hills or pack out solid human waste and toilet paper using a portable waste system (RV toilet, WAG bag, etc.). — Pack it in, pack it out!

Where can you park overnight in Alabama?

The Alabama Department of Transportation has no rules against camping at rest areas. In fact, the free overnight parking, dump stations, and scenic views seem to invite RVers.

What is a legal buck in Alabama?

Definitions and Bag Limits. ANTLERED BUCKS are defined as those male deer with one or more antlers visible above natural hairline. Three per hunter during all combined seasons, one per day. One of the three must have at least 4 antler points 1” or longer on one antler (except for Barbour County).

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