Can you swim at Stokes State Forest?

Swimming is not permitted at Stony Lake, or any of the lakes in Stokes State Forest.

Does Stokes State Forest have showers?

Each cabin at Stokes State Forest can accommodate at least four people. Cabins 7 & 12 can sleep up to eight people. Facilities are the same as other cabins, except they include a shower and hot and cold running water.

Can you swim in Lake Ocquittunk?

Lake Ocquittunk and Lake Ashore, Stokes State Forest: Non-motorized boats are permitted, but swimming is not allowed. There are 63 miles of trails for hikers and mountain bikers. Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, fishing, and mountain biking.

Where is Stokes forest?

Stokes State Forest is a state park located in Sandyston, Montague and Frankford in Sussex County, New Jersey, United States.

Are dogs allowed in Stokes State Forest?

Policy Details. Pets are welcome on the grounds but are not allowed in campsites.

Are dogs allowed at Stokes State Forest?

Did you know that we have Pet Friendly Campsites at Stokes State Forest? There is an additional charge of $5.00 per night to utilize a pet friendly campsite. All pets must be current on vaccinations and visitors are required to fill out a Pet Registration and Certification form during the check-in process.

What animals are in the Stokes State Forest?

, red squirrels, kinglets, and many other animals while the deciduous forest habitat serves white-tailed deer, rabbits, wild turkey, and many species of wood- land birds. These are but a few examples of the diversity in habitats that one can find in Stokes State Forest.

Is swimming allowed at Shaver Lake?

With 20 miles of shoreline and warm surface temperatures in the summer, Shaver Lake is a popular lake for swimming, boating, padding, waterskiing, and water sports.

Is Woodlake safe to swim in?

Recreational activities, such as swimming, are discouraged. Do not consume drinking water directly from the lake. If your source water intake is Wood Lake, consider using an alternate source for drinking water.

Can you swim in Kettle lakes?

Swimming is allowed in all of the 22 lakes, however there are two main beach areas that we recommend you checking out as you will have more room to enjoy yourself. The beaches are located on Island Lake and Slab Lake with a playground also available for the kids at Slab Lake.

Can you fish at Stokes State Forest?

The majority of the forest is open to hunting. Both fishing and hunting at Stokes State Forest are subject to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife regulations. Stokes State Forest offers picnic areas, picnic tables and shelters. For larger groups, we also offer the Group Picnic Area on Kittle Field.

What is the history of the Stokes State Forest?

Stokes State Forest is a continuation of the public lands protecting the scenic ridge of Kittatinny Mountain in northwestern New Jersey. The park was established in 1907 by the New Jersey Forest and Parks Commission, and has grown through the addition of tracts to its current size encompassing over 15,000 acres.

Where is Stokes National Park?

Stokes National Park lies 538 kilometres southeast of Perth, in the Goldfields-Esperance region, Western Australia. It is situated in a 10,667-hectare area and is well-known for its beautiful seaside views and sandy Esperance beaches that make for great swimming spots on the southern coast.

Can dogs go to Muir Woods?

Pets are not permitted in Muir Woods. The park is very small and can get very crowded. To protect the wildlife, other visitors, and your pet, we suggest that you visit nearby areas such as the Coastal Trail at Muir Beach, and some trails in the Marin Headlands where they are permitted.

Is wilderness Woods dog friendly?

Friendly dogs are welcome and can be off of the lead when outside the main ‘hub’. We do not have a poo bin. We ask all visitors to look after the wood and each other by following our Code of Conduct.

Can I take my dog to Stokes Bay?

Stokes Bay Dog Free beach areas. Dogs are not allowed in signed controlled areas between 1st May – 30th September. The Dog Free beach area extends from Pebble Beach to GAFIRS. There are ample dog bins along the promenade for responsible owners to deposit their dog waste.

Are dogs allowed at Emerald Lake?

May I bring my pet(s)? They must be leashed at all times and you must clean up/pick up after them. Pets are not permitted in the waterpark area, which includes the lake. Pets should never be left alone at your campsite and excessive barking will not be tolerated.

Can dogs go to Snow Canyon?

At Snow Canyon, dogs are allowed on-leash around the campground, and on the Whiptail Trail and the West Canyon Rim Trail only. Pets are generally welcome at Quail Creek, Sand Hollow and Gunlock, however, they must be on a maximum six foot leash and not left unattended.

Are there bears in Green Ridge State forest?

Abundant wildlife including deer, turkey, and black bear, and unusual plants like the Prickly Pear Cactus, Large Blazing Star, and Kate’s Mountain Clover are found here. Green Ridge is full of opportunities for the adventurous including over 50 miles of hiking trails available for day hikes or multi-day backpacking.

What animals live in Kettle Moraine State forest?

The hills and valleys of Kettle Moraine South have a great variety of natural habitats, plants and animals, including many rare species. You may see or hear coyotes, red foxes, sandhill cranes and Cooper’s hawks.

What animals live in Cary State forest?

Wildlife species found in the forest include white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobcat, otter, alligator, great horned and barred owl, wild hog, pileated woodpecker, yellow-throated vireo, pinewood tree frog, and various venomous and non-venomous snake species.

Are there bears in Olympic National Forest?

Olympic National Forest Black bears are common to the Olympic Peninsula. They are widespread in the Olympic National Park and are often seen in the Olympic National Forest, primarily in the Wildernesses. They require wild habitat and freedom from human contact to survive as a species.

Can you swim in the Snake River?

Swimming in the Snake River is a great way to enjoy Hells Canyon on your next getaway. However, as with every other river, you must be aware of the inherent safety concerns and how to navigate them. Next time you go swimming in a river, follow these helpful safety tips.

Is there swimmers itch in Kalamalka Lake?

Campers and swimmers should be aware that swimmers itch may be present at Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. Cliff diving, while popular in the park, is extremely hazardous. Projecting rock shelves and debris are often hidden just below the surface.

Is the Swan river safe to swim in?

Fair: Bacterial water quality is variable at this location. However, water quality is generally safe for swimming.

Why can’t you swim in Greensboro lakes?

“There’s a safety issue and also an issue of trash and contamination of the watershed,’ Jim Moorefield, the city water supply manager, said of the state rules about reservoirs. “But the main factor is that it’s a public drinking supply, and there’s no physical contact allowed.

What is the most famous Kettle Lake?

America’s best known kettle lake, Walden Pond in Concord, Mass., was made famous by Henry David Thoreau’s 1854 book of the same name. Thorson suggests that Lake Wobegon, made famous by radio host Garrison Keillor, β€œis America’s second best known kettle, albeit a mythical one somewhere in Minnesota.”

Can you eat fish from Woods Reservoir?

Catfish. Channel Catfish are very abundant in Woods Reservoir. The Tennessee Division of Environment and Conservation’s Water Pollution Control Division has issued an advisory not to eat catfish from Woods Reservoir due to PCB contamination.


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