Can I camp in NY state parks?

With over 8500 campsites, there’s something for everyone in New York’s state parks! Sites range from primitive to prime. Tents, trailers and motorhomes can easily be accommodated.

What are the NYS regulations for campgrounds?

Campsite Occupancy: Limited to 6 persons per site (unless otherwise noted). Camping Equipment: Campsites: 2 tents or 1 unit of hard-wheeled camping equipment and 1 tent (unless otherwise noted). Cabins/Cottages/Yurts: no tents or hard-wheeled camping equipment allowed.

Is Boondocking legal in NY?

Primitive camping is allowed on many DEC lands, including Forest Preserve lands in the Catskills and Adirondacks, as well as on State Forest lands outside the Preserve. Primitive camping is prohibited on Unique Areas, Wildlife Management Areas, and a few other categories of state land.

Can you camp anywhere in New York State?

Camping is prohibited within 150 feet of any road, trail, spring, stream, pond or other body of water except at areas designated by a “Camp Here” disk. Groups of 10 or more persons OR stays of more than three days in one place require a permit from the New York State Forest Ranger responsible for the area.

Do seniors have to pay to enter NYS parks?

If you are a New York State resident 62 or older, on Monday – Friday (except holidays), you can obtain free vehicle access to most* state parks, boat launch sites and arboretums and fee reduction to state historic sites and state-operated golf courses.

Do NY State campgrounds have electricity?

Most sites have a picnic table, fire pit or ring and nearby restrooms and many include amenities such as electric, water and sewer hook-up, and platforms.

Can you live in a camper on your own land in New York State?

Even though New York State allows RV living, there are many limits in place. We are considered a less-friendly RV location to live along with California, and Wyoming. Even though you can technically reside in your recreational vehicle in these three states, their stringent laws can put extra stress on you as the owner.

Can I camp anywhere in Land Between the Lakes?

You may camp almost anywhere in Land Between the Lakes. A Basic Camping Permit is required for each person 18 and over when camping in Basic Camping Facilities.

Can you camp on public land in New York?

While the relatively few state parks that allow camping mostly allow it only by permit at designated locations, New York allows what it calls “primitive camping” on its other public lands. Primitive camping is not for everyone.

Can you smoke in a New York State campground?

Smoking is now banned at dozens of state-owned campsites – what you need to know. New legislation will soon come into force, banning smoking at most state-owned parks, beaches, marinas, boardwalks, playgrounds, and recreation centers in New York.

What age is senior citizen in NY?

To qualify, seniors generally must be 65 years of age or older and meet certain income limitations and other requirements.

Can I use my parents senior National Park Pass?

Yes, traveling companions can also enter for free. The Senior Passes admit pass owner/s and passengers in a noncommercial vehicle at per-vehicle fee areas and pass owner plus three adults, not to exceed four adults, where per-person fees are charged. (Children under 16 are always admitted free.)

What is lifetime empire passport?

For loyal Empire Pass users, the Lifetime Empire Pass is another wonderful option. The Lifetime Empire Pass provides an even greater discount for day use vehicle entry than the annual, 3-year or 5-year Empire Pass, with all the same benefits and it never expires.

How far out can you book NYS campgrounds?

Reservations. Arranging a stay at a New York state park is easy! Reservations can be made from up to 3 p.m. on the day of arrival* to 9 months in advance by calling toll-free 1-800-456-CAMP or visiting

Can you camp in NY state parks in winter?

In fact, a few of New York’s State Parks remain open and offer accommodations this time of year. From cold-weather sports to the quiet beauty of snow-covered landscapes…

How many state parks are in NY State?

From the shores of Long Island to the mighty Niagara Falls, New York’s 180 state parks offer countless opportunities to explore your natural environment, escape from the grind of the everyday and experience exciting new adventures. Beaches, boat launches, hiking trails, campsites, and golf courses all await you!

Can I put a tiny house on my property in NY State?

Small houses in New York, also known as accessory dwelling units or ADU, are legally allowed. While this is excellent news for people residing in New York and planning to work on guest house plans, you should also know that New York is the least friendly state of the USA regarding New York State multiple dwelling laws.

Are outhouses legal in NY?

Outhouses, called “pit privies” in the law, are surprisingly still legal in many parts of New York State, such as the Catskills. However, it is generally illegal to construct a new pit privy. You’ll need to keep any existing pit privies in good working order if you want to continue using them legally.

Does New York State allow tiny houses?

Is Tiny House Legal in New York State? Yes, tiny houses are legal in New York City, and in many areas, you can quickly build or get a small home built in the backyard. These tiny homes are known as ADU or accessory dwelling units.

How do you get a camper to stay when your island is full?

This includes talking to the camper repeatedly and probably playing a card game, which is entirely based on chance. If the player wins, the camper will agree to move to their island. If the player loses, the camper will refuse — but continuing to talk to them and playing more rounds of the game may change their mind.

What are the LDS camping rules?

No defacing or graffiti on camp properties or trees. Cook only in designated areas. Use fire only in designated fire rings or fire pits. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints standards will be observed at all times.

Can you have two camps at the same time?

You can have one active C.A.M.P. at a time, and all others will be considered “stored.” Your active C.A.M.P.’s Map icon will appear gold to you. If you enable your active C.A.M.P.’s Public Map Icon, it will appear on the map in white to other players.

What is the difference between dry camping and Boondocking?

Dry camping is another term used to describe boondocking, but there is a slight distinction. While boondocking is camping without any hookups outside developed campgrounds, dry camping is simply camping without any hookups. The distinction is dry camping can take place at a developed campground.

Can you camp free in New York State Parks?

If you’re looking for breathtaking views while enjoying some free camping in New York, then Watkins Glen State Park should be on your list. Watkins Glen State Park has something for everyone.

Can I camp on my land in New York?

If not using a designated primitive tent site, your tent must be at least 150 feet from a water body, road, or trail. Do not camp in areas posted with “Camping Prohibited.” Camping for more than three nights or with 10 or more people requires a permit from a Forest Ranger.

Can two people share a national park pass?

Annual pass costs $80. Allows pass owner and accompanying passengers in a single, private, non-commercial vehicle to enter Federally operated recreation sites across the country. Covers the pass owner and three (3) accompanying adults age 16 and older at sites where per person entrance fees are charged.

Do husband and wife both need a national park pass?

The owner needs to be present when entering a park. Photo identification will be required to verify ownership. If you are traveling with your fiance, friend, or any family member with a different last name, the extra person(s) can be admitted with your Annual Pass as long as one of the passholders/signers is present.

Is the NYS Empire Pass worth it?

The Lifetime Empire Pass is Worth it if… you spend lots of time in the parks already. you plan on living in or near New York state for the next 10+ years (or for a total of 10 years over the next few decades) you would buy 9 or 10 state park annual passes over the next years, OR you’ll visit at least 100 times.

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