Can I camp at Pinnacles National Park?

Pinnacles Campground is accessed only from the east side of the Park as there are no connecting roads between the two entrances of Pinnacles. The campground offers tent and group camping, along with RV sites. Each tent and group site has a picnic table and fire ring.

How much does it cost to camp at Pinnacles?

Camping at Pinnacles National Park costs $23 per night for a standard tent or RV campsite. There are also group campsites available, which cost $40-$60 per night depending on the size of the group. Note that these fees are for camping only and do not include the park entrance fee.

Is Pinnacles first come first serve camping?

Individual tent and RV sites can be booked up to 6 months in advance. First Come, First Served? Walk-up reservations may also be made at the campground on the day of your arrival subject to availability. Any site that is not reserved in the system is also available for walk-ups on the same day.

Can you sleep in Pinnacles National Park?

The Pinnacles Campground is located on the east side of the park. To make reservations, visit For information about camping, call (831) 200-1722.

Is it safe to camp at Trona Pinnacles?

Yes, camping at Trona Pinnacles is generally safe, but campers should be prepared for the remote and rugged conditions. The area is known for its unique geological formations and offers dispersed camping with no established campgrounds or facilities.

Is dispersed camping allowed in Pinnacles National Park?

Dispersed Camping Near Pinnacles National Park. There are a couple of good options for dispersed camping near Pinnacles National Park. The Laguna Mountain BLM area is the closest option to the park, requiring a roughly 50-minute drive to reach the East entrance.

How many campsites are there at Pinnacles National Park?

Pinnacles Campground hosts 134 campsites, all which include a fire ring and a picnic table. Other amenities include: flushable toilets, hot showers, a pool, WiFi, and a well-stocked camp store.

Which is better Pinnacles East or West?

Pinnacles National Park is primarily a hiking park. If you are short on time or have difficulty walking on uneven terrain for even short distances, you may opt to visit the West side of Pinnacles where you can get an easy view of the Pinnacles’ High Peaks from the Chaparral trail head parking area.

Are there bears in Pinnacles National Park?

Although Pinnacles National park is not home to such charismatic megafauna as bison, bears, or blue whales, it supports healthy populations of many kinds of smaller animals such as bobcats, bats, and bees.

Does Pinnacles Campground have showers?

Located on Pinnacles’ east side, the park’s sole campground has 134 sites, a swimming pool, showers and flush toilets, and a surprisingly well-stocked camp store that sells a lot of ice cream.

Does Pinnacles Campground have bathrooms?

Tent Sites Each tent site has a picnic table and fire ring, and restrooms are located in each loop.

Is there cell service in Pinnacles National Park?

There is no cell phone service in the park. WiFi is available for purchase at the east Pinnacles Visitor Center through the campground store.

What time of year is best for Pinnacles?

Unlike many national parks, Pinnacles is most popular in the cooler months. During the spring, when the grasses are green and a variety of wildflowers can be seen along any trail, hiking is at its best. Fall and winter are also excellent times to visit.

How many days do you need for Pinnacles?

Ideally, you would want to spend 2 days in the park if you have the time. This way you can do hikes from both the East and West park entrances. However, I feel like one day in Pinnacles National Park is enough time to get a feel for the area and check out the awesome scenery.

Can you swim in Pinnacles?

Pinnacles is one of those rare parks that actually have a swimming pool and it’s a great park to take a dip! Temperatures at Pinnacles can soar into the triple digits so the idea of taking a swim can be very attractive. The pool is located adjacent to the Pinnacles Campground and can be accessed easily by campers.

Do you need 4 wheel drive for Trona Pinnacles?

4 wheel drive when wet. With stock tires it’s better to air down a bit in the soft sand. Directions: To get to Trona Pinnacles, you exit onto a well-marked graded road off of CA 178, 1.8 miles south of the town of Trona. The road is marked RM-143 suitable for 4WD, ATVs and motorbikes.

Is Trona Pinnacles BLM land?

Considered part of the Mojave Desert, Trona Pinnacles are in a California Desert Conservation area managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Are fires allowed at Pinnacles?

On Friday, Pinnacles NP reported that fire danger in the park had been upgraded to very high. “For visitors, this change means that the use of campfires, park-provided grills, and self-contained charcoal barbeques are now prohibited,” said park officials.

Do you need reservations for Pinnacles?

No advance reservations are required to enter Pinnacles National Park. Reservations for the Pinnacles Campground can be made at All reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Is Pinnacles National Park crowded?

Within a two-hour drive of the Bay Area, Pinnacles is California’s least-visited national park, making it “perfect for the nature lover who hates crowds.”

Can I Boondock in Grand Canyon?

You can boondock just about anywhere in Grand Canyon National Park, as long as you have obtained a “backcountry camping permit”. Unfortunately, backcountry camping is largely restricted to hikers who carry their camping gear deep into the Park. It’s not intended for campers with vehicles.

Is Pinnacles National Park worth it?

It is also one of California’s least-visited National Parks, and in my opinion, one of the most underrated. Known for its stunning and unique rock formations including talus caves and the pinnacles themselves, this park is not talked about enough. Here is why Pinnacles National Park is definitely worth visiting.

Is Pinnacles a dark sky park?

Here at Pinnacles National Park we are lucky to be quite far removed from any urban lighting which means it is a great location for stargazing and enjoying the night sky. Each year thousands of visitors come to Pinnacles specifically to enjoy the night sky.

Where is the largest campground in the world?

  • Philmont Scout Ranch.
  • Cimarron – Things to Do.
  • Cimarron.
  • New Mexico (NM)
  • United States.

What time of day is best to see the pinnacles?

Dawn or dusk – when the eerie lunarscape of ancient limestone spires jutting from ochre sands glows ethereally – is an excellent time to visit. The laid-back coastal vibe of Lancelin makes this town a must-stop as you loop back for the return drive to Perth. Gazing out to the Indian Ocean, there, life’s a beach.

Which entrance to Pinnacles is best?

Pinnacles East Entrance Highlights The Park’s East Entrance is the most accessible for visitors coming from the Bay Area. It’s the easiest way to access the Bear Gulch Cave, Reservoir, and Rim Trail Loop. If you plan to stay more than one day, the campground in the East Entrance is the only lodging option in the park.

How hard is the pinnacles walk?

It is a well known and popular intermediate-grade walk that is suitable for most people with moderate to high levels of fitness. Whilst the track is mostly uphill and quite steep in some parts, the walk is child friendly and short enough to do in a (long) day trip.

Are there rattlesnakes in Pinnacles National Park?

A western rattlesnake on a trail at Pinnacles National Park. Several types of snakes are found in the Park; the Pacific rattlesnake is the only poisonous critter of the group.


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